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Pandora – Season 1 – Episode 9 [Completed]


Sirus horse sped towards Astoria city with his sole aim of delivering the success of his mission to Royce.He arrived at Astoria and headed towards the castle.He entered and Met Louisa,Evelyn,Royce and some Astorian Elders inside.He advanced towards where Royce was comfortably seated and bowed down to deliver his message.
“Your highness,Mission successful.I’ve poisoned Byron’s empty mind towards Pandora.He should even be halfway to Rivendell as we speak” Sirus said,feeling excited that Royce might give him some credits for succeeding In his greatest feared mission
“You think this is Right my Lord?You are sabotaging the future of Astoria and it’s residents” One of the elder said sarcastically
“And who are you to question my authority?” Royce sparked at the elder who wasn’t ready to give up on his stand
“Your actions and performance will pull down this city’s progress if you don’t change your behaviour your highness” The elder said again,not giving up on his point in anger.Royce evolved a red plasma from his hands and hit the elder with it and immediately the elder began to Rot and he turned to a skeleton within five seconds.Royce smiled after his obtuse ego towards the recently killed elder.His mother,Louisa and Sirus stood akimbo staring at the scenario Royce had come up with.
“Anyone that dares question my orders again will have no two options than to suffer the same fate like him” Royce said pointing at the skeleton on the ground.He was hoping that another elder will speak nonchalantly at him again.He left them all and headed towards his chambers.
“Mother,I don’t know how but I really love my brother’s machismo behaviour when he’s angry,unlike when he’s cool.He looks very sedate when he’s not angry” Louisa said,smiling at the leaving Royce.Sirus stood where he was with his mouth wide opened,obviously surprised at the recent action of Royce.
K̾r̾o̾h̾n̾ succeeded in killing Taong but he also went unconscious after killing him.I and my teammates carried him into Rivendell to take care of him.Few hours after Krohn’s wound had been nursed,Royal guards busted into where I was.Hercules stood up with an angry look on his face but I was able to calm him down.
“His Royal Majesty demands your presence in the castle” one of the guard said in a sedate voice
“Go on and tell the king I’ll be there shortly” I said and continued what I was doing.
“Am sorry you have to come with us Ma’am.He asked us to come with you” One of the guards said again
“Forcefully right? Well take her while I watch you bunch of…..” Hercules was still talking when I interrupted.Hercules charged at the guard but I involuntarily created a shield between Hercules and the guards who remained calm as ever.
“fvck you all..didn’t you lock her up earlier?” Hercules said,with a killer look
“Hercules!!! might want to spare me some respect and stop this” I said ,trying to create a peaceful arena.
“I’ll go with them to know what’s happening” I added and rose to leave.We arrived at the castle and then before the king.From distance one could sight the king and some Rivendellian delegates and as soon as I came in sight,the king stood up from his throne and ran towards me.He held me by the shoulder,looking sober.
“Look Pandora,whatever you may be…whoever you are I don’t care.All I need from you is forgiveness for locking you up without proper investigation.It has been prophesied that a stranger will save this city but I’ve never thought it’ll be from a city we don’t relate well with” The king said.One could see he was being remorseful for his earlier actions.
“Your Majesty,you acted just like a true leader.I hold no grudges against you.If I did,thousands of guards aren’t enough to force me here unless I wish to come and which I have done.If I hold grudges,I won’t think of how to ostracize this kingdom from danger” I said,letting out a smile
“Thank You Pandora.In case you might need anything,don’t hesitate to get in touch with me as long as you remain here.Maybe you can even stay in the castle for the rest of your stay in Rivendell” The king said,trying to get me stay in the castle.
“I’ll be fine with my friends your majesty ” I said trying to avoid another maltreatment from the castle queen.

Byron rode towards Rivendell gates.He had two swords and a bow and arrows strapped to his back,coupled with his new strong,muscular body.He arrived at the gates of Rivendell and demanded entrance into the city.
“Who are you and where have you come from?” The gate guard asked him
“Open the damned gates.Who I am is none of your business,d!ck brain” Byron retorted angrily at the guard,his monster behaviour gradually ascending him.When the guard refused to open the gates demanding his identity,Byron stepped down from his horse and charged towards the gate.He pulled down Rivendell city gates with furious punches.Gate guards ran for their dear lives while the nearby warriors stubbornly faced Byron.Just like a calculating killing machine,he took down fourteen men each decapitated.
The news reached the castle that an intruder had pulled down the city’s mighty gates and gained access into the city.Luckily I was just five steps away from the king when a Royal guard brought the news.Very fast,Hercules,Lancelot and one of the strongest men in Rivendell called Arthur arrived at the castle in search of me.
“Your highness,I need to go now” I said and I excused myself from the King’s presence,heading outside to meet my allies.Just as I came out,we saw a black horse approaching us all where we stood.There was no one riding it and then suddenly,an arrow whizzed past my face and another incoming which I caught with my bare hands very fast.I looked sideways and behold was a figure I couldn’t recognise yet where I stood.Hercules,Lancelot and Arthur charged at the figure but he beat them all very fast.The figure then suddenly approached me with a heavy punch.I blocked the punch with my palms and the force impact created destroyed the building we stood on,pushing both of us away.I looked sideways and I saw another incoming horse with a woman on it.The white horse approached very fast towards me.I was thinking it was another enemy and as it arrived my place,the woman came down and came to me..
“Let me handle this” She said,smiling at me.An arrow from the figure advanced towards us and the woman caught it
“Who are you?” I asked in curiosity
“My name is Xena,a warrior from the city of Avalon.We’ll talk better later” She said and left me,advancing towards the figure who was busy fighting Rivendell warriors.
“Hey Love….What’s wrong with you?” Xena asked,throwing a lustful glance at the infuriated figure.Suddenly the figure left the warriors he was battling with and headed towards Xena.His both eyes had turned complete green and I was thinking he was going to attack Xena.But contrary to my thoughts,he skipped Xena and made towards me.I pulled out my sword and slashed him,kicking him forward.As I bent backwards,Visibly I saw Byron’s face.I stood up,dropping my both swords beside me…
“Byron???My brother?what’s wrong with you?” I asked myself and Xena approached me.
“He’s under the effect of an hypnotic spell.They cleared his memory I think.They asked him to kill you or bring you to them in Astoria” Xena said and Byron stood up with his wounds healing very fast…………….

