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Pandora – Season 2 – Episode 2

Myself and Lexi got outside only for us to see all our team warriors being surrounded by the Astorian warriors. We looked at each other and charged at them. Lexi threw one of his Axes at a warrior attempting to slay Xena and the axe decapitated him, heading back to Lexi who grabbed back his axe. They all looked behind and saw us approaching. Our arrival gave them all a new surge of energy as they attacked the warriors again. I attempted to help but was pulled by a magical force, throwing me on the ground. I got up to see Louisa approaching me and I signaled Lexi to join others while I handle Louisa.
“Well well well… Look at who we’ve got here”Louisa said, whirling her sword, teasing Mockingly.
“What do you want from this place again? “I asked in a harsh tone.
“Well, without saying it twice, you might want to give up that tingling spirit in you so I’ll spare your life. I was ordered to bring your head in the first place but am giving you two options now”Louisa said. I was beginning to sense a trick in her actions and I did guess right as she magically projected a sword towards me from behind. Swiftly, I made a high back flip and grabbed the sword at the handle, surprising her all the way.
“What??? Nobody has survived that trick from me but I guess you’re lucky”she said and I was beginning to burn with rage. Her mere presence alone annoys me beyond imagination.
“Retreat this battle now or you’ll live to regret this”I commanded and Louisa laughed evilly, giggling at me at the same time.
“Well let’s see how far you can hold with me”Louisa said withdrawing her sword. She charged at me and we began a serious sword battle…..
Royce sat on his throne, watching the battle direct from his magical mirror when suddenly, the castle door opened revealing a royal guard……
“Your highness, someone seeks to see you”the guards said, bowing slightly. Royce waved his magical mirror and the scene disappeared.
“Tell him to come inside”Royce commanded and grabbed his golden laced cup, sipping his rum from it. Few minuted later, a young boy came inside the castle,He headed towards Royce position and greeted him standing. Infuriated by the disrespectful action, Royce emitted a plasma ball from his hands and threw it at the boy, trying to kill him. The boys grabbed the plasma on air and smiled at it.
“This is great, your highness but am not here because of this”The boy said and Royce stood up from his throne, obviously surprised by what the young boy did. No living being can handle the effect of his powers as long as it was casted by him.
“Who are you and what do you want here? “Royce asked calmly. He has a trait of not getting angry at infuriating actions sometimes and his behavior did surprised the boy.
“It pleasures me a lot to see that you aren’t reacting based on how I handled your powers but first, let me introduce myself. My name is Sai, the last and living hellhound on earth. I come from the fourth dimension of the earth, seeking revenge on all creatures, humans and supernatural “The boy said and Royce smiled, knowing fully what the boy was insinuating.
“You said you’re Sai. Well I’ve seen this coming already. Your sole aim is to rule over all creatures on earth “Royce said, taking Sai by surprise.
“Are you a seer? ” Sai asked curiously and Royce smiled, crossing his legs along.
“Not a seer but am more than a seer. I can see what a seer can’t see”Royce said
“So what deal are you here for? “Royce added and Sai removed his hoody.
“I want the throne Royce. Am challenging you to a public duel battle, if I win, I take the throne, you win, I work for you” Sai concluded his reason for coming and Royce smiled once again, probably surprised by the boy’s quest.
“I don’t know your motive for challenging me but I do know that whatever it is, it won’t benefit you challenging me to the throne duel. Fight won’t do the justice”Royce said and Sai grew a rumbler face, deciding not to give up.
“But if you decided not to give up, then I accept the challenge”Royce finalized and Sai smiled……..
All other warriors were of no match to Evelyn as she beat them all to the ground. Pandora and Louisa’s fight was a catastrophic one as each made use of the strong part of their powers and it may surprise anyone that Louisa courageously battled the possessor of the spirit of Waal. She casted a boundary spell so Pandora couldn’t possess the spirit mode, no matter how she tried to. This made Louisa over power Pandora and was at the verge of stabbing her with a sword when something suddenly knocked the sword out of her grip.
I was already down and I closed my eyes as Louisa raised her sword, awaiting my death when suddenly, an object knocked the sword off her hands, enabling me kick her backwards from the ground. I swiftly stood up and saw Lexi grab one of his axe immediately on air. He had threw it at Louisa’s sword, saving me from her. Louisa got up from where she landed, facing us both as Lexi had already closed in to my position.
“Who the hell are you? “Louisa asked, flashing an angry look at Lexi, who was standing few meters away from me.
“It won’t benefit you knowing who I am but you don’t wanna mess with me i guess. Am less concerned that you possess Magics” Lexi said courageously, his intonation was somehow different from ours. Judging the way he spoke, an intelligent person will simply ostracize him from Rivendell if the odds were asked to be picked out.
