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Pandora – Season 1 – Episode 5


“Where are we?” I asked, looking around in a confused manner.
“Don’t worry about where we are” Hercules replied.
“I didn’t say goodbye to my father!, I should go!” I said, I really
wanted to see my father, at least for the last time.
“Okay!” Hercules agreed and we teleported back to Astoria.
Straight in the King’s chamber, My dad was asleep, I watched
him sleep peacefully, I didn’t wake him up, it’s been a while he
had such peaceful night, sometimes he brood about things
going wrong in Astoria. We teleported back to the place.
“Where are we really going to be staying?” I asked
“Rivendell ” Hercules replied and my eyes became wide
“Rivendell?, But Astoria don’t relate too well with rivendell, what
happens if they know we’re from Astoria.” I said.
“We’ve to keep our identity safe from them” Hercules replied.
We both sat on the rocks.
“Are we waiting for somebody?” I asked, thinking about why we
sat down.
“Yeah” Hercules replied
“Really?, Who?” I curiously asked.
“Here they come” Hercules replied and pointed, a man and
young woman, both about our ages walked up to us.
“I’m Lancelot” He said, he’s wearing an armor, seems to be a
Knight but the armor doesn’t look like that of the knights of
Astoria, he’s muscular and tall but not taller than hercules,
there are weapons on his body.
“And I’m pasiphae” She said.
“I’m Pandora ” I also introduced myself, stretching my hand
forward to shake their hands but they didn’t instead they
slightly bowed.
“We know you’re a princess” Lancelot said.
“Pandora, These two you’re seeing are born in Astoria but they
lived in rivendell till now, in fact Lancelot is a Knight there and
Pasiphae is my friend, she has magic too” Hercules said
“Wow, nice to meet you guys” I said.
“So we’ll be staying in their place!” hercules said.
“Let’s go” Lancelot said and we followed them, got to where
their chariot was parked. There were two chariots there, we
hopped in and the horses started moving. Tears fell down my
cheeks, I was thinking all about my father. Throughout my life I
never thought I’d leave him in the dead night, without him
knowing. But I had to do it.
“This is the time!, The King needs to die today” Queen evelyn
“I.. I can’t kill father!, I want to become king but I’m not that
heartless to kill him” Royce said, seems there’s a bit
conscience in him after all.
“You’re not even his son!, Louisa isn’t his daughter too” Queen
Evelyn said, sounded like a bomb .
“How?” Louisa asked.
“Your real father is dead, that’s my real husband, while with the
king, I usually go to your father’s place. The only son I had for
him is Byron. So will you kill him or wait till the secret comes
out and byron becomes king. Byron who was eavesdropping
quickly left the place, he ordered the Royal guards to stand
guard, he ordered them not to let anyone in, he told them it’s
the King’s order and they won’t dare disobey it.
“I’ll kill him myself!, I will become the king of astoria!” Royce
said, a new energy taking over him.
“That’s my son!, but leave him to me. He’s destined to die by
my hands, if he let them read his prophecy to him he wouldn’t
have married me!” Queen evelyn said and laughed evilly. She
got out of the room and walked towards the King’s chamber,
she met numbers of Royal guards, guarding the chamber.
“Make way, I’ll like to speak with the king!” Queen evelyn said
“The King ordered not to let anyone in” A Royal guard said
“Guess I’ll have to do this the hard way” Queen Evelyn said
and dropped a shell-like object, when it hit the floor, black
smoke emitted from it and as the guards inhale it, they all fell
down dead. Queen Evelyn entered the chamber, Byron Who
was watching followed her in and stood in her path.
“I won’t let you kill my father!” Byron said, using his hands to
block her way. The King slowly opens his eyes and sat up.
“What’s going in here?” He asked
“Mother wants you dead!” Byron said, and a magical force hit
him hard on the chest!, He wasn’t meant to say that but
somehow he was able to. Byron fell down, blood gushing out of
his mouth.
The King took his sword and made to stab Evelyn but the
sword went through Evelyn like she was a ghost. The sword fell
down from the King’s hand, he was terrified.
“Guards!!, Guards!!!” The King yelled.
“No one’s coming to your aid, you’ll die today!” Queen evelyn
said and took the sword and stabbed right through the King’s
heart. The king fell dead on his bed.
“NO!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, still in the chariot, I felt it! I felt like my
dad is dead.
“The King is dead” Hercules said.

