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Pandora – Season 2 – Episode 10 [Completed]

Xena fought the way she knew how to, with two daggers with her, she’s simply unstoppable as she went through many Knights, Killing them or leaving them brutally injured.

Roy was almost invisible with his super fast motion, he dug his teeth in their neck or stab them but he makes sure to spit out their blood.

Lin was at the top of a building with her mad sniper, She flawlessly shoots Astorian knights, no one even knew where she was.

Lexi joined the fight, killing them with his Axes and Cross bow. Also throwing explosives at them.

Shyla turned to her wolf gimmick and one bite from her is all she needs to Kill them.

Pasiphae performed some magic to make the Astorian knights turn against them self.

They all had a role to play. They fought mercilessly.

“You do know that I’m your brother don’t you?” Royce said cunningly, somehow trying to poison my mind

“You’re not my brother!!!!, We’re not at all related, not in any way!” I shouted back at him as I moved closer to him.

“What of Byron!!!” Royce yelled and Byron heard and turned to him.

“We are brothers, Why do you hate me so much?” Royce said

Byron angrily took a spear for the ground and forcefully threw it at him. The spear dropped right in front of Royce, Royce smiled.

“I’ve been looking forward to this day, you’ll both die in my hands” Royce said and stretched his arm forward, chanted some kind of spells I didn’t hear, a staff appeared on his hand, the staff is very long, about my height, it has three crystals on top of it.

He pointed the staff at Byron and shot some sort of electric balls at him, It tore right through Byron’s armor and sent Byron flying, collapsing Against Hercules. Byron went unconscious. An Astorian Knight raised his sword up to bring it down and kill Hercules but one of the mysterious white figures stopped him, inserted its long claws into his throat.

Hercules looked up to see these two beautiful figures, they have the body of a human, but the head of a bird and they also has wings. Their skin is pure white.

“Protect Pandora!!!” They chorused and flew away, Royce pointed the staff on one of the creature and it fell down, Kilometers away from the Ground, It landed on the ground with a huge thud, smoked, DEAD. The other one was able to escape. Xena quickly took Byron to a safer place and nursed him.

Hercules faced Royce and saw the staff on his hand.

“The staff of Doroman? ” Hercules muttered.

“Pandora!!!!, Move!” Hercules yelled as Royce pointed the Staff at me, about to strike. I stood still, fuming with anger.

“No one hurts my brother!!!” I said and moved closer to Royce, Royce said some spells and threw some waves with the staff, but it bounced back as I continuously walked towards him, it returned to Royce and it hit him hard, shattering the Staff on his hand.

I got to where he collapsed and I didn’t see his body, all I met was the shattered Staff and his clothes pieces on the ground. Astoria Knights, on seeing this stopped fighting and dropped their weapons, they fell on their knees and their commander came forward and pledged allegiance to me. I smiled and shook hands with him.

“I’m sorry pandora, But I had to obey his command or I’ll die” He said and I shook my head in acknowledgement.

“Princess Pandora, When Will you come back to Astoria?” The commander asked

“I will, but not now, I don’t wanna put the people of Astoria in danger.” I said. He bowed down to me and left with his army.

I rushed to Where Byron was and I met him still unconscious. Pasiphae observed him for a while.

“He’s going to be okay.” Pasiphae said and I was relieved.

“The staff of Doroman is a powerful ancient Staff used by a god then. I don’t know how Royce got it, but I’m glad we’re done with him now” Hercules replied.

“So….. We won?” Byron said sarcastically as he tried to sit up.

“Yes we did” I said and hugged him.

“What of those creatures that helped us, What are they?” I asked.

“They’re Dereks, the guardians of the Spirit World, the good spirits at least.” Pasiphae answered.

“So you made friends in the human world huh?” A voice came from behind and we all looked back to see Five Vampires.
Roy angrily stood up from where he was sitting.

“What else do you want from me, you casted me out of my world, I made better friends here, what else do you want?” Roy fired at them.

“Calm down son, we just want to help.” The leader of the vampires, Burdog said and Roy gave him a surprise look.

“Very soon some supernatural beings will attack you, the soldiers of Taong. You can’t do this without our help, at least the five of us” Burdog said.

“I knew you had a good heart” Roy said and hugged him.

