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Pandora (Reloaded) – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 10]




The day shone brightly as the sun stormed it’s rays very harshly on the earth’s surface, coupled with the green living pastures tapping their energies from the bright radiating sun. Amongst all these, an aircraft could be seen approaching very fast in a drop manner. To be precise, it was dropping from a great height and at the verge of crashing. Almost immediately, the green swaying leaves and pastures were replaced by a huge explosion due to the crash of the aircraft. Thick black soothe covered the atmosphere and a living man could be seen fighting his way out of the blazing remnants of the aircraft which was destroyed partially. He suddenly kicked the plane’s door, disengaging it from its axle. He crawled out of the wreckage in a machismo mode of behavior, probably infuriated by the crash of his aircraft. He crawled unto the growing sedges beside him and lay flat on them, coughing out a great amount of blood. The practice of deliberately preventing himself from behaving aggressively or discovering a strange thing made him lay calm. He laid on the sedges for almost two minutes before going unconscious. Considering the blood he vomited, a normal human will die on spot or probably go into a deep and delicate Coma…………

“Could Byron be dead? “Hercules asked me after they discovered he wasn’t breathing but I was silent, obsessed by the negative thought of my brother dying by my own hands.
“Byron’s not dead. You used an anger obsessed mind to cast the spell on him and this seized his involuntary actions performed by his organs. He will wake but his heart won’t beat for the next six months” Xena said, fully aware of the nature of the magic used on Byron and it’s statics
“Guards, take him and place him in the fantasy potion”Lancelot ordered his men but I stopped them.
“Wait… Don’t put him in that thing. I can slowly feel his heartbeat reviving slowly” I said with my eyes closed and my sword turning fire slowly. Hercules grabbed me by my shoulders, bringing me back to reality.
“You are activating your condar mode and its not useful here ” Hercules said and released me.
“Guys what’s that huge smoke over there for?”Pasiphae called us all to notice
“It’s very far away from here. Might be a volcanic eruption”Xena guessed
“No it’s not. We need to see what that thing is all about. Take Byron into my room and place him on my bed”I said and whistled at a horse. It came to me very fast.
“Who’s going with me? “I added and almost immediately, everyone grabbed a horse, excluding Lancelot who suggested he stayed back and watch the kingdom. We rode towards the smoke with the trampling hoof of our horses as it hit the ground with a violent force.

Royce sat on his throne… His crown was blazing a greenish fire, dignifying an extreme depression and anger building up. Evelyn came in at this moment, trying to say something else and then saw Royce’s condition. She once knew something wasn’t right somewhere.

“What’s wrong with you, your highness? “Evelyn said, moving closer to Royce little by little. Royce kept mute and kept staring at the ground with his left hand on his mantle and the other across his legs. During this moment, Louisa happens to be passing with her maidens and when she saw what was going on with her brother, she stopped and ordered her maidens ahead. She had gone in search of Sirus who was nowhere to be found in Astoria. He had eloped to Avalon city the day he was able to escape from Astoria’s castle.

“Mother, what’s wrong with the king? His condar mode is active when we’re not in a battle field”Louisa said, wondering why Royce will just be angry over what’s not revealed or over nothing they understood. She was actually surprised because she has never seen her brother in his condar mode before.

“Byron was defeated by that maniac called Pandora. She broke the age old hypnotic spell easily…… No!!! ” Royce shouted and the castle shook from it’s foundations as if an earth shock was about to be unleashed.
“What the hell……. You don’t mean this” Evelyn retorted, obviously caught unaware by Royce’s strange vision over Byron.
“Your highness, I think it’s high time Astoria wage a war against Rivendell. Am sick and tired of seeing that stupid girl always one step ahead of us “Louisa said, boiling with rage and Royce stood up from his throne, advancing towards his inner chambers. He stopped halfway and faced back….

“Tell the warriors to surmount themselves. I need two hundred strong warriors to attack Rivendell but before they leave, I’ll have to enrich them spiritually by a magical portion am preparing. Once they take it, they will appear like beasts. Very strong and agile”Royce said and headed inside.

