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Pandora – Season 1 – Episode 7


“You defiled my orders by stepping into my liar so you will die” Krohn roared at us loudly,shaking the whole liar.I stood up with courage and confronted Krohn,staring “Human,who are you and beside you seem not to be afraid of me” Krohn said,not using a loud voice this time
“My name is Pandora.The sole possessor of…….” I was still trying to complete my speech when Krohn interrupted
“Spirit of Waal,what are you doing here?” Krohn asked,reducing the glowing of his brightness.He seemed to have noticed it was affecting both myself and Hercules.
“Krohn the great one,we need your help in Rivendell” Hercules overtook my incoming speech.
“The werewolves are at the verge of attacking again” Hercules added,trying to convince Krohn
“Werewolves??? They betrayed me thousands of years back” Krohn said,landing from the air he was.
“Betrayed you? Are you a wolf god?I asked inquisitively and Krohn kept mute for a while before giving a reply
” There is nothing like a wolf god but I am a tribid wolf”Krohn answered,with his eyes turning back to white again.
“Tribid wolf?” I exclaimed and my mind flashed back to an ancient book I read about wolves when I was fifteen.The book talks about wolves and of course tribid wolves were included.They possess the ability of three supernatural species but it depends on the type of supernatural species but it depends on the type of supernaturals they live with.
“Is this within your clan back then or you’re being ostracized from the wolf pack?” I asked,feeling maybe I was being inquisitive and bombarding Krohn with questions.
“Human,I’ve got no time for talks.Many tried to come to me but were killed by strange spirit which am sure you might have encountered on your way.What do you want from me?” Krohn asked impatiently and the wounded Hercules stood up.
“We need your help,Lord Krohn.The wolves musn’t defeat Rivendell.If they do,all other cities aren’t safe either.They will rule over the humans if they win” Hercules said and Krohn kept mute for a while.
“My strength are fading away.Am afraid I can’t be of help to humanity anymore.My time on earth is limited.I have lived for centuries and I think it’s high time I leave earth” Krohn said peacefully and turned to go………..
Byron Sat wearing in his cell,looking unkempt like a mad man.He was separated from other prisoners because of the frequent fights which usually leaves the opponent in a severe dangerous state.However there was a female guard who always comes to unlock Byron and sometimes stay in with him trying to get him talk which always proved abortive.Her name is Xena and she’s a leader warrior.One night,she visited Byron in his cell with a plate of food for him.She unlocked the cell’s alloyed door and walked in.She was a tall type with a fairly blond hair which ran across her face,coupled with a busty nature.She dropped the plate of food in front of Byron who was looking at the ground,focused to it.Xena sat down few centimeters away from Byron,who was now somehow feeling energetic as his breath began to get heavy.A guard apart from Xena came along that moment and began to make fun of Byron because he wouldn’t talk but unfortunately for the guard,he did the right thing at the wrong time.Byron picked up the plate of food in front of him and flung it strongly at the laughing guard.The plate whirled at a supersonic speed and bent pass the cell doors in a vertical way,smashing hard on the guard’s forehead and cutting deep into his skull.The guard fell down dead in front of the cell while Xena who sat watching all the scenario quickly hurried towards Byron and pushed him back to his sitting position because he was already advancing towards the cell door.He granted at her like a wounded lion but Xena wont give in to his uncontrollable strength.She made him sit and when she couldn’t stand the sight of Byron’s anger anymore,she magically compelled his angers out of his body and Byron slept off.
The Battle between Byron and Drexel came up the next full moon’s 🌙day.Spectators filled the scene as noises were incessantly made all over the place.Drex came out first from a gate,dragging with him a huge spiky ball hammer.He was a giant muscular man,with a wide builded arms.Few minutes after Drex came out,Byron was pushed out from the opposite gate.The king of Avalon was sitting on his high golden laced throne and Lukas,the slave head sat two feets away from the king with Xena
“I bet Byron can’t even defeat Drex” Lukas said confidently
“I sense he’s not an ordinary being.He’s got maybe hidden abilities” Xena said and Lukas who was already looking forward to see the tournament start kept mute.The Tournament began as the huge bell sounded.
Drex charged at Byron swinging his huge spiky hammer towards him.Byron blocked the attack with his bare hands and the hit force broke the hammer into tiny pieces.He rushed at Drex and gave him a strong upper jab,sending Drex yards away…..
Louisa magically compelled Sirus later and he became her lover.Sirus sat in his own chamber,wearing a robe similar to Louisa’s as she approached him.
“Is that you,Louisa” Sirus teased intentionally…
“Yeah it’s me.What are you up to?” Louisa asked as Sirus stood up approaching her.
“Well how about some sort of sudden fun tonight?” Sirus asked and he dropped down Louisa’s robe,leaving her stark [email protected]


