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Pandora – Season 1 – Episode 4

Chapter five
Byron regained his strength later and left his mum and wicked siblings,heading towards his room in the castle,feeling sarcastic about what might happen to Pandora,especially now that he cant possibly reveal the secret to her.He entered his room and sat down,ruminating on how best to give a sign about the dangers of staying in the castle.


“Mother,you know I used to wonder where you got that boy called Byron from.If it wasn’t for the spell,he would have revealed our precious secret to Pandora” Louisa said angrily
“It’s okay Louisa.I can see Royce kept mute all the while.Maybe he has some personal plans for himself which may help us” Queen Evelyn said…


Pandora slept like a baby,lying on her bed.For the first time in few years,she enjoyed her sleep unlike before when Queen Evelyn will whip her up from bed.Three hours later,she woke up and discovered it was very late.She looked around her room but Hercules was nowhere to be found.She sprang up from her bed and was beginning to head towards her rooms door.She turned the door’s knob and that was then she realised the door was locked.She turned back and saw Hercules,sitting on a chair in front of her room’s mirror.

“Are you playing pranks on me” I said,smiling at the down faced Hercules.
“No,why will I play pranks on the princess of Astoria city?” Hercules said,trying to sound funny.
“For how long have I slept?” I asked,staring directly at him
“Three hours.i was beginning to wonder if you’re not even lost in the world of dreams” Hercules said,making me burst into a loud laughter.
“There is something strange about me that I’ll love to share with you,Hercules” I said and my smile faded,replaced by a disturbed face.
“Really,Okay princess you can have a seat first.You can’t be standing unnecessarily” Hercules said,feeling concerned.
“Earlier before I ran out of the castle,something strange happened which left me confused.” I said,still trying to figure it out.
“How did it happen exactly” Hercules asked
“Something came up between Royce and I and as he attempted to hit me,an unseen force knocked him away from me.As I advanced towards the door with speed,I broke the castle’s door with my bare hands” I said.Hercules sighed and then put on a smile.He came and sat by me,holding my hands.
“I’ve seen this in you the very first time we met.You are part of what drove me away from the Knight’s midst” Hercules said,confusing me in the process.
“What do you mean?” I said,growing a bit inquisitive.
“Three hundred years ago,here in this land now known as Astoria,the knights came for a mission.The mission was to capture the spirit of Waal,the strongest and most powerful spirit on earth,which has been wandering for thousand of years.The knights were able to capture it then and it was kept for two solid generation.Before Astoria came into existence,our team of knights teamed up and an impostor released the imprisoned and enraged spirit of waal.When it was tracked by some witches,they said it had possessed a new born human just as Astoria came into existence but the witches warned the Knights on the quest that they are not to harm the human in possession of the spirit and this is because a battle from the force of darkness from the opposite realm is coming that only this human can bring Victory to Astoria city” Hercules explained while I listened.
“So how am I supposed to be part of this story” I asked
“Yes you are because the day your mum gave birth to you,rain fell for a whole day,signifying that you’ve been possessed by the wandering spirit of Waal.Your mum named you Pandora simply because she understood all the omen that occurred the day you were born” Hercules said and my heart skipped a beat
“But how did this interfere with you being ostracized from the knight’s team” I asked,curious to know
” All investigations made were pointing at me that I was the impostor who released the spirit of Waal” He said.As soon as Hercules landed with his speeches,my mind told me that Queen Evelyn may have something to do with this and I made a determination to find out.I had a flashback to the scene where Byron fell and How Queen Evelyn’s eye turned blood red when she shouted at me to go away.
“Hercules,but how did you know of all these?” I asked him.He gave a light smile at me and stood up
“As my name implies,am Hercules,Son of Zeus,god of all demi gods” Hercules said,making me scared.
“You are son of Zeus???”……………………

“Wait, so if I’m possessed by the spirit of Waal, does that mean that I’ll turn evil?” I asked, obviously very nervous and confused.
Hercules patted me softly.
“Good thing you’ve a pure and kind heart, if the spirit possesses the wrong body, it will be bad” Hercules explained.
“How will I get it out from my body?” I asked, didn’t want to be involved in ancient madness.
“Get it out?, Are you kidding me?, The future is evil, the future is dark, and you’re the light that will bring everything back to normal” Hercules said, almost like my father scolding me.
“Is Queen Evelyn any way connected to this?” I asked, I knew she had something evil in mind.
“Yes she is, Evelyn didn’t marry The King for the love, she married him because of a personal mission. Queen Evelyn is from the deepest root of evil amongst the Lican tribe!, She wanted the power of the Waal all to herself, or let me say for her tribe. They know the only way is to kill the king and lure the person who’s with the spirit. They’ve their special measure to defeat the spirit.” Hercules explained and my eyes wide opened in fear and also angry.
“Does that mean that they’ll kill my father?” I asked, tears filling up in my eyes.
“Yes they’ll!, it’s meant to happen, it has been prophesied, and we cannot do anything about it!” Hercules said.
“I can and I will!, I won’t let any harm come to the only relative I have left, my beloved father shall not die but live, anyone who tries to harm him shall die by my sword” I said, my eye balls turned blood red as I drew Hercules sword out of its case, raising it up and panting.
Hercules placed his palm on my forehead and said some weird spells, I felt calm and relieved, I must have been taken over by anger, pushed by the spirit in me.
“You must be careful with your powers your Highness, you can’t get too angry, or you’ll do things you never dreamt you can do” Hercules said and slowly sat me down on my bed.
“So the King will die?” I asked again
“I’m sorry, but he will” Hercules said.
“Can’t I change destiny?” I innocently asked.
Hercules smiled.
“You can’t, No one can except for the Almighty God” Hercules said and stood to leave.
“You’ve to leave Astoria your Highness, choose between The King and the whole Astoria. If you don’t leave, the king might live but the whole astoria will be a nightmare!, I’m sure you don’t want that!, and don’t tell the king or anyone about this!” Not even byron!” Hercules said.
“She shouldn’t tell me what?” Byron asked, he was worried about me and decided to come check on me when he heard the last sentence where his name was mentioned
“I was just a little bit dizzy today, and I found out I’ve fever, he didn’t want me to tell you cos he knew you’d be worried” I said, I didn’t know where the lie came from.
“I’ll leave now your Highness” hercules said and left.
“How are you byron?” I asked him, helping him sit on my bed.
“I’m a bit fine” He answered, his voice shaking. I felt his temperature and it was really hot.
“Byron, you’re burning, go and have a cold shower and rest!” I said, very concerned like he’s my blood brother.
“Before then, I’ve something to tell you” Byron said
“What’s that?” I asked, hoping he’d tell me all about his mother’s plan
“I want you to know that I love you like my own sister and nothing would ever change that!, I’ll protect you like a family and I’ll stand by you in times of need, I promise you that” Byron said and stood up. I hugged him really tightly, he’s the second person alive I loved after my father. He’s shown to me what it’s like to have a younger brother.
“And I’ll protect you also my little brother, Get well soon” I said and escorted him to his room.