Few hours later after Royce’s order, a group of three hundred warriors of Astoria assembled themselves outside the castle. The chief warrior entered the castle and met the king in his golden robe, seated comfortably on his matched golden throne. In his hands was his favorite golden cup, sipping rum from it.

“Your highness, the three hundred warriors you requested for are ready”The chief warrior, Fred said and Royce immediately flashed an angry look at him.

“Are you kidding me? I requested for two hundred men”Royce said angrily and Fred quickly gave an answer, knowing fully what might be his fate if he kept mute.
“Princess Louisa told me to make them three hundred” Fred defended and Royce calmed down. One of Royce’s weak point was Louisa. He loved his sister so much that he can’t afford her to even stay away from him for long. Royce stood up and ordered two hefty men to carry a huge pot, containing some potion along with him. They got outside, in front of the assembled warriors. He ordered everyone of the warriors to take a cup of the potion and Louisa ordered hundred out of the two hundred to take from her own potion. Royce gave her a smile that could be described as a lustful one. In few moments, every warrior had taken from the potion they were commanded to take from and they all assembled for orders……

We got to the scene where we had seen the huge smoke rising and what we found appears to be very strange to us all. We found a wrecked machine or should I say a man-made craft with an unconscious man lying over the sedge grasses. He wore an all black outfit which clutched tightly to his body, revealing his muscular nature. My instincts told me he wasn’t a complete human but I couldn’t figure out who he was spiritually but I saw an iota of human in him. Xena climbed down from her horse and was about to touch him and Pasiphae stopped her…………….

“Xena, don’t touch him yet. We never knew whats wrong with him”Pasiphae said, restraining Xena from touching the body.
“But his unconsciousness could be due to the wreckage of his craft. He might have fallen from a great height” Hercules said and immediately, the unconscious man coughed up, splurting out fresh blood from his mouth. Xena took a step backwards and withdrew her sword, waiting for what might happen. The man opened his eyes and when he saw Xena with a sword, he swiftly withdrew a laser from his trousers and fired it at Xena. Xena blocked the laser shot and kicked the man back to the ground.
“Stay put”Xena said, pointing the tip of her sword at his neck.
“Put the sword down Xena” I said, alighting from my horse. Xena lowered her sword.

“Who the hell are you guys and what do you want from me? “The man asked angrily.
“This doesn’t call for violence. This is our kingdom and we have the right to ask you of your identity young man. So what’s your name if i may ask? ” i said staring at the frightened guy.
“My name is Lexi Connors Trillie”The man answered, pushing himself out of the sedge grasses.
“So what brought you here if i may ask? “Hercules said, moving closer to him
“This isn’t my destination”Lexi said as he groaned in pains
“My aircraft crashed due to a little fault here”He added, tying a piece of linen over his wounded arm.
“Well if you don’t mind, we can help you get out of this mess” i said with a little sympathy in my voice…
“No….. Not until you prove to me that i can trust you all. I don’t want to get into two different casualties within a week”Lexi said with a stone face. I walked to him and placed my hands on his shoulders, squatting low to his sitting position.
“Look, we are not evio and we’ll never be. If we don’t want to help you, we would have ignored the signs we saw and leave you here to be killed by night ghouls. If you don’t mind we can take you in as one of us while you try to fix your craft”i said trying to convince him to stay. I somehow felt Lexi would be kind of useful and as a matter of fact, my instincts keep telling me that he’s not a complete human. To clear my curiosity, i had to ask him of his destination and mission.

“If i may ask you, where are you headed to and what’s your mission”i asked, hoping he’d tell me to clear my curiosity.
“It is standard operational procedure not to reveal my mission to any unknown element. All i can tell you is that am a shadow hunter. One man army to be precise.” Lexi said and i heaved a sigh of relief. Pasiphae and Xena came closer towards where i was with Lexi.