Byron watched Queen Evelyn,his mother stab the king.He couldn’t move from where he was.He seems to have been trapped down by the force that hit him.
“I hate you,mother.i hate you with all my mind” Byron cried out,burning with rage.
“You will never understand,Byron.Join us and see the true shows of life” Queen Evelyn said,trying to convince Byron to join her.Byron struggled to get up and luckily for him,the magic effect weared away and he got up,standing on his feet.
“I will never be part of this conspiracy.I curse the day you gave birth to me.I curse you and your allies too” Byron spat angrily and walked away and out of Astoria,probably forever.Queen Evelyn smiled at herself and headed back to her chamber where Louisa and Royce waited.Immediately they saw her,they stood up,rushing at her with impatience.They could see her blood stained robe,coupled with a happy face.
“How did it go,mother?” Royce asked curiously
“King Edward is dead and it’s forever.His son Byron left” Queen Evelyn said,smiling at Royce and Louisa.
“Well he can leave for all I care.He had never been useful for once.I mean Byron” Louisa said happily,for the knowledge that her brother will soon be crowned the king of Astoria city.
“So mother,what’s the next plan?” Royce asked
“Tomorrow morning,we’ll announce the King’s death to the Astoria priests but before then,we got some few guard’s corpse to dispose” Queen Evelyn added.The three left to execute their plan.

We passed the night at Pasiphae’s home.Lancelot was a knight so he wasn’t able to stay with us as the king of Rivendell sent for him the night we arrived.I woke up in the early hours of the morning,although my sleep throughout the night was absolutely not smooth.I had a rough night and this morning again,coupled with sadness as I remembered my father’s death.I sat up on the bed,thinking about him,how he had loved and cared for me before the arrival of the devilish Queen he called his wife.Admist all these thoughts,Hercules came in from somewhere I don’t know and noticed my moody state.He came to me and sat by my side,cuddling me with one hand.
“You don’t have to brood over this princess.Your mood made the sky look somehow outside there,considering the potency of your powers and the spirit in you.What happened was just a prophecy” Hercules said,trying to cheer me up.
“I just hope they don’t harm Byron also” I said with a pure mind.
“Byron wasn’t destined to die young.Byron shall live to see you conquer the dark sided creatures.As a matter of fact,will you agree with me if I tell you Royce and Louisa aren’t King Edward’s biological children?” Hercules said and my eyes widened.
“What!!!…Are you kidding me?….That can’t be true” I said sarcastically.
“Well that’s just the truth about this.Louisa and Royce’s father is Nebula,the King’s personal servant that lived three years ago.When Nebula threatened Evelyn about having his kids back,Queen Evelyn killed him with a dark Thunderstorm and magically decomposed his body so he won’t be found or make Astoria preists investigate his death”Hercules said,sounding like a bomb to my hearings.
“What!!!……I will make sure I reveal this to everyone” I said with an angry voice.
“Revealing this is not the problem but bear it in mind that you’ll die after saying this out.You need to wait for the right time to say this.For now,Evelyn is more stronger In magic than you and will exterminate you easily” Hercules explained and on hearing the word “Death” I calmed myself down immediately.
Just in time,Pasiphae came in while Hercules was still with me,carrying some cups of coffee.
“I think this will be good for the cold morning” Pasiphae said and dropped two cups in front of me and Hercules.
“Thanks Pasiphae” Hercules said and proceeded to taking a sip from his own cup and almost immediately,Lancelot arrived in.He wasn’t wearing his knight armoury this time but rather,he wore a long white robe,with some shiny red laces fastened to its sides.
“Up already,princess?” Lancelot asked,throwing his gaze directly at me.
“Yes.I had a rough night anyway” I said,faking a smile as if I was actually happy but to be sincere,I just did that to hide my sad mood.
“Well she isn’t the sleepy type.She wakes up early even in Astoria” Hercules defended,looking away intentionally to avoid my grateful gaze.
“My princess,am afraid you need to change your wears and looks.You know too well that Rivendell and Astoria don’t relate too well and you are not just an ordinary Astorian but a princess rather” Pasiphae suggested and I gave in to her suggestion,reasoning along with her points.Few minutes later,I was dressed like a Rivendellian resident and to be sincere,I love being ordinary for the first time in my life.Lancelot and Hercules excused themselves later,leaving me and Pasiphae in the room.By nature,you would think I forgot my larynx (voice box) at home because am a shy type and I don’t easily strike up a conversation unless someone will on my behalf but i don’t really know what came over me.I just found myself starting a discussion with Pasiphae.
“So you’ve lived all your life here in Rivendell?” I asked,trying to find out how long she had lived in Rivendell.
“Actually,I moved to Rivendell when I clocked twelve,which was after my mom’s demise” Pasiphae said,showing some kind of emotional looks after saying that.
“Am so sorry about that.My mum also died when I clocked twenty and since then,Iife had been a little unfair” I added,staring at the ground.Surprisi
ngly,the spot I fixed my gaze on began emitting some colourful waves of light,signifying an underground basement in the room.I decided not to call Pasiphae’s attention to it for the phobia of what type of reaction she might pull up.I decided to wait till midnight before trying to find out what’s in there but magically,Hercules read my mind from where he was and quickly arrived,advising me not to try what’s on my mind.I gave up on the quest but I had it in mind that I was going to ask Pasiphae about her powers since Hercules told me she also has Magical powers.