The dim fire burnt ceaselessly in the pitch black cave.It was such a quiet place,just lik a cemetery being ravaged by Zombies for the past few years.Admist the scary conditions of the place,a figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the cave.No living being could recognise the figure as it seems too dark for anyone…..And suddenly,the pitch dark place lit up to reveal [email protected] Royce.His face was full of streaks of blood,some running down through his nose,others from his eyes and yet others from the deep breaks on the skin of his face.The major fluid of the human body smeared the upper part of his body,so far one could see.The battle had injured him badly but how he got into the strange place was what he couldn’t understand.While still contemplating on what happened,he felt a squeak movement behind him and faced back to see a figure dressed in a black and white robe.
“Who the hell are you and what am I doing here?” Royce managed to say,although he was injured but the man in front of him wasn’t afraid of him as he chuckled silently in his long black and white robe and a hoodie covering his face.
“Why not relax and ask about how you escaped the dreaded battle field injured?” The figure said,walking to and from in the place.
“My name is Kabal Trish,the rightful owner of the staff of Doroman.I don’t know how you got this staff but what ever or however you got it,am sure you must have thrived hard to get it” He said and Royce gasped and took a step backwards a bit.
“You’re the god of the future?” You were trapped in a time desert for seven hundred years,how did you escape?” Royce asked,afraid that Kabal might hurt him since he looks powerless at that moment.
“Yes I was trapped in the time desert by my evil wife,I broke free and found my way into the supernatural world few hours ago and I traced my staff to you.You’d have been killed by now if I didn’t take you along with the staff because Pandora’s powers are much stronger than yours and mine in ten folds.I just created an illusion of my staff to appear destroyed over there and made it also look like you’re dead also.Am afraid you have to keep a low profile and stop your menace if you don’t want to pay with your life,there’s no supernatural that can take on Pandora in this present existence” Kabal said and immediately,his staff appeared in his hands.Magically,a long white robe appeared on Royce’s body with all his injuries gone…..Few minutes later,Taong suddenly appeared in their midst…….
Byron returned to Avalon to continue his reign as the king while others stayed except Xena and Brox who led his men too after Byron with the aim of capturing Lyna who was lurking in Avalon.
“I have this feeling that Royce isn’t dead,he might have played tricks on us all” I said to the hearing of others the night of the day Byron left.
“Let’s even assume Royce isn’t dead,am sure he’s now rendered powerless,at least we all saw the staff of Doroman being destroyed” Hercules assured and I heaved a sigh of relief.
“Royce must have possessed extraordinary powers,I don’t understand how he was able to kill one of the Dereks,they’re immortal souls guarding the spirit world from Darkness and only the god of the future can destroy them when in possession of the staff” Pasipahe said and Lexi interrupted.
“God of the future?” He muttered aloud and I turned at him
“Do you know him at all?” I asked,hoping he knows.
“It’s impossible for someone like Lexi to know him.He was trapped in the time desert for close to a million years now and I don’t think he’s free yet” Pasiphae said and I jolted.
“His name is Kabal Trish from the Lican Tribe.He was married to a woman but after she had two children for him,she tried to destroy Kabal but luckily,he wasn’t destroyed but trapped in the time desert,a dimension between the present and the future” Pasiphae said and slowly,I stood up from my seat.
“And what happened after she trapped Kabal in the time desert?” I asked
“She got married to another king after taking all what Kabal looked up to as his powers” Pasiphae said and I fell on my knees.
“This can’t be…..this is getting complicated” I said
“What do you mean by ‘it’s getting complicated’?” Lin asked
“Seems Queen Evelyn is the woman Pasiphae is talking about,I just retraced the history” I said,facing the ground.
“Hell no…..if this is the case,then that means Royce and Louisa’s father is a god!!!” Hercules said…..
Agent Brox and his men got to Avalon alongside Byron and his warriors.Brox was determined to capture Lyna but all trials seems to turn out negative.He knew Lyna to be a bad shapeshifter and a wicked soul who’ll do anything to achieve her aim.He later opened a time portal,ordering his men to go back while he stayed.He was sheltered in Avalon,pending the time he’ll find Lyna.He tried to figure out a plan to use on Lyna but all seems imperfect.He made up his mind to search the kingdom one night.He got up and dressed like an agent and left his place to stay on a high temple where he could see the city at a view but luckily for him,Lyna was on the lookout too as she seems to know he’s present,looking for her.
“Looking for me?” He heard a voice behind him and turned back and he saw her…Lyna!!!
“Don’t come any closer or you’ll get zapped” Brox threatened but Lyna wasn’t moved by his threats .
“You might wanna calm down with me first,am not here for a fight Agent Brox” Lyna said and began to move closer to Brox….
“You can only accuse me truly if I was the one who killed the former president of your force in New York but since am not,am here to give you full details about his murderer before he murders his next target,Agent Lexi” Lyna said and Brox lowered his stun blast gun.
“Royce can only stop his menace after he helps me,I need him than you do” Tang said,with a stern look on his face.Royce,confused about the whole scenario decided to voice out.
“Excuse me…Who are you and what the hell are you talking about?” Royce said,folding his arms across his chest.
“Be calm Royce,I am the one who has a deal with him.Taong,our deal about what you’re talking about is no longer active after many much years,I don’t know how you got wind that I am free from the time desert but I know this can’t be happening alone.Am afraid Royce can’t help in this because am switching him to the good side by breaking the evil mind power possessing the Lican tribe bloodline”Kabal said and Taong stood dumbfounded.
“Well then,if you can’t help me,prepare to be destroyed also” Taong said and vanished…..
“Our destiny remains unchanged…The Licans are born to rule and not to be wicked…The curse must be broken” Kabal said and Royce fixed his gaze at him,still flabbergasted about the whole scene…….