“My princess, i felt something not alright about Rivendell. We need to get back to the kingdom as fast as we can”Pasiphae said and i sprang up from my position.
“Mind we take you in? ” i asked, stretching foward my hand to Lexi. He looked at me for a while and finally grabbed my hand. Before anyone could say anything, we mounted our horses with Lexi riding with Hercules as we rode very fast towards the castle. …….

When they had gone, a figure came out behind a tree….
“Well well… If that wasn’t my mom Pasiphae then i was dreaming. I think am in for some party”The figure said and bent down, changing into a humongous demon and slowly followed the horses trail towards Rivendell.

We arrived at the kingdom and what we met almost made us kind of curious. Lancelot had gathered what was left of the Rivendellian warriors, waiting and assembled in a battle formation outside the kingdom gates. We rode up to them and stopped our horses. We all alighted from our horses.
“What the hell is the meaning of this? “I asked, wondering what might have gone wrong few moments after we left the kingdom.
“Our men at the Rivendell Borders had confirmed a war coming from the Astoria army. In addition, the princess of Astoria and her Mother the queen are leading the battle”Lancelot said and my heart almost skipped a beat. Louisa and Evelyn??? How possible could they lead the battle? Them leading the battle must mean something which i can’t really figure out yet. Immediately,my hands became wobbly and i started shaking. My sword fell from my hands and Hercules ran over where i was.
“Pandora, i understand what you feel but you can’t be involved in this battle with your state of mind. I’ll take care of the battle with others. You stay in with Byron and Krohn alongside Lexi till the unconscious guys gain consciousness”Hercules said and pulled me along taking me inside. Hercules took me and Lexi to the room where Byron and Krohn was. Luckily, we could see the battle field from the room. Hercules closed the door and bolted it from outside. In few seconds, i saw Hercules back on this battle field, now in his steel battle armour. I kept my head low but was brought to life back by the deafening sound of the cannon, signifying the closeness of our opponent. I could hear roars of the incoming Astorian warriors. The battle didn’t waste much time in starting as i saw Astorian warriors slayed Rivendell warriors massively. All i could do was shed tears and then, an unexplained Rain began to fall. Lexi came behind me, wondering why it was raining when i was crying.
“Excuse me….. What the hell is happening? “He asked me but i didn’t answer him…
“Can you please explain why……. ” before he could finish, i interrupted him with an harsh voice….
“Will you just shut up and let me concentrate? ” i said almost knocking down a flower vase adjacent to me. There was something strange about Astorian warriors not clear to me. They appeared very strong beyond imagination, their strength doubled the normal warriors strength anyone may have. The battle lasted for almost three hours as a great number of dead Rivendell warriors and few death scores from Astoria sprawled around. Just in a flash, i sighted Louisa and Hercules in a serious sword and Magical battle. Same goes to Pasiphae and Evelyn. I knew none of them were of match to Louisa and Evelyn….. Just suddenly, a bolt of lightening knocked Hercules away, making him crash into an immobile chariot. On seeing this, my strength awakened and i grabbed my sword and armour, preparing to head outside.
“What do you think you’re doing? “Lexi asked me, blocking the way.
“Leave the way for me. Am going out there. They’ve overpowered our Amries”i said calmly.
“If you are going then i think am not left out”Lexi said and suddenly, two luminous green Axes appeared into his hands, leaving me flabbergasted.
“Dont be too surprised. We’ll talk about this later so let’s go”Lexi said and gave the bolted door a powerful kick, disengaging it from its axle.

Taong’s evil mantle began to emit bright rays capable of destroying one’s sight. The radiation lasted for days until Taong’s sculpture formed up and slowly began to turn to flesh. Moments later, Taong dead body regenerated in his own realm…..
“Fools they think they can kill an alpha wolf without going through hell. Now am going to show them the true wrath of an alpha wolf Right after i revive my wolf army and my Elena”Taong said and he made for somewhere that opened a portal into somewhere……… 😈


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