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Pandora – Season 1 – Episode 2

I went back to the Castle in the evening. It was running late
already and I will be up for another tough moment if I don’t get
back home on time and still, I got back to the castle to meet
Queen Evelyn waiting for my arrival at the entrance to the
“Where have you been to? ” she asked me. I kept mute for a
while, fixing my gaze directly at her.
“Are you deaf or what? I said where have you been to? “She
fired again
“With due respect, its none of your business. Am a princess
and I have freedom of movement, so I don’t think I need
anyone to keep tabs on my movement” I shot back at her with a
good amount of courage.
“Are you talking to me that way? Do you realise am the Queen
in charge?” She asked. This time around, I didn’t answer her
question. I walked out on her and headed towards my room,
ignoring the persistent call by the Queen. I entered my room
and bolted the door, seeking some privacy for myself. I sat
down and buried my face in my hands, ruminating on how to
deal with the current situation in the castle. It was dark already
and everywhere seemed quiet as never before. I got up and
changed to my night dress, then fell on my bed, trying to catch
some rest. Few minutes later, one of my maidens came
knocking on my door, for me to join others for dinner but I
didn’t feel like seeing anyone till the next day. I kept mute,
enduring the persistent bang on my bolted door for me to come
out and it got to a stage whereby I couldn’t bear the noise from
the door, prompting me to do what I had never done in my life.
I shouted at the maiden from within to go away and never come
back, else she’ll leave the castle. I layed back on my bed,
feeling very tired. I couldn’t stop thinking of Hercules.He’s
such a nice and handsome guy I ever met since I was born.
For almost half an hour, I was imagining different types of
things, related to Hercules. I later drifted off into a deep sleep,
hoping to see him again.
The sun rose before anyone in the castle. Its bright appearance
shone directly into my room through my window which I had
forgotten to lock the night before due to the scenario put up by
the Queen. I had woken up but still, I lay on my bed, looking
directly at the window when I suddenly heard my name from
afar. I got up, not knowing who was actually calling my name in
a ruthless manner.
“Pandora! Pandora!! Pandora!!! shouted the voice. I came out of
my room, still on my night dress only to discover that it was
Louisa screaming my name in that manner.
“Are your eustachian tubes in your ears blocked or what? Didn’t
you hear me calling your name incessantly? ” she asked
“Well I can hear you but I simply decided not to answer. You
are a nobody to call me in a ruthless manner” I fired back at
“Oh now I can see you are totally tired of this castle. I need to
teach you a lesson” she said, and almost immediately, she
landed a strong slap on my face, making me crash on the floor.
“Next time when I call you, answer me immediately. Stupid girl
to the core” she said and turned to go. While all this was going
on, Byron stood behind Louisa and watched the scene. He
couldn’t say a word because Louisa was his elder sister.
Louisa pushed him aside and left, hissing at us both while I sat
still with hot tears dripping down my cheeks from my tear
gland. Byron left where he was and approached me. He pulled
me up by my arm and hugged me, with tears flowing from his
eye too
“Am so sorry about that Princess Pandora”Byron sympathized.
“I think the king needs to hear of this” Byron suggested.
“Its okay Byron. The king will never see to my ordeal simply
because the Queen will overthrow me and act well in his
presence. I know what to do, Byron” I said and walked into my
room and bolted the door once again. I had a cold shower and
changed to my favorite pink dress, laced with diamond. I was
still on it when someone knocked gently on the door. I
advanced towards the door and opened it and one of my
maidens came in, carrying a dish of my breakfast.
“Hope you are okay, My princess? You look worried” she asked
“All is well. You can drop the breakfast and go”I answered
“Okay my princess, i’ll be around in case you need me” she
said and went out of my room.
I ate my breakfast, dressed up and went out of my room,
heading towards the king’s chamber with the sole aim of
speaking with my father, the king. I wasn’t stopped by the royal
guards simply because Byron might have warned them. I went
in and met Prince Royce in the king’s chamber, chatting with
the king. I abruptly interrupted their discussion immediately,
seeking some privacy with the king.
“Your highness, I want to have a private discussion with you” I
said while Prince Royce flashed me an angry look which I
returned immediately.
“But Pandora, I think you can visibly see that myself and Royce
are in a middle of a discussion. I’ll send for you when we’re
done” The king said and I couldn’t believe my ears.