”Holy Shit!!!” Xena explained from where she’s seating, mesmerized by Byron’s unexplainable strength, knocking down Drexel.

“How did he do that!?” Lukas asked no one in particular, also surprised, everyone watching were surprised also, some gave Byron a standing ovation and they were cheering and yelling his name.

Infuriated Byron got on too of Drexel who is still down and repeatedly gave him deadly punches on his face, Byron raised his fist up and shouted, he brought his fist down on Drexel’s face and it penetrated his head, breaking the bones of his skull, and blood streaming out of his head, Byron’s hand was full of blood, he killed Drexel.

“Seize him!!!” Lukas commanded the guards

“He’s a maniac!” Lukas said .
The guards threw chains at Byron, that’s the mechanism they use in taking down freaks like Drexel who has just being killed. The guards were pulling Byron with all their strength but he wasn’t moving an inch, Byron groaned really loudly and pulled the guards, smashed them against each other, Byron was gradually turning to a monster, he couldn’t control his anger anymore. Lukas unsheathed his sword to attack him but Xena stopped him, blocking him with her hand which she placed on his chest.

“You wouldn’t be helping matters here, let me handle this” Xena said and went forward to meet Byron. Byron was breathing very loudly, he was staring at Xena and ready for any sort of attack she’s planning. Xena moved closer to him and dropped her weapons, Byron calmed down, Xena patted him, calmed him down and made him sit.

“I love you” She whispered to his ears.
Byron fully calmed down, his heart beating in a way he’d never felt like before, he packer his hair to the back and revealed his handsome but hairy face.

“I….I….I’m sorry” Byron said, really calmly, he also looked pitiful.

“C’mon stand up and follow me” Xena said and stood up, lowering down her arm to support Byron stand, Byron grabbed her hand and stood up. Xena led the way and Byron followed, Lukas watched in surprise.


“Wake up sleepy head” Hercules said as he patted me slowly, I was deep asleep, it was like I heard his voice from afar. I woke up and sat up slowly, I yawned, opening my mouth widely.

“Good Morning Herc” I said as I wiped off my sleepy face.

“Morning, Lancelot is waiting for you outside, you’ve to go train remember?” Hercules said and I stood up, I totally forgot, I went to the bathroom and quickly freshened up, I wore my training armor and went outside to meet Lancelot, A lady was beside him, His friend, his girlfriend, I don’t know and I don’t care.

“Morning Lancelot, I’m sorry, I totally forgot I have training” I said

“It’s okay dear, one needs sleep sometimes” Lancelot said and smiled at me
I noticed the girl beside him giving me a bad look.

“Oh, meet my friend, Gwen” Lancelot said

“Hi Gwen, how are you” I said, trying to be nice

“I look fine , don’t I?” Gwen gave me a cold response. I waved it off and followed Lancelot, while riding the horse Gwen spoke.

“So, where are you from?” Gwen asked

“Astoria, She’s a princess” Lancelot said, then regretted, he made a huge mistake by telling her by revealing my true identity to her, he swallowed his saliva and didn’t know what to say or how to make it right, he faced me.

“I’m sorry I failed you Pandora, I’m really sorry” Lancelot said, guilt was written all over his face.

“it’s okay” I said, not really happy but I just had to say that. I noticed that Gwen was smiling, I knew something was wrong.

We got to the Rivendell castle and Lancelot and I joined the other knights for the training. Gwen left us and I suspected her but I couldn’t follow. Some minutes later, Royal Guards came running towards me and they grabbed me.

