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Pandora – Season 1 – Episode 3


The Royal guards
sped their way out of the castle, whipping the horses really hard
to make them go faster, they know they’ve to come back with
the princess or face the catastrophic wrath of the King.
Hercules saw that i was running running and also saw the royal
guards on the chariot ,chasing after me, he pulled me to a
corner, making me disappear from the sight of the guards.
“How…?” i said and Hercules put a finger on my lips, signaling
to me to keep quiet, royal guards sped past them,not noticing
me at all “What happened your highness, why are the guards
after you?” Hercules said, looking very concerned for me. Once
again i was lost in his beautiful eyes,i said nothing as i just
stood still, staring at him and thinking about how kind he is.
“Your highness, Are you alright?” Hercules asked and brought
me back to reality, i nodded positively in reply. “I ran away
from the castle” I finally spoke, hercules’ eyes wide up in
surprise “Ran away??, Your highness why did you do that?”
Hercules asked me. I sighed, i don’t know if i should be telling
him my problems but i just somehow trust him. “I’m always
maltreated in one way or the other” I said “By the queen?”
Hercules asked “Yeah, Louisa and Royce also, Byron is a kind
man” I said and peeped to check if the guards aren’t coming
back yet. “But didn’t you tell the King?” Hercules asked “I told
him, but he doesn’t believe me, those animals made it look like
they care about me in the presence of my father, so he doesn’t
believe me when I complain to him” I said, with a little harsh
voice because I’m a bit angry with my father “Your Highness,
but you’ve to go back, where’d you go” Hercules advised me
“Anywhere far from the vicinity of my family” I said “But, what if
I can ensure that they do not maltreat you again?” Hercules
said and I was surprised, how could he possibly help me?.
“How?” I asked “If you don’t mind, I’ll be your personal Royal
Guard, I’ll answer to you alone, except for the king Also.”
Hercules said “Will you do that for me?” I asked him, looking
straight in his eyes, saw the kind of pure hearted man he is. “Of
course I’ll, anything for your Highness” Hercules said and
bowed slowly. We got out from the Corner and the chariot of
the Royal Guards approached us. They stopped before me and
a guard came down, he bowed his head slightly to honour me.
“The King wants you back in the castle” The Royal Guard said,
with a very rude voice. “But what if I insist I’m not going back
there?” I said with confidence, waiting for the reply of the
guard. “Then I’ll have to forcefully take you” The Royal guard
replied and Hercules stepped forward, Infuriated cos of how he
spoke to me. “You’ll do know such thing to the princess”
Hercules said, staring down on the guard, he’s taller than him.
“Who are you to talk to a Royal guard this way” The Royal
Guard said, putting his hand on his sword and slowly wielding
it. “And who are you to talk to the princess that way?” Hercules
fired back, for the first time in a long time I felt protected, I felt
happy someone apart from Byron Stood up for me. The two
other guards on the chariot came down and pointed their sword
at hercules. “Put that sword down now!!” I said and they didn’t
answer me “If you don’t put that sword now, i’ll make my father
cut off your heads and feed them to the hungry vultures” I
yelled, filled with new energy like never before. The Guards
reluctantly put down their sword and pushed it back in the
hole. “Now Go back to the castle and tell them King I’m on my
way back” I said “But the king wants you to come with us” One
of the guards said “I’m a princess of Astoria, and I can do
anything that pleases me, so get back on the chariot and tell
the King I’m on my way” I said, the energy overcame me again.
The Guards got on the chariot and sped of. “Your Highness, I’ll
get you a horse, please wait here” Hercules said “But I don’t
know how to ride a horse, I’ve never rode one before.” I said
“I’ll ride with you then” Hercules said. He left quickly for a near
stable and came back with a white horse, the horse had no
spot at all. Hercules carried me on the horse and he climbed
also, I wrapped my hands around him with the fear of falling, my
heart pounds loudly as we rode to the castle, I think I’m falling
in love with him. We alighted at the castle and tied the horse
down. I headed for my father’s chamber and hercules followed
suit, the guards standing by the King’s chamber stepped aside
and I entered, my father got up immediately when he saw me,
he was obviously worried. “Why did you do that my princess”
My father said “I already told you father. And the only reason
I’ll stay in the castle is if I have my own personal Royal guard” I
said “Sure my Princess, I’ll give you one of my guards” My
father said, always wanting to please me “No need for that, I
already chose one” I said to my father and instructed hercules
to come in. Hercules entered and bowed fully to the King.