The whole residents of Astoria gathered,two days after the King’s death.Queen Evelyn had summoned everyone to actually say what’s on her mind and also cunningly execute how Royce would be crowned the next king of Astoria.
“Astorians….I called you all here today not because of any other thing rather but how to keep the city in a proper state” Queen Evelyn paused and a loud response of chorus speeches emitted from the crowd….Queen Evelyn was about to continue when suddenly,Louisa who wasn’t interested in what her mother was saying but rather focused on how to disassemble the crowd stood up,interrupting Evelyn’s speech…..
“Mother,you better stop beating around the bush.Tell everyone what you are trying to insinuate” Louisa said aloud to the hearings of the crowd.The crowd went silent like graveyarf on hearing Louisa’s angry and Loud voice.
“Since you decided not to speak mother,then I’ll do that on your behalf” Louisa added and Royce who couldn’t stand the sight of his sister’s nonentity behaviour dragged her inside before she could say a word.
“What do you think you are doing,Louisa?” Royce asked
“I kind of hate delays and suspenses and that’s what mother is displaying out there.I was about to voice out our decision” Louisa said,looking away
“Voice out our decision? Are you kidding me? You’ll get yourself wounded or probably killed because am very sure you are not as strong as Byron who almost died while trying to tell Pandora about our plans or have you forgotten what happened to Byron?” Royce reminded her and she went calm.Before they could get outside,Queen Evelyn had already passed her informations and dismissed the massive crowd.She walked past Royce and Louisa who stood looking dumbfounded,judging the way their mother dismissed the crowd…
My stay in Rivendell was a quiet,calm and peaceful one as nobody could figure out I’m from Astoria.During the normal times,I am used to keeping low profiles so many Astorians don’t even recognise me as the princess.Although Astoria and Rivendell never related too well but they never waged war against one another.Few days after my arrival to Rivendell,I began seeing some strange omens through visions and dreams,signifying something dangerous ahead of me.Pasiphae noticed my mood and found a good time on a particular night and asked me what was wrong.
“My princess,For the past few days,I’ve been watching you closely and I noticed you’re always moody and seems there is something you’re not telling us.Is there anything bothering you?” Pasiphae asked….I kept mute for a while,thinking maybe I should share it with her or not but I finally voiced out.
“Lately,I’ve been seeing some strange signs which I really don’t understand” I said,putting on a confused look.Pasiphae smiled at me and moved closer.
“Princess,I’ll be lying to you if I said am not aware of all that’s happening to you in fact,I’ve seen it before you did” Pasiphae said and I faced her with my wide opened eyes.
“You’ve seen this before now???……How? I don’t understand” I said trying to get her explain more to me.
“I am one of the most powerful sorceress in Rivendell.What the future holds upon you is very complicated my princess.You’ve got a city to save before Astoria and mind you,there’s no way you can conquer Astoria dark forces if you don’t help the city” Pasiphae said,confusing me the more.
“I’ve got a city to save???” Now this is getting more controversial than I thought.What city do I have to save?” I asked again,trying to be clear about it.
