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Pandora – Season 1 – Episode 8

We forged ahead,battling the wolves.We had to ignore Krohn for that moment,although he’s seriously wounded by an unknown source but a God I think can handle himself.My team and I were fighting tirelessly until a wolf came behind Lancelot.It hit Lancelot away and pressed further to using its claws.It was about to dig it’s claws into Lancelot when I slashed it from behind and it resorted to facing me.The wolf charged at me and I tried to slash it again but it blocked my sword with its claws.I kept wondering why an ordinary claws will appear so strong to stop a sword force.The wolf jumped high and made to tear me with the claws when suddenly an arrow pierced into the wolf’s forehead,hanging it to one of the chariots.I didn’t look back too see who it was because I had believed it was Hercules. I grabbed my sword and kept on fighting.A good number of the Rivendell’s army were down because the wolves appeared to be more stronger than we thought but at the same time,the wolves weren’t left out in the bloody death too as a good number of them were down too.The battle was gradually coming to an end when suddenly I felt a supersonic speed grabbed and threw me away from the battle field.I stood up,totally away from the battle and in front of me was a lady I couldn’t recognise.Her eyes were completely yellow and was gradually taking over a strange wolf form,different from the others.
“Who the hell are you and what do you want from me?” I angrily asked as I held my sword tightly.
“You are truly a warrior,Pandora but your skills are of no match to mine but first am Elena,one of the strongest beta wolf in existence” She said,giving out a strange smile at me.
“I’ve got no business with you.Get off my way or you’ll regret this” I said,not minding what she was gradually changing into,a wolf monster and almost immediately,she changed back to her normal self.
“Let’s see how good you are in defending my ordinary form attacks” she said,her claws shooting out from her fingers.
“Bring it on,Bitch” I said,withdrawing my second sword.
Queen Evelyn Sat in her chambers thinking on how best to capture Pandora as she knew that it won’t be an easy task.She was still ruminating when suddenly her magical mirror began to make some watery rumbling movement.She looked at the direction and the mirror displayed Byron unconscious with his head leaned against the rock he smashed his head on.Evelyn,on seeing this stormed out of her chambers.Although Byron had proved a little different from her other children but she didn’t wish him death.She headed towards the castle’s exit when Royce called her…….
“Mother,where are you going to?” asked Royce in his cool and gentle voice
“Byron’s in danger.I need to get him” Evelyn said and Royce smiled at her.He walked to his mother position and placed his both hands on her shoulders simultaneously.
“Mother,nothing’s going to happen to Byron.That state you saw him was my handiwork.I made him hit his head on the rock” Royce said,sounding like a bomb to his mother’s hearing.
“Now that I’ve casted a memory spell on him,he won’t be able to remember anything,not even his own name.We will take him and use him as a weapon against his sister,Pandora” Royce said,backing away from his flabbergasted mom and smiling.Queen Evelyn felt an achievement.She knew Royce quietness the other time was up to something as he was a type so good and tactical in planning his own works.
“I never knew a great idea like this is on ground” Evelyn said in awe at the smiling Royce.
“All thanks to Louisa and Sirius” Royce said,not ceasing his wicked smile.
“They gave me the paramount ideology to tackle Byron” Royce added and just in time,Sirus appeared from distance,approaching Royce and Evelyn.
“You sent for me,your highness” Sirus said,bowing slightly and not minding the princess was his lover.
“Yes.Once Byron is being brought down here and made ready to invade Rivendell,you’ll go with him” Royce said and Sirus who was already feeling happy about the idea smiled.
“My pleasure,your highness.I won’t disappoint you” Sirus said as he evolved green destructive plasma balls from his hands.
Sirus walked into his lovers chamber and found Louisa’s robe neatly packed on her big sized bed and that was when it dawned on him she’s in the shower.He took off his own robe,placing it beside Louisa’s and joined her inside the shower room.Unannounced,Sirus pasted into the shower room and behold was Louisa standing under the shower pipe with water streaming on her body.Sirus quietly walked to her unnoticed and poked her ribs from behind,sending waves all through Louisa’s body……
“You really know am allergic to that” Louisa said,with lust visible on her face.
“Well I just decided to pull your legs a bit.You know I love doing things am told not to do” Sirus said as the cold breeze in the shower room swarmed around his d**k,causing chills but not for long.Louisa lifted her big tits,barely able to hold them with her small hands as they overflowed in her hands and she moved towards Sirus and bent low to his d**k blowing him for almost ten minutes out of breath from the blowjob and her heavy L cup tits.She spread them open and positioned her tits either side of Sirus pulsing d**k and suddenly she smashed them together and Sirus m0aned in pleasure at the amazing feelings for the first time,he was being enveloped in his lover’s tits.Pleasure tears ran down Sirus face as Louisa sweetly smiled at him.Sirus was in too much pleasure to notice really as his w€t d**k journeyed in the deep white cleavage of his busty lover.She squeezed her mammoth tits together and expertly made sure Sirus’s d**k was trapped directly at the softest part of her [email protected] and lifted her tits up and down.It was a non stop pleasure as her tits opened to accommodate Sirus’s thick pulsing d**k.