“Well I don’t think anyone here can defeat me but you might love to duel with me right in front of the person you saved so she’ll watch how I am going to kick your butts”Louisa said, underestimating Lexi and withdrawing her magical sword which was radiating fire.
“Time to show you who I am really”Lexi said and his green luminous axes appeared into his hands. Louisa charged at him, incoming with a sword slash but Lexi stopped it with his axe handle, punching Louisa by the abdominal region. He charged at her again and gave her a spin kick, making her collide with a parked chariot. She stood up again and dropped her sword and also summoned two luminous red axes similar to Lexi’s. They charged at each other again and as their axes clinched, sparks of reddish and green Lightning emitted from it. After long minutes of battle, Lexi was somehow chanced to overpower Louisa as he gave her a chronic kick by the nape, making her fall to the ground weak. Lexi brought out a green mini belt and threw it at Louisa and it wrapped itself around her neck. She tried to use her magics to destroy the belt but her powers failed her as they were no longer active. Evelyn noticed the folly from where she was and charged towards the scene but unfortunately for her, a great bolt of lightening from Pasiphae struck her, smashing her against a cannon, destroying it. Lexi moved closer and wrapped another belt around Evelyn’s neck, putting her in thesame condition as Louisa.I used a magical red chain to tie them down immediately. All other Astorian warriors suddenly became weary and powerless immediately as the six of us with some remanants of our warriors began to kill them massively. We killed the last of them, excluding Evelyn and Louisa whose powers had been seized by the belt Lexi put around their necks. I sheated back my sword and advanced towards the two, Evelyn and Louisa.
“Finally, your reign of terror is over. Your powers are being seized by what’s around your necks” I said, smiling at them both to signify mocking status.
“You will pay dearly for this. Royce will come for you all and kill you”Evelyn said, trying to break free from the chains. Just in time, others arrived where I was with blood splurted all over our bodies………….. 🙌
Wind blew and the mirror shattered into pieces. Royce, still sitting majestically on his throne mischievously smiled.
“The Job is done” Royce said, rubbing his palm against the cup of juice on his hand. Apparently he intentionally made Queen Evelyn and Louisa go on that battle to get rid of them, he’d seen everything coming.
He was still smiling deep inside when the 3 old Lican tribe woman appeared right in front of him. The old woman in the middle was about to stamp her staff on the floor when Royce, with a magical wave of his hand, sent a strong wave to them which sent them flying and collapsing against the wall. Royce took the staff and pointed it at them, he started taking their powers, after taking their powers, he Pointed the staff at himself and took in all the powers, rendering the staff useless. He blew fire with his mouth and burnt the three Lican women.
Royce laughed very loud, feeling the new surge of power.
“Sai, Whoever you are, you’ll be next!, then I can focus on Pandora” Royce said and went inside his chamber.
“Thank you Lexi” Lancelot said
“But what kind of powers do you have? ” Xena asked
“And where are you from?” Hercules asked, didn’t really like his presence
“First, I’ve no powers, all these you see are technology” Lexi answered
“What is technology?” I asked.
“I am from the future, I’m a time traveler, I travel back in time to change the course of history, I’ll make events that ended bad turned out good. I was planning on time travelling to Another place but I ended up here, A different timeline and different age totally, I’ve never heard of this place!” Lexi explained as we all listened with rapt attention. But we still don’t really understand all he said.
“It’s okay if you don’t understand, no one does. I just have to fix my craft and go back to the age I’m from.” Lexi said
“How do we fix it? ” I asked
“I don’t really know, I don’t have the required gadgets with me” Lexi replied
“How about you fix me first?” A voice came from behind and they all turned back to see Dean, in his demon form. Fire emitting from only his head and both palms, he threw fire at us, everyone dodged except for Lancelot and the fire hit him on the chest, I quickly attended to him, he might die, I used my powers in cooling his body down from the severe burn he got, he went unconscious but I’m sure he’ll be okay.
“Who are you?!” Hercules asked stepping forward
“Ask the useless mum!! ” Dean replied
“Dean?, I, is that you? ” Pasiphae asked, shivering.
“You’d a son?? ” Lancelot asked, very surprised.
“I was a victim of slavery, I was taken as a slave by some warriors who mercilessly forcefully had s£x with me when I was 14, I became pregnant and gave birth to him, because I wasn’t that matured I wasn’t able to take care of him and I lost him, I couldn’t find it, I thought he’d died” Pasiphae explained
“Well, here I am, A Demon!!, I’ve been looking for you since until I saw you five years back in a market and a connection drew to you! ” Dean yelled and threw a fireball at us again, We all dodged again.
“Okay, I’ll take care of this scvmbag” Hercules said and magically grabbed Dean, he wasn’t able to move at all. He threw him away, Hercules was strangling him, without even touching.
“Please, please spare him, please” Pasiphae pleaded and Hercules released him.
“I’ll be back” Dean said and projected himself using his fire as rocket and flew away.
T. B. C.

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