“Rivendell” Pasiphae said,sounding like a bomb to my hearings
“No……no this isn’t possible.Am a bonafide princess of Astoria and I am not even allowed to stay here talk more of thinking about battle here” I said and Hercules who just came in interrupted.
“You’ll be allowed to stay in Astoria.That lies with us as long as you take interest” Hercules said while approaching us.
“No…..I am a recognised princess.I will be busted if I attempt such an action” I said,showing an iota of fear.
“I could help with that” Pasiphae said,always smiling at me with her blue sparkly eyeballs.
“And of course I will help too” Lancelot interrupted as he came inside.
With everyone in support,I braced up courage and focused on how best to deal with the situation when Pasiphae struck with another discussion.
“A race of creatures known as the werewolves are coming to Rivendell to destroy it and you’re the only hope and the only one who can lead us to battle” Pasiphae said
“Werewolves??? Werewolves do not exist at all,according to research and science” I said sarcastically and Hercules alongside Lancelot gave out a mocking laugh at me 😏😏
“Werewolves exists,my princess.They have their own realm,their own world although humans see them as mere optical illusions simply because they don’t make their abilities known to mere mortals” Lancelot said,looking at me in the face.
“So what makes them think attacking humans is the next option?” I asked curious to know more about them.
“They need you,Princess Pandora….they need the powers in you.The spirit in you” Pasiphae said aloud
“Princess you need to learn how to activate and control your powers.The time for their invasion is very near” Lancelot said,feeling concerned as though the power was his.
“I know that but I need a magic teacher.I lack the technique of activation of my powers” I said
“I’ll help with that princess.We start training tomorrow” Pasiphae said and we concluded the discussion.Hercules came and sat beside me,showing me some magical moves

Taong,the wolf king sat on his throne quietly.With a wolf expert,one would easily know he’s an alpha wolf as his deep yellow eyes shone across his face.His mantle was evolving thick black smoke and this usually happens when he’s angry at something.Admist this,a girl came into his chambers.She was wearing a red cloak and her claws shone visibly on her hands.Her face could not be seen as the cloak’s hoody formed a dark arena on her face.Only her complete blue eyes show in the hoody,signifying a beta wolf powers.She turned back to normal on getting to the kings’s presence.
“My king,the spirit of Waal has been founded in the human world,A place known as Rivendell ” Elena said,panting heavily
“Relax Elena” Taong said as his eye turned normal and the smoke from his mantle stopped.”We will capture the spirit of waal but first,we need to wipe out Rivendell and it’s environs” Taong said,laughing evilly
“Your wish is my command,My Lord” Elena said and left Taong’s presence

One month later,I had learned how best to activate and control my powers,alongside Pasiphae,she helped me hide my identity using her own Magics.Lancelot made me appear like a new hero born in Rivendell as we faked some people as my parents.The king believed I was a shadow fighter according to Hercules and Lancelot.I blended into the Rivendellian Army and we prepared for battle as the wolves might attack any day from now………..🔥


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