“I can’t last much longer!” Sirus m0aned as he felt his orgasm approaching.No matter what he did,the vacuum his d**k was feeling in Louisa’s cleavage was too much for him.
“I want that White juice…….in my cleavage…..on my tits” Louisa m0aned softly.
How it happened,Sirus didn’t know but he just found himself hitting her from behind as Louisa tries to suppress the m0ans.Louisa’s rear was just too succulent as Sirus paddle slap violently against it,making violent sound,coupled with the water streaming on them from the shower.Sirus wanted to show her how good he was but unfortunately,he met his match as his orgasm was so near.Sirus waist kept on moving like a speeding horse being stabbed with a poisonous arrow and he felt her inner walls contract around his d**k which triggered the action immediately and he shot a loadful of spermatozoas in her.Louisa screamed in pleasure that anyone in the room would know someone’s in the shower .
“I was the last” Louisa said as they both pasted out of the shower into the outer room unclad.Louisa’s leg was wobbly as she fell straight on her bed and Sirus followed suit…and they pasted into the deep world of pleasure sleep with both in each other’s arm……


Elena Charged towards Me, She changed to her Alter Ego at once, she was scary but I’m not afraid, I charged towards her too and my sword clashed with her claws, She was defending every swaying of my sword with her bare claws, she pulled my sword out of my hand and threw it away, she head-butted me and knocked me down. Everyone else was busy fighting also, no one could possibly save me this time. She got on top of my and was bringing her claws down for my throat, fortunately for me, the spirit took over just when she was about to kill me, I was glowing like a sun, Elena screamed and so did everyone else who looked at me, they became blinded.

“Rivendell Soldiers should retreat and face down!!!!!” Lancelot ordered and the rivendell knights did immediately, the werewolves also wanted to run away, but pasiphae casted a spell on them, made their Legs glue to the ground, they couldn’t move an inch.

I stopped glowing and got on top of Elena who is still on the floor, rubbing her eyes, hoping if she’d see again. I pulled out my dagger and plunged it down her death, She had her last breath and Died. Pasiohae’s spell worn out, she isn’t that powerful to spell the werewolves for a long time.

“Kill the girl” Taong commanded, I thought he’d retreat. The werewolves all charged to me, they were all salivating and ready to kill me. Hercules stepped beside me and it gave me confidence. They were fast approaching now.

“Pandora, you can do this!!, Look into yourself, you’re powerful!, You’re the most powerful of all!!!” Hercules said, and held my hand.

A new feeling overtook me, the feeling of Sovereignty, the feeling of Ultimate Power, the feeling of Unstoppable. I took two steps forward and stretched my palm forward pointing it at the fast approaching werewolves, A huge tornado erupted, swallowing everyone of the werewolves except for Taong, The tornado teared all the werewolves to shreds and Only Taong was remaining, I couldn’t believe what I did. I felt so great. I stepped forward, ready for Taong, Krohn stopped me, he is so weak and still bleeding.

“Let me handle this!,” Krohn said and I nodded positively and stepped backward for Krohn to take on him.

“You can take on one of me, but you can’t beat three!” Taong said and he split into three.

“What the hell” Hercules said

Krohn started chanting some spells. Taong has Krohn used magic and making the fake Taong (s) disappear. Taong still didn’t budge, He thought he could take on him especially when he’s weak, he charged towards weak Krohn to eliminate him, Krohn didn’t move an inch, Taong inserted his huge claws in Krohn’s throat. Krohn simply placed his palm on Taong’s chest and Taong let out a huge scream. Krohn hit him with a black magic, something he’d never done before, Taong body was changing and he totally became a sculpture. Krohn, broke the sculpture into pieces.


Sirus went to Byron who is still unconscious on the ground, he used his powers in resuscitating him and woke him up.

“Where am I?, Who am I?” Byron asked

“You’re Prince Byron, What you want is revenge!!!” Sirus said, hypnotizing Byron.

“Revenge against who?” Byron asked like he was been controlled, the hypnosis spell is working

“Against Pandora!, She killed your father!” Sirus replied, smiling evilly, he’s following Royce’s order of course.

“She’s in rivendell!!, Find her and bring her here!!!” Sirus ordered

“But before then!, you need your look back” Sirus said and cut all the hair that grew on his face off, revealing the true handsome f ace of Byron

“Now Go!!!” Sirus said and Byron Stood up, Sirus gave him an horse, he climbed and off he went, to rivendell.

Xena was watching all along, she behind a tree and listened to their conversations.

“So Byron is truly a prince?, So who is Pandora?” Xena asked herself, with the puzzled look on her face. She waited for Sirus to turn back and she climbed on her horse and followed Byron.

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