“What should I do guys?, How can I snap him out of the spell” I asked, slowly moving backwards cos of Byron who now stood up, moving towards me.

“Just don’t harm him please!” Xena pleaded.

“I won’t harm the only brother I’ve!” I said and withdrew my sword, Xena opened her mouth in surprise.

“You just said you won’t hurt him!” Xena exclaimed.

“She knows what she’s doing” Hercules said

I threw my sword at Byron and he caught it in the mid air. I knew that the byron I know is still in there somewhere, I wanted to make his love for me neutralize his sudden feeling of hatred.

I stood still, staring at the fast approaching Byron, he got to where I stood and made to bring the sword down, to slash me when Lancelot suddenly knocked the sword off his hand with his long spear. It was a good call though, if he didn’t do that, Byron would surely harm me. Lancelot arrived with some other knights on the King’s order to help me, they didn’t know who he is to me.

Byron’s attention became diverted and he face Lancelot and the knights. The knights charged towards Byron, I was trying to stop them but they paid no attention to me. Byron grabbed one of the knights on his neck and squeezed life out of him. He took his sword and fought the knights, killing them all.

“Lancelot!!, Do not attack him!” Hercules said and Lancelot nodded and stepped away from fuming Byron.

“If he wants a fight, I’ll give him one!” Hercules said and stepped forward for the challenge, he threw his sword on the floor and Byron did the same, Byron charged towards Hercules with force, Although Byron is powerful but he’s sure no match for Hercules. Hercules began using his powers, Plasma blue balls emitting from his palm, it grew bigger and bigger and Hercules sent it to Byron, it consumed Byron, we could see Byron trying to fight out of the “Cage”.

“That’s a spell for trapping spirits” Hercules said as he dust off his hands, like showing off.

“While he’s in there we’ll figure out a way to get him back” Hercules said.

For the first time, Byron felt something different from unexplainable strength, this time he felt powerful, he felt the power hidden in him, the power of the orb, He directed all the energy he is feeling at the Cage. Hercules’s spell broke and Byron freed himself from the cage, his eyeballs turned red and black smokes emitting from his whole body, he angrily charged towards us, he looked like a totally different person now.


Sirus and Louisa are in a romantic mood, Louisa always gives Sirus a potion to renew the love he’ll always feel for her if at all it runs out. She prepared a juice for her and added the potion. This time Sirus felt it, his powers notified him.

“What did you put in that juice” Sirus asked

“Nothing!!!” Louisa yelled at him didn’t want to be caught off guard, she handed the juice to Sirus. Sirus collected it and spilled the whole juice on the floor and when he did, he came back to his senses.

“How dare you!!!!” Louisa said and shot Sirus with wind wave, pinned him on the wall, Sirus has powers, yes but not up to Louisa who is a lican blood.

“What are you doing to me!” Sirus said, trying his best to free himself but all to no avail

“If you loved me just like I loved you, I wouldn’t have given you love potions” Louisa replied using her powers to strangle Sirus who is still stuck on the wall.

”I do!!!, I love you sincerely ” Sirus lied, hoping to convince her. Louisa freed Sirus, she fell for his trick.

“You do?” Louisa asked.

“In your dreams!!” Sirus yelled and used his powers in making her collide against the wall, she fell down, very weak to fight back. Sirus escaped from the castle immediately.


“I got this!!” I said, feeling new energy, stepped forward to meet approaching Byron. I stretched out my palms, pointing them at Byron and I was chanting spells I didn’t learnt. Byron stopped and started shaking, the spell was like driving the craziness out of him. A spirit came out of him and made to attack me but pasiphae came just in time and created a shield round the spirit.

“It’s a lican spirit” Pasiphae said and she’s right. The spell sirus used to enchant Byron was actually given to him by Evelyn, it won’t only change Byron but would also kill him. Hercules got rid of the spirits with his power and we rushed to meet Byron.

“He’s not breathing” Xena said, after checking his pulse and breath.
End of season 1

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