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Pandora – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 9]





My Name is Pandora, A princess, The Daughter of the 2nd Queen Of Astoria. I don’t really know why my mum named me that. Most times I get angry with her for giving me a weird name. Little do I know that she had a reason for it. She died When I clocked twenty.
My mother showed me love and care, so did my father, but when she died, I missed her motherly love. My step mum, the Queen Maltreats me a lot Along with her Offsprings, Princess Louisa, Prince Royce, except for the youngest, Prince Byron who showed me true brotherly love.
Watch as I battle Mystical forces and Enemies to become the first Female ruler of Astoria.
“Hey!!, Lazy Girl!!, Wake up now, or do you want me to call the guards to whip you?” My Step Mum, Queen Evelyn angrily yelled as she walked in my chamber. I quickly got up from bed and bowed slightly.
“Good morning your highness” I said and yawned slightly, I dare not call her Mum.
“I don’t need your greetings, I need you to feed my pet Cat, right now!” She ordered.
“But, The Royal maidens can do that, I’m not a servant, I’m a Princess, Just like your daughter” I voiced out, I’ve never spoken to her that way before, I didn’t know where the energy came from. The next thing I received was a heavy slap, Her thick hands left a mark on my fresh and clean face.
“How dare you talk to me that way?, I’m the Queen and I can order any body, including you!” She yelled at me.
“I won’t take this insult anymore!” I yelled back and walked out on her.
I headed for my father’s chamber, I met the Royal Guards standing beside his door, I wanted to enter but surprisingly I was stopped by them.
“Are you okay?, You’re preventing me from entering my father’s chamber?” I said angrily, my face was red and I was burning with fury.
“I’m sorry your highness, you know we’re loyal to you and your late mum, but I’ve received and order from the Queen not to let you enter the King’s Chamber anymore” A Guard said and humbly bowed. Prince Byron Approached us.
“What’s happening here?” He asked with his cool and soothing voice, Prince Byron is a kind one, showed love to many people including me, he is a replica of my father.
“They are blocking me from entering my father’s chamber!” I said
“Are you sick?, Open the door right now or I’ll throw you in the dungeon” Prince Byron Ordered with a Kingly Voice and The Guards had no choice but to open the door. I smiled at Prince Byron And entered The chamber, the guards closed the door behind me. I met my father, King Edward sleeping on his mighty bed, letting out soft snores, his crown on a stool beside his bed. I sat on his bed and called out his name. He slowly wakes up and sat up, Leaning his back on the wall.
“Why are you here this early morning my princess?” My father innocently asked. I remained silent and frowned my face
“Answer me, what’s wrong, you look upset.” He said
“I’m tired of life, I’ve no bit of happiness, The Queen, Prince Royce and Princess Louisa are making life unbearable for me, they’re turning me to their own servants, in fact, The Queen told the guards not to let me in your room, if not for Byron who came to my aid” I said, letting out every Bit of my frustration.
“What are you saying, They are always kind to you!” My father said
“No, it’s only when you are present, they’re liars!” I yelled.
*Queen Evelyn entered the chamber*
“Morning My Daughter, you woke up earlier today” She said, deceiving my father.
“I want to have a word with you my king” She said
“I’ll talk to you later Pandora” The King said
“What?, But I was here first!” I said, couldn’t believe what my ears just heard.
“I’ll get back to you princess, don’t worry” He replied. I angrily stormed out of his chamber and went out of the castle to take a stroll and forget my sorrows, I didn’t go with my maidens.
I was ruminating about my mother, when she was alive, how she treated me with love, stories she told me, I was brought back to reality when A Guy approached me, His eye balls are blue, He has fine hair, He is tall and muscular, Very handsome, in fact, the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.
“Your highness, What are you doing here alone?” He said to me, looking concerned.
“I’m just out for a stroll, Who are you?”
“I’m Hercules, I was a knight” He said, bowing his head a bit.
“Why aren’t you a knight anymore?” I asked, I can’t believe I’m talking to a stranger, usually I’m quiet and don’t talk to strangers, I just felt drawn to Hercules.
“I was framed for a crime I didn’t commit, it went against the Knight codes and I was kicked out” Hercules narrated, his mood changed a bit.
“Oh sorry about that” I said, looking away.
“Mind if I show you around?” Hercules said and I smiled.
“This is my kingdom, I know it better than you think I do” I said, He was a bit ashamed, he seemed shy.
“But, You’re free to join me in the stroll” I said, I felt free with him, I wasn’t thinking about my problems back in the castle again.


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