“No, its okay your highness. We’ll continue our discussion later
instead.” said Royce, pretending to be friendly, fooling the king
along. He stood up and headed towards the exit, still flashing
me an angry and sarcastic look as he headed towards the
” What’s the issue again, Princess Pandora? ” the king asked
“Father I really can’t stand the discrimination in this castle, if
not attended to on time, I guess I’ll leave the castle and move
into Astoria city central and keep living with the average people
” I said, looking away
“What prompted you to make this speech? You have never
spoke to me this way” the king said, looking worried a bit.
“Father, can you believe Princess Louisa just slapped me
because I refused to answer her calls? ” I retorted, putting on
an angry look.
“That’s absolutely impossible Pandora. Louisa was here this
morning and I asked of you. She told me you’re fine and that
she passed the night in your room” the king said, putting on a
sarcastic look towards me.
“What! That’s a blatant lie Father. So you gave in to all her
cock and bull stories she framed up for you? Honestly Father
i’m kind of disappointed “I said and walked out of the kings
chamber, ignoring his calls. I headed to my room and began
packing my belongings, making up my mind to leave the castle
for Astoria main city central. I locked my box after packing all I
wanted and as I made to leave, Byron barged into my room and
headed towards where i was.
“Princess, what are you trying to do? ” Byron asked, looking
“I’m leaving the castle today Byron and no one can change
that” I said angrily and continued what I was doing
“Okay princess Pandora. But where are you going to stay and
how will you take care of yourself? You are a princess and a
princess, I think should not be seen in a devastated form”
Byron said calmly, trying to persuade me but heaven knows
nothing can change my mind.
“Byron, am no longer a kid and I can’t allow myself to be used
like a slave in a place where I have a birthright. I’ll rather leave
and try to sort out my life outside the castle” I retorted, picking
up my box to go. Byron stood and watched as I headed
towards the exit. I opened the door to go but I paused again,
looking behind.
“Byron, you are the most caring sibling I ever had. I don’t know
how long it will take to fix things right but I know for sure that
this is my home, my realm and I am born to rule Astoria. I will
send you my place location once am settled. I love you so
much and I appreciate your love and care towards me” I said
and left Byron with tears dripping down his face. I headed
towards the exit and along the way, I came in contact with
Prince Royce who tried to question me.
“Where do you think you are going to” asked Royce with his
gaze fixed directly at me
“You speak so stupid and dumb. How on earth does it concern
you where am going to? ” I retorted immediately.
“Well I am going to teach you a lesson even if you must leave”
he said and advanced towards me. He lifted his hands to hit
me but suddenly, an unseen force of wave hit Royce away,
sending him few meters away from me, and breaking a flower
vase in process. I stood confused as Royce lay where he was,
groaning in pains. I was still standing where I was when I heard
Queen Evelyn’s voice from distance, calling on Royce. I picked
up my box and scurried away from the scene to avoid an
undeserved insults. I pushed the castle’s door with some
strength and surprisingly, the strong metal door disengaged
from the axle, hitting the opposite pillar to it outside the castle.
I didn’t see to this at that moment as I quickly left the castle
and on my way out, my maidens saw me and ran towards me
attempting to collect the box I was holding.
“What’s happening Princess? where are you going to and you
didn’t call us to help? ” asked one of the maidens out of the
four standing.
“You don’t have to worry yourselves about me. I’ll be back very
soon” I lied, trying to break free to avoid Queen Evelyn and the
wounded Royce.I left my maidens and scurried away, still
surprised about my sudden strength, and heading towards the
city central.
Royce recovered from the incident and immediately, Queen
Evelyn appeared from nowhere in a magical cloak, scaring
Royce a bit
“Mother, how did you do that? ” Royce asked, surprised by his
mum’s magical appearance which he had not yet believed
“Royce, there is something you and your siblings need to know.
Am telling you this because you are the oldest” Queen Evelyn
said, trying to sound innocent.
“Okay mother. Am all ears” Royce said, still flaggerbasted on
how his mum appeared.
“No Royce, I seen the presence of Louisa and Byron and this is
because what am going to tell you all can only work with
cooperation from you all” Queen Evelyn said.
“Okay mother. We shall visit your chambers later at night and
less I forget, Pandora left the castle some minutes ago with her
belongings” Royce said, leaving out the part he was knocked
away by an unseen force.
“That makes my plan a lot better” Queen Evelyn said
Meanwhile, one of the royal guards had sighted Pandora
leaving the castle and told the king. King Edward sent chariots
and royal guards after her, ordering them to bring her back to
the Castle at all cost……

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