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Palace Of Sin – S01 E03


and Omalicha both maiden raped by King

Odele informed him of their pregnancies which

in turned he promise both of them marriage

‘Cause is a taboo for a child of Jada to give birth

out of wedlock, promising of marriage

to his pregnant victims is a act he normally



The two bodyguard sent by the King of

Ona arrived at the priest shrine to find it

void, one of them pierced by arrow while the

other one leaving his matchet behind escape using

another footpath. Prince Buduka gave

him a matchet blow before he could run

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into the bush when he emerge from his

hide out. The cut sending the palace guard

to the ground, the death body carried

by Prince Buduka back to the Priest compund

later dumped in same pit with the priest

and his fellow bodyguard. The same action

were done to subsequent bodyguards


by the King of Ona.


King Odele

rolled away from Queen Yaga body both

breathing heavily, sweaty body gleaming

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with the local lantern illuminating the room.

The sex was hot and thrilling for both of them,

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King Odele told Queen Yaga about the

pregnancies, minutes later both of them

covered their unclad bodies and went into

a dark hut with thick dark smoke emanating

from no source, Queen Yaga called the

name of Amara and Omalicha a big clay

Pot tied with red and white, she speak

into it as the water in the pot turned into

red as both of them went into frenzy laughter.


Back at Ona Village, those who went in search

of their loved ones didn’t return and the

King of Ona is also missing when none

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of his guards he sent to call the priest didn’t

return, he has to do it himself without

knowing the danger that awaits him. Prince

Buduka cut off his head after bringing

dowm four of his palace guards. Ona is

in chaos as Prince Buduka and his warriors

attack huts burning them down and killing

every male that emerge from it, ir was

a great massacre that Prince Buduka name

was sung in centuries.

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