“What’s your name?” The king asked “I’m hercules, your
majesty” Hercules said, his head still down “Raise up your
head” The King instructed. “Do you have what it takes to
protect my daughter?” My father asked “Yes your majesty, I was
a Knight” Hercules replied “Nothing must happen to my
daughter from now, understood?” The King said and hercules
bowed to signify he does, My father dismissed us.

We left the kings chamber and headed towards the castle’s
“Can I show you around” I asked, twisting my hands in unison.
“Sure i’ll love that, your highness “Hercules said and we
pressed further. On our way, Queen Evelyn came in contact
with us along with Royce, who gave a wicked smile as soon as
he saw me. The Queen was somehow shocked on seeing me in
the castle again.
“And who is the idiot with you that can’t bow to the Queen? ”
Queen Evelyn asked
“Am a personal Guard to the Princess, hired only to receive
orders from her alone. Am afraid I can’t bow to you” Hercules
said, making me love him more than ever. He sure proved his
words.Somehow his response angered Royce who retorted.
“Are you stupid or should I say you’ve lost your sight to see
that you are talking to the Queen of Astoria”Royce retorted
staring at Hercules who just smiled at me in return
“Sorry I have no time for your hanky panky questions. Shall we
move on, my princess? ” Hercules said, stretching his hands
forward, signifying me to lead the way
“Sure. Let’s just ignore these so called fake royal members” I
said looking down on the Queen. We headed towards the hall
and then suddenly, Royce drew a sword from a nearby Guard’s
sheath and made to stab Hercules. Hercules dodged the attack
swiftly and lifted Royce up with his left arm, almost choking
“You don’t try that nonsense with me next time. You are a boy
compared to my skills “Hercules said and threw down Royce.
Queen Evelyn stood where she was, looking dumbfounded and
surprised that a mere guard could embarrass them that much.
We left them both and headed towards my room, giving up on
the castle’s tour.
💊LATER AT NIGHT (Queen Evelyn’s Chamber)💊
Queen Evelyn sat on her mighty bed, ruminating on how best to
deal with princess Pandora and Hercules. She had wanted to
Eliminate Pandora long ago but she knew it was almost an
impossible mission. She was aware that Pandora possess some
mystical powers that’s not yet known to Pandora herself. She
was still ruminating on all these when Royce, Louisa and Byron
entered her chamber. She quickly brightened up, pretending to
be in a good mood but Royce who was a quick observer had
already noticed her devastated form before she pretended she
was Okay.
“Mother are you alright? You look worried” Royce asked,
showing concern
“I’m fine. Just a little headache son”she lied, trying to bail
herself out of the inquisitive Royce hands.
“You demanded us to appear here tonight mothe, hope all is
well” Byron asked.
“Will you just shut your trash there? Who asked you to speak?”
Louisa retorted angrily
“You don’t control my speeches okay? It might be a good Idea
to respect yourself Princess Louisa”Byron said calmly, not
minding his mothers presence.
“Alright its okay. I called you all here for a reason. I think its
time” Queen Evelyn said
“Time??? Time for what? ” Royce asked, putting on a confused
“Mother, maybe you should expatiate more better on this” Byron
“I think its time I activate your mystical powers” Queen Evelyn
said, throwing the three into a confused state.
“But mother, you always tell us that nothing like mystical
powers exist, although we do see some priests, witches and the
Licans tribe in Astoria perform magics. “Byron asked,
demanding an answer to his questions.
“Mother, I don’t really understand you. I guess a more deeper
explanation will resolve this”Louisa added
“Yes I do tell you that mystical powers do not exist but I was
only trying to keep you away from the world of magic that time.
I suspect Pandora to possess some powers and it is slowly
activating, that’s why I need to activate your powers too”Queen
Evelyn said in response to her children’s questions. Byron, on
hearing the name Pandora, put up a suspicious look towards
the Queen which of course Royce the quick observer noticed
but kept mute. The queen stood up on her feet and said some
magic spells and in a flash, a small golden box appeared,
floating in the air. She took it and sat back on her bed, facing
her children.
“Here is it. The mystical box from the opposite realm. I kept
your powers here long ago”the Queen said.
“Mother, what are you? “Louisa asked curiously. The Queen
gave a heavy sigh and then spoke.