“Who is this Murderer?” Agent Alexa asked Lyna.

“It’s Lexi Himself!!” Lyna answered

“Are you insane?” Brox said, Grabbing Lyna by the neck.

“I can kill you, you know?” Lyna said

“Cool down and let me explain” Lyna added and Brox let go of her neck.

“About a year ago, Lexi messed with the time, and the time messed back with him by creating an evil counterpart of him. The Evil counterpart calls himself Drexel. He killed The President Of your force, he wanted to use it to frame Lexi and get him killed but I was unfortunate to be there, he framed me. And now that he’s not able to frame Lexi, he plans to kill him.” Lyna explained.

“Is that Possible?” Agent Brox asked, facing Alexa.

“It’s very well possible sir, time traveling is a delicate issue and if he messed with it, it might as well mess with him” Agent Alexa Replied.

“Let’s Go to Rivendell then, we’ve to inform Lexi about this.” Brox said and made to leave

“And what about me, I’m free?” Lyna asked.

“Wait a minute, You’re a Murderer ain’t you?” Brox asked and Lyna smiled

“Don’t worry Brox, I don’t kill innocent people.” Lyna said and left.

While Brox and his team were on their way they fell into an unfortunate trap, they were all trapped inside a net. Evil Lxi, Drexel appeared from no where and laughed hard.

“Now I know where he is, thanks for the information guys” Drexel said and went to Rivendell.

“Dean, We’ll attack Rivendell tomorrow!!!! Get ready for war” Taong said.

“I’ll prepare the forces, it’s time to taste blood” Dean said and smiled.


Drexel got to Rivendell and made it to pandora and Co’s place without being discovered.

“Hey Lexi, why are you dressed like this?” Lin said as she saw Drexel, not knowing it isn’t Lexi.

“Oh, Lexi’s Sister, Lin huh?” Drexel said

“What are you talking about?” Lin asked, super confused

“You’re Lexi’s sister” Drexel said

“But you’re Lexi, and I’m not your sister, Hey What the fvck is wrong with you?” Lin said out of frustration.

“Who are you arguing with?” Lexi said as he came out of his chambers.

“What the hell is happening” Lin said as she saw Lexi and she stepped back from Drexel.

“Hey Lexi, I’ve been looking for you, It’s your time to die” Drexel said and walked towards Lexi.

Lexi walked backwards, he was also confused and didn’t know what was happening.

Agent brox and others came just in time, they were able to free themselves.

“Agent Lexi!!, That’s an evil counterpart of you!” Alexa yelled.

I was in my chamber with hercules and I heard someone screm

“What is it again” I said to no one in particular and stood up, Hercules stood up also and we both got out.

Lexi was still moving backwards.

“No one should come close” Lexi warned, insisted he knew what he was doing.
Drexel kept walking towards him.

Hercules threw his axe at Drexel but it bounced off his skin and headed straight back to Hercules. Hercules stopped the axe from surely striking him to death.

Lexi continued and lured him to the room they kept the time machine, he opened the time machine and quickly hid behind it.

“I’m inside, come get me” Drexel walked straight into his trap, He entered the time machine and Lexi quickly shut down the door and activated it. Lexi sent him one million years in the past.

He came out of the room and smiled.

“I’m an evil genius!!!” He said and laughed.


“Royce, you shouldn’t be evil, you shouldn’t be” Kabal said

“I don’t understand you, why shouldn’t I be? Evil is good, you’ll get respected a lot.” Royce replied

“You don’t need to be evil before you get respected.” Kabal corrected and Royce stood up angrily.

“You don’t tell me what to do!!!!, No one tells me what to do!!!!!” Royce yelled

“I’m your father!!!” Kabal stood up and yelled back

“You’re not my father!!!!, You’ll never be!” Royce said and made to leave

“STOP!!!” Kabal yelled, Made Royce’s legs became stiff to the ground.

“I am Kabal, One of the greatest gods, apart from being your father!!!!, I’m Your God, you can never disobey me. If you choose to stay evil, I’ve no choice to kill you!!!” Kabal said and walked close to Motionless Royce, Took out a dagger, raised it up and was about to bring it down for Royce when he suddenly stopped, Blood gushed out from his mouth, he went down and died immediately. Royce saw two female standing at the back, their hairs covered their faces.

“Wh.. Wh… Who are you both” Royce stammered

“I’m Lisa, a god, the fiercest of the female gods” One said and revealed her face

“And I’m Xanax, the queen of the evil gods!” The other one said.

“This dagger, is the last of its kind” Xanax raised up the blood soaked dagger which she used to Kill Kabal.

“It’d Kill anyone, including gods. I’ve been protecting this dagger for so long. You’re very evil Royce, I love that. We’ll help you defeat your enemies, each and every one of them. Take this dagger, keep it safe” Xanax said and handed over the dagger to Royce.

“We’ll watch over you!, we’ll keep you safe!!!” Lisa said and they both vanished.

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