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Pandora – Season 1 – Episode 6


Byron’s life became miserable, in fact he himself is miserable. Beards grew all over his face, his clothes are becoming rags, no one would even believe him if he said he’s a Prince, he travelled out of Astoria in search of his dear sister, Pandora, he was on his horse for a whole month, travelling and eating what he sees, tho he didn’t know where pandora went but he just had to try and find her. Sometimes, he’d try to access whatever power was given to him by his mother but it won’t work, he gave up, thinking that maybe his mother gave him a fake orb after all since he wasn’t at all her favorite. While on his journey, he’s faced with a misfortune. The Avalon Kingdom Soldiers who are into slave trading met with him on the way and captured him, they enslaved him.

“You’ll regret this!!!, I’m a Prince of Astoria!” Byron yelled like he was still in the palace. The soldiers bursted in heavy laughter which lasted seconds before Byron grabbed the head of the soldiers. The soldiers gasped and wielded their swords, all pointing at Byron who obviously had no idea what he’s in for.

“Put your swords down” The Leader, Lukas Said and yanked Byron off him, who fell hard on the ground.

“You are lucky I’m in a happy mood, I’d have asked my men to kill you right here!” Lukas said and exited, ordered his men to take Byron to the other slaves and They took them back to Avalon where they’d work their heart out.


Royce ascended the throne, the people of Astoria were thrown into hard times of suffering.

Royce sat on the throne, putting on one of his finest robes and gently sipping a juice poured in a golden cup, there’s sign of royalty in him. Suddenly smoke emitted from the room and five people appeared in the room, Royce spilled juice on his fine robe. He threw the cup on the floor and put on his brave kingly face.

“Who are you people?” Royce said with a thick, kingly face.

“We’re your mother’s relation!, From the Lican tribe!!, Where is Evelyn!” The Oldest woman in the middle said, stepping forward a bit, she held a staff with her left hand. Royce’s face brightened when he heard. He stood up quickly and went forward, he bowed down to them and the woman placed her hands on his head in acknowledgement.

“I’ll send for my mother right now!” Royce said and snapped his fingers, he ordered the guards to call his mother, Evelyn arrived shortly and was shocked at the sight of her Lican relatives.

“Why are you here relatives” Evelyn said and slightly bowed.

“We came here to find out how things is going here?, Any luck with finding the Spirit of Waal?, Or at least the impostor?” The Woman said

“No, I did my best to lure it, but seems the spirit might be just a myth ” Evelyn said and it angried the woman, she stumped her staff on the ground which created a huge wind that blew for about ten seconds, raising every bit of evelyn and Royce’s hair up.

“Nothing is a myth!!!, We’ll continue to check on you to ensure you’re not screwing things up” The woman said and stumped her staff on the ground and they disappeared.

“What the hell was that?” Louisa asked as she rushed in the chamber

“Our relatives! And once I get my hands on the spirit of Waal they’d be the first victims that would suffer in my hands, I will destroy them and take over the Lican tribe, take over Rivendell, take over every other city that comes my way” Evelyn said and giggled evilly and Louisa joined, Royce stood, looking at them but also smiling evilly, he loved the plan.


“Herc, Will you teach me how to use swords and bows and 🏹, I really want to be an expert in it” I said, teasing him and shrugging him jokingly

“I will but after you stop calling me Herc” He replied, trying to be sarcastic.

“But herc is a cool nickname” Pasiphae said as she dropped dinner on the table and poured water in a bowl and handed it to me.

“Thank you pasiphae, but you really don’t need to treat me like a princess” I said and collected the bowl from her and drank a bit of water.

“I’m not only respecting you for being a princess but also for the role you are to perform in your lifetime” Pasiphae replied and sat down.

“That reminds me, These werewolves you speak of, How dangerous are they?” I innocently asked, I didn’t heard much about werewolves because I don’t really fancy finding out about things that I think they don’t exist.

“They can wipe out rivendell in a day or two!, They are extremely powerful being, they almost conquered rivendell hundreds of years ago but they were stopped by a demi God named Krohn” Pasiphae said

“Where is that demi God now?” I asked

“No one knows” Pasiphae and Hercules chorused.