“My name isn’t really Evelyn. Am Shottah, the greatest
Sorceress from the opposite realm. I am here because I have a
mission to accomplish in Astoria.”the Queen said and opened
the Box she was holding. A bright light shone out, forcing the
three seated children to dab their eyes away from the light. Few
seconds later, the brightness subsided and they faced Queen
Evelyn. In the box were three Orbs. One red, one golden and
one black orb.
“What’s this supposed to be mother? “Byron asked, not
understanding what the queen meant.
“I’ll say the needful spells now and each orb will go into the
rightful owner. “The Queen said and began enchanting some
Latin spells. Suddenly, the red orb went into Louisa’s body,
while the golden orb which belonged to Royce entered Byron
and the black which holds the greatest powers actually meant
for Byron entered Royce without the queen’s notice.
“You all are no longer Mortals. You are now great power
holders and our mission together is to sabotage King Edward’s
rule and take over Astoria from him and his people”The Queen
said and immediately the queen landed her speeches, Byron
who totally opposed the idea stood up
“Never will I be part of this terror “he said and Stormed out
angrily out of the Queen’s chamber……

“I can’t believe my mum is a witch!” Byron Soliloquies as he
walked in the corridors of the palace, looking for me, he wanted
to tell me everything.
“I won’t take part in that evil plan of theirs, I love my father and
the kingdom, I’ll defend them with my last breath.” Byron
continued and he met with a Royal Guard
“Where is my sister, I mean Pandora, where is she?” Byron
asked the guard who bowed a bit.
“She’s in the stables” The Royal Guard replied. Byron headed
for the stables.
“Stables, what’s she even doing in the stables?” Byron asked
himself. He got to the stables and there I am, learning how to
ride a horse with the help of Hercules. I was learning fast, smile
all over my face, I was really happy for the first time in a while.
“I need to speak with you sister” Byron said
“In private” He added and stared at Hercules, I understood he
wanted to speak with me alone, I signalled for hercules to
excuse us and he did.
“You are not safe here Pandora, I’ll advise you to leave” Byron
“Not safe??, Leave Astoria?, Why?” I asked, very puzzled, why
on earth wouldn’t I be safe in my kingdom, I’m a princess for
crying out loud.
“My mum, she.. She.. She..” Byron said and started breaking
down, blood was gushing out of his mouth, he felt hard on the
ground, unconscious.
“Byron, Byron!!” I screamed his name, shaking him as he lied
still on the ground, I was afraid he’d die.
Hercules ran to the scene and carried Byron up and went
straight to the Royal Doctor.
Fortunately he’s safe, no serious harm is caused.
Pandora sat on his bedside, after few minutes, Queen Evelyn
and Princess Louisa came in.
“Get out of here” Louisa yelled at me
“I won’t!!, he’s my brother!” I said.
“And he’s my son!, He’s not your brother in any way, so get out
of here!” Queen Evelyn yelled at me, Her eye balls turned very
red, she snarled at me. I felt afraid and I left the room.
Queen Evelyn rubbed her hand on Byron’s forehead and he
slowly opens his eyes.
“Oh Byron!, I love you so much and I care about you. But you
don’t seem to honor my wishes” Queen Evelyn said.
“What did you do to me?” Byron asked, trying to sit up slowly.
“Just a little spell my son, no matter how hard you try, you won’t
be able to tell her our little secret” Queen Evelyn said
“I’ll tell her, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” Byron
said and got up of the bed angrily but fell down immediately he
stepped his legs on the floor, he felt really weak and sick.
“Oh, little brother, sorry, but you will be on the sick bed for
some weeks” Louisa said cunningly.
“I never liked you!” Byron said to Louisa
“I never liked you also, seems you’re not even our blood, you’re
too soft and nice!” Louisa retorted.
I was pacing angrily inside my chamber, I heard a knock on my
door and opened it, I saw hercules, really worried.
“Your Highness, can I come in?” He asked and bowed
“You can” I answered. Hercules entered.
“What about Prince Byron, is he okay?” Hercules Asked
“He’s not really well, he wanted to tell me something!, like I’m
not safe or sort. I’m not able to stay with him, Evelyn sent me
out.” I said and sat down on my bed, banging my hands on the
“If he doesn’t see anything, he wouldn’t say you’re not safe”
Hercules said.
“He said I should leave Astoria” I said, trying to understand why
he’d say that.
“Then I suggest you leave!” Hercules advised
“Leave?, I can’t live my Kingdom Never!!” I said.


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