“What are you doing?, Leave me Alone” I yelled, trying to free myself

“You’re a spy!!, an astorian princess!!” One of the guards said

“Lock her in the dungeon!” The other said

“Stop what you’re doing right now!” Lancelot commanded

“I’m sorry Sir Lancelot but it’s the Royal order” The guard said and took me away.


Taong got up from his mighty throne, smashing the table before him.

“Elena, tell them to ring the bell!, We’re attacking now” Taong said and smiled .

With the order from Taong,Elena decided not to even tell the guard in charge of the bell instead she headed towards the bell tower and ruthlessly rang the bell.The wolf warriors assembled,making a total of two thousand werewolves.Elena being the alpha leaded them.She opened a portal that led to the human world as all the wolves matched straight into the portal,dropping directly at Rivendell city borders.Guards of the borders saw the impromptu invasion and decided to attack back while some ran down to Rivendell city to inform the king.The guards who attacked the wolf pack had not killed many before they were killed in return and that was the time the invaders took to their full wolf form………
The guard ran towards the kings chamber with speed,like a scalded cat……
“Your highness,we’ve been attacked” The guard said panting heavily.
“Is the attack from Astoria?” the king asked,thinking it was because of Pandora’s detention but he got the most scary and shocking response.
“No your highness.They look like wolves in nature,probably werewolves” The guard said
Few minutes after the news had reached the king,it travelled round Rivendell like a wildfire and warriors sprang outside the walls of Rivendell ready for the war.Hercules,Lancelot and Pasiphae headed straight to the dungeon where Pandora was locked.She say down inside her cell,bowing her head when the three arrived at her place.
“We have a problem,Pandora.The wolves are here” Lancelot said and I sprang up from where I was,grabbing the Bell’s door.
“Let me out of here” I yelled,feeling infuriated about the information
“Calm yourself Pandora.Calm down and channel your powers with the outer universe and imagine you are outside” Hercules explained and I closed my eyes.I directed my powers away from earth and suddenly lightening sparkled within my eye and we all found ourselves outside in our battle armoury.The wolves were fast approaching with a girl leading the pack according to my vision.Rivendellian warriors emerged from all cranny of the castle and ran out to defend the mighty city from the race of wolves.Soon the wolves came closer and the warriors charged at them and before someone could blink,the both parties had began to slay each other.
“We need to get in there now” i said and began to advance towards the battlefield with others following me.We were almost close to the place when suddenly,lightening surrounded half of the battle field from nowhere.We stopped running and I looked up and behold,it was Krohn.He was bleeding from the left side of his chest as he approached the battle field.He killed 20% of the wolves just by mere approaching……..we watched as he approaches Rivendell battle field……..
Byron Sat in his cell after the bloody battle with Drexel which turned out to be tragedy.While meditating,something unexplainable struck him and he sprang up from where he was and just in time,Xena arrived.
“What’s the problem Byron?Are you okay?”Xena asked,feeling concerned
” Please let me out of here.My sister is in danger somewhere “Byron said acting according to what he had seen in his vision.
” Are you alright Byron?You don’t have any sister anywhere”Xena said,not aware Byron was a prince .When Byron couldn’t wait anymore,he began smashing the back walls of the cell with his fists.Xena started unlocking the cell in order to stop him but before she finished,Byron had broken down the wall and jumped almost thirty feet down.He landed and grabbed a nearby horse,riding very fast towards the gates of Avalon.The guards,afraid of what might happen if they tried to stop him gave him way as he sped very fast out of Avalon.Lukas sighted him and ordered strong guards after him,each with a horse and swords strapped to their backs.Before the guards could reach the gates of Avalon,Byron had already covered an unexplainable distance towards where his mind led him…….
Queen Evelyn Sat in her chambers attending to a book she grabbed earlier In the Library when suddenly,smoke evolved from the ground and three women appeared before her in her chamber
“Relatives???” what have you come for again?”Evelyn asked feeling free with their presence.