“But if we’re albe to find Krohn,our stress will be reduced in this battle ahead” I said trying to get them reason with me.
Both Pasiphae and Hercules looked at themselves and Hercules sighed heavily.
“Finding Krohn is not the problem.The problem is how to get him out on our side” Hercules said,looking stern
“And he isn’t a demi god you can meet just anyhow.He’ll kill anyone that enters his liar” Pasiphae said.
“Did you know where his liar is located?” I asked inquisitively
“His liar is located in the outskirts of the borders of Rivendell.It’s a two hours journey from here” Hercules said,with a smile on his face.
“Then we’re going there tomorrow.I’ll talk to him myself” I said and continued with my dinner.Hercules and Pasiphae dropped their scoops and stared at me surprisingly.
Byron was imprisoned in a cell together with other captured prisoners.Day and Night,they worked until they became tired and weary but Byron was surprised at his strange strength which he works.He never gets tired like others but whenever he tried to perform magics,it failed him.Other slaves were either sold or killed In a weekly battle conducted in the kingdom with prisoners ordered to battle giant and strong men or sometimes against themselves.But Luckily,Byron was never picked or sold because the leader,Lukas admired the speed and strength at which he works.His hairs grew across his face twisted and his beard grew long to his chest region.His total looks resemble that of a shadow assassin.Each day passed but the guards never succeeded in making Byron talk after the first day he was captured in the wild.This act of his angered Lukas one day and selected Byron to battle the strongest man in Avalon named Drexel.The battle was set to the full Moon’s day,the day the wolves planned on attacking Rivendell.
Royce reign turned out to be Terror for everyone living in Astoria and soon,some began to relocate to another city.Royce noticed this and mounted strong merciless guards at the gates of Astoria with the order to kill any trespassing resident.Young men of Astoria were used as work machine in a chain gang arrangement while most of the ladies faced s£xual harassment and humilities.Queen Evelyn on her own side saw nothing negative about this.She was busy mapping out plans and sending spies to all cities in search of the spirit of Waal possessor.Louisa,within a short time her brother ascended the throne had killed countless number of people.There was a man who suffered an ugly incident.Louisa sent for him and he refused to appear in the castle.She sent her Royal guards to forcefully bring the man and as soon as he was captured and brought before her,she exhumed his heart from his chest with her dark magical powers.The man’s corpse began to blacken within five minutes after he was killed.Meanwhile,there was one boy in Astoria named Sirus.His father,Bryan was killed by Royce one day during the slaves working day.He had refused to appear to work and Royce who later found out ordered his guards to bring his head which they executed two hours after Royce passed the order.Sirus possesses a great zeal of power given to him by his father unnoticed but he wasn’t aware of this as his father never lived to explain how the power works to him.One cool morning while he was returning from a Goldsmith’s workshop where he had gone to melt some few pieces of gold he gathered into a necklace,he ran into Louisa and her maidens escorted by two Royal guards.He tried to boycott from Louisa but unfortunately,Louisa sighted him and summoned him to her presence.On seeing Sirus,Louisa developed some kind of Emotional feelings for him….
“Good morning Your Highness” Sirus greeted,facing the ground and bowing slightly
“I haven’t asked you to greet me yet,Young boy” Louisa said with a calm tone.
“But definitely,its rude if I don’t greet a Royal princess” Sirus defended…
“I need you to do me a favour but first i’ll love to know your name” Louisa said,pretending to be nice though.
“My name is Sirus Bryan” he said still staring at the ground.
“Alright,Follow me.We’ve got things to iron out in the castle” Louisa commanded
“But your Highness………” He was still speaking when a Royal guard interrupted
“Shut your mouth.You don’t try to divert the princesses orders” The guard fired at Sirus
Sirus quietly obeyed and followed Louisa,heading towards the castle.
Here we are princess.The entrance to the liar of Krohn”Lancelot said,stepping down from his horse.
“Why did he decide to ostracize himself from humans?” I asked,feeling some iota of inquisitive bravery in me.
“No one actually knows.His presence at the battle with the wolves back then surprised everyone” Pasiphae said.
“I’ll go into the liar.You will wait here till am out” I said and began to arm myself with bows and arrows with a sword which although I don’t know how to utilize them perfectly.I was about to go in when Hercules blocked my path.
“Are you kidding me,Pandora” he said,calling me by my name again.
“Hercules,I’ll come back safe and sound.Stand aside” I said.Hercules gave way and they all watched as I entered the liar.They stood looking at me go deeper till my last footsteps were unheard……….

I entered the lair and then I started regretting why I did so, the place is spooky and creepy. Blood was dropping from every corner of the lair. I wanted to turn back and run but I saw no way out, it was like the path was closing on me as I moved further. I summoned courage and walked further.