Immediately Byron left,Hercules visited my room again and this time,he was smiling.
“Seems you won a game out there Hercules.Your Mood has changed” I said,trying to tease him
“No actually am partially happy and partially unhappy for Byron” Hercules said,leaving a slight frown on my face.
“What do you mean?” I asked sarcastically
“Byron temperature rose because he’s in possession of powers that’s not his” Hercules said
“Powers that’s not his?” I said and attempted to go after Byron,thinking he might get harmed but Hercules gently pulled me back to my position.
“If you really love this Byron,then you should never attempt to tell him this.In anger to get his own powers from the possessor,he might acquire a bad mind” Hercules said,calming me down.
“But why is this so?” I asked him,feeling he’s hiding something
“Louisa,Royce and Byron just got possession of their powers but Byron’s powers which is the most strongest power after the spirit of Waal’s had possessed Royce and this turns out to be Louisa’s handiwork.She was the first to get her powers so she diverted Byron’s powers to Royce body.She never loved Byron as a brother simply because he loved you”Hercules explained and my anger rose to the brim,this time with thick black smokes evolving from my hands.Hercules rushed at me but out of control of powers,I blasted him away with a smoke lightning,projecting him towards a hard wall.I made to go out but in a flash,Hercules casted a quick spell and summoned Phoenix fire round me,making me fall asleep on spot.


I gained consciousness after twenty minutes,lying on my bed.I felt a pounding headache taking possession of my head but Hercules who sat beside me noticed this and said a spell,rubbing my forehead and slowly the headache vanished.
“Your highness,if you don’t mind,I can help you learn how to control your powers.You just did something an ordinary mortal won’t survive” Hercules said,with his right hand plunged inside his armoury where the smoke lightening hit him.
“Am sorry about that wasn’t intentional” I said with a dejected mood.
“It’s okay your highness.I can help you if you don’t mind.Having powers and not knowing how to control them is as good as someone on the bad side,because you’ll do things that will be filled with regrets later after you’ve realised your folly” Hercules said.
“Okay,but you wanted to tell me something about Royce and Byron exchange of powers earlier” I calm said,looking away.
“Are you kidding me?” I possibly can’t retort that again.I risked it the first time by trying to tell you.Hopefully when your anger rose,you didn’t destroy your room.There’s something about your powers you don’t understand.” Hercules said and I adjusted my sitting position.
“Really,can you tell me all about my powers?” I asked,hoping he’d tell me everything he knows about the powers in me.
“Of course I can but that can never be this moment until you’ve learnt how to control your powers” Hercules concluded,smiling and staring at me in the face.
“What an awkward spirit I encountered.Why is all this happening to me?” I lamented,with tears dripping down my cheeks.Surprisingly,as my tears dropped to the ground,they turned to colourless imaginary fairies which flew for almost ten seconds before vanishing.I was really surprised but Hercules,who seems to be familiar with all these strange happenings just smiled and wiped my tears with the back of his hands.
“Pandora” Hercules said,calling me by my name for the first time. “Everything about you is special.If you cry,there’s a sign.If you brood,there’s a sign.If you’re angry,there’s a sign.You don’t have any reason to appear sad” Hercules said and as he landed his speech,I began to feel a burning sensation inside me.I underestimated it at first but as it grew intense,I shut my eyes and all I saw was my father dead in his own pool of blood.I screamed back to reality,leaving Hercules in a state of jeopardy.I buried my face on his shoulders.
“What’s did you see,your highness?” Hercules asked
“I……..I had a vision.My father……I saw him slowly dying In my vision” I said and Hercules smiled.He stood up from my bed and paced towards the wall.
“Destiny can never be changed.Humans only try to delay destiny,thinking they can actually sabotage destiny.Your highness,the time has come.Its high time you choose between The King and Astoria City ” Hercules said and my fears of seeing my father die grew.
“You have to choose this overnight your highness.Destiny will take its course tomorrow” Hercules said and began pacing away.He was almost out of my room when I called him back.
“Hercules,I can never let Astoria city down.Although I love my father but I have to succvmb to destiny.The time has come.The time to stop Evelyn and the Licans has come” I said,my eyes turning blood red.Hercules came to me and grabbed me.We teleported away to a plain island with rocks all around it…….


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