“Shottah,we have come to inform you that we’ve found the possessor of the spirit of Waal through one of our high witches in lycan city” The oldest among the women said and Evelyn’s face brightened up
“Don’t tell me Gwen found her” Evelyn said in a surprised manner.
“Gwen was a type of witch who would take laws into her hands if she found the fact”Evelyn added and the women giggled weirdly
” Yes she found the possessor in a city called Rivendell.She set the possessor up and right now as we speak,she’s in the city’s dungeon”Another of the women said
“With this clue,I think capturing the spirit can now be easy” Evelyn said scornfully and the oldest woman stomped her staff on the ground,creating a wind effect outside the castle.
“Taking the spirit won’t be as easy as you think.You need to visit us at home for more powers” The oldest woman said.
“But I first need to travel there to know the person in possession of the spirit” Evelyn said,yanking off the woman’s suggestion of powers.To her,the power she has is already enough.
“That’s not the problem.Look at that mirror” The oldest said,pointing her staff at the mirror.A water like movement rumbled up inside the mirror before picturing Pandora’s face in it and as Evelyn saw this,she was almost thrown off balance.
“What!!!,Pandora is the…….the spirit possessor?” Evelyn exclaimed,leaving the women and her subjects flabbergasted.
“Did you know her?” the oldest said as she magically waved the mirror and it went normal again.
“She’s the first Princess of Astoria.Have you forgotten so soon?” Evelyn said scornfully
“She was still a kid when I saw her last so I didn’t know her”the oldest woman said
” That even makes it very easy.You have to send delegates to lure her somewhere so you will kill her and extract the spirit but before then,visit us in the Lycan kingdom for more power upgrade”The oldest woman said and they vanished.Evelyn’s mood changed as she was now smiling.
“And once I have it,I’ll kill you all and take over the earth” Evelyn said,smiling evilly at herself…..
Byron kept riding speedily at a non-stop pace.Avalon guards who were after him had retreated when they couldn’t catch up with him as it appears he was travelling with an extraordinary projectile force.He headed towards Astoria and he arrived there close to an hour later.Normally on a routine travel,Avalon to Astoria would take not less than two hours of travel but Byron with his supersonic speed arrived there in less than two hours.He arrived at the castle and headed inside.Two Royal guard attempted to stop him but he made away with them both with single punches.No one seems to recognize him anymore as he now looked unkempt and not different from a monster.He had developed muscles beyond imagination and his breath flows like a lion wounded by a sword.He entered the castle only to find Royce,sitting comfortably in his throne,sipping his usual juice from his favourite golden cup.Byron charged at him and Royce summoned two guards to stop him.Byron dealt ruthlessly with them as a sign he hadn’t come for jokes.He got to Royce and hijacked him,lifting him up with one arm…..
“Where is Pandora? What have you done to her?” Byron asked,breathing heavily.Just in time,Evelyn and Louisa arrived at the scene and Royal guards flooded the kings chambers but no one could go closer for fear of the king being affected.Evelyn casted a bounding spell and threw it at Byron but it touched him and only bounced off his chronic thick muscular body that he didn’t even know something hit him.
“fvcking bitch I said where is my sister?” Byron shouted at Royce who was now smiling while at Byron’s grip.He had recognised the stranger to be Byron but how he looks still remains a mystery to him
“Pandora is in Rivendell” Evelyn said on behalf of Royce
“Byron,what happened to you?” Royce asked in a calm voice and that was when Louisa,Evelyn and the present guards knew it was Byron..
Byron didn’t say a word again.He released Royce from his grip and stormed out of the castle.He grabbed his horse and got out of Astoria,heading towards Rivendell.For the first time,Louisa cried because of how her brother looks and Evelyn could do nothing to stop Byron.She just turned and headed towards her chambers while Royce stood where he was,Smiling…….
Byron was riding very fast on his horse.His mind was blank but only one thought occupied his mind…..”Pandora” he was strongly concerned about her well being…..
He was still on motion when suddenly,his horse stumbled and he fell,hitting his head on a nearby rock,making him pass out immediately………….
QUESTION: Pandora’s in danger.Byron is temporarily off action….Who will emerge to save them?
Let’s find out in the next episode but drop your thoughts.

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