“Hello???” I shouted, hoping to get Krohn’s attention but I got nothing.

I saw a shadow moved past me really fast, then it happened again, I looked around and saw nothing, now I’m scared to my bones, suddenly I felt like I’m not alone, I felt like something or someone is at my back, I slowly turned my head back to see the most terrifying thing I’ve ever saw, A man covered in blood, half of his face has peeled off but the skin is still dangling at a side. I screamed, any one could hear my voice. Then I took to my heels.

“Oh my God, that’s Pandora!” Pasiphae said

“I think she’s been pursued” Pasiphae added, her eyes closed like she was meditating.

“I’ve to go in there” Hercules said

“Stay here with pasiphae!” Hercules said and unsheathed his sword and slowly entered the lair.

I continued running, I don’t know if it’s still chasing but I didnt wanna take any chances, my race was put to an halt when I hit my leg against a rock. I groaned, caressing my feet And the man was at my back again, I created a force field around me with my powers, so that he wouldn’t be able to get closer, little did I know that powers don’t work on every creature in the lair, he stepped in, cancelled the force field and was about to penetrate me with the huge claws on his hand when something slowed him down, he turned back angrily and groaned, it was Hercules who shot him an arrow. The infuriated man or horror I don’t know what I’d call him, turned to face Hercules and I shot him an arrow myself, then he turned to me and Hercules did as well, he charged towards Hercules and Hercules swiftly cut off his head with his incredible sword, the head was down but the body is still moving, Hercules Cut off both his legs and threw them in a deep pit.

“I’d have been dead by now id not for you” I said as I ran to Hercules, hugging him very tightly like I’ve not seen him for a year or two

“You wouldn’t die” Hercules said as he pulled out of the hug, holding my shoulders and smile at me.

“They Spirit of Waal will never allow that” Hercules added and I sighed.

“May we continue?” Hercules asked and I nodded.


Louisa led Sirus in her chamber and asked him to sit.

“Your Highness, I’m not in the position to sit down” Sirus respectfully said.

“I told you to sit!” Louisa replied almost yelling at him. Sirus sat and Louisa sat beside him, staring at Sirus , who kept his head down.

“Are you born in Astoria?” Louisa asked and moved closer to him, they was almost no space between them, Sirus moved a bit, keeping distance from Louisa. Louisa smiled.

“Y.. Y.ess, I’m born in Astoria” Sirus answered

“Are young noble?” Louisa asked and Sirus remained silent.

“Who I’m I kidding, you surely don’t look like one” Louisa said

“So who are your parents?” Louisa asked and Sirus’s mood changed to sober.

“I never got to meet my mother, and my father died recently” Sirus replied

“And what’s the cause of his death?” Louisa enquired, she doesn’t know if she was supposed to ask that but she just wanted to keep the conversation going.

“Uhm, Uhm” Sirus stammered, scratching his head, he doesn’t know if she should tell her.

“Answer me!” Louisa fired at him

“The King ordered for him to be executed!” Sirus said, tears fell down his cheeks.

“That’s unfortunate” Louisa replied showing no sign of pity.
She moved closer to sirus And wiped the tears off his face. She began caressing him and was flirting with him. Sirus stood up suddenly and bowed.

“Your Highness, please I’ve to go now” He said and hurried out of the chamber, straight out of the castle.

Louisa smiled

“Why do I fall in love with a mere Astorian?, I’ve never felt like this before!, Anyways Sirus, you’ll be mine” Louisa said, playing with her fingers.


After an hour of walk in the huge lair and battling many creatures. My legs can’t really take it anymore, I’m a princess, I’m not really used to walking. I sat down and rested my back on a rock.

“Come on, let’s move on” Hercules said.

“I’m tired, let me rest my legs a bit” I said, and leaned more against the rock, not aware that the rock is alive. The rock swallowed me whole. Hercules was doing all he can to get me out. I began to feel the spirit taking over, I felt adrenaline of power running through my veins, I let out a loud scream that not only broke the rocks into tiny stones but also causing the lair to fall apart, Hercules was also down, his ears are bleeding as a result of my scream.
I bent down and attended to hercules.

“Who dares disturb my peace!” There came a thick voice, the voice echoes in the lair, we turned back to see a man, floating in mid air, his whole body was glowing 🌟, the white light emitting from him is so strong that we had to close our eyes a bit. Behold, we met the Great demi God, Krohn.

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