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Palace Of Sin – S01 E02


weep silently on her friend’s shoulder.

she has been brutally raped by the King,

she blame herself for accepting the offer

to work in the King’s palace. Her grandfather

will not be happy to hear this. The man

has been the only one since the death

of her parents.



head warrior of Ona delivered a message

concerning the abominable act the prince

Buduka commited against them. Five

virgin and five lands at the boundary

King Odele narrowed his eyes at the proposal

and the cabinet are terrified of Ona people

cause of their war prowess. Can you cut

off this fool’s head. They did cut off his

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head, King Odele and his only son Buduka

are not the kind that wait for war instead

they look for it.


Elder Obadi informed his friend Elder

Tam that his son will leave for his maternal

home right away, the king has summon

the youths of the town for war on the

Prince’s command. Elder Tam and Obadi’s

Son escaped from the village.



The youth groan in sexual excitement

as he cummed into the mouth of Queen

Yaga, the queen took turn s—–g on their

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c–k for a forbidden ritual. She spit their

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sperm into a calabash tied with red ribbon

making them immune to injuries. The

Queen ordered the one with the biggest c–k

into her chamber, he lie naked on the bed

as she climb over him unclad. She position

his hard member and lower herself, she

Moan with excitement as his hard c–k

filled her wet p—y. She rode him fast,

her hands on his hairy chest and her ass

moving upward and downward with fast

and slow rythmn. Oohh.. aaahh.. they

moan and groan they both climaxed breathing

heavily and sweating.



of Ona are not aware that their enemies

are ready for them, Prince Buduka ordered

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his warriors to dig holes. The next morning

people of Ona mostly females visit the stream,

as they are kidnapped and sedated with

charm prepared by the queen in powder

form. Any man or boy by chance seen were

killed at the spot and buried.



Ona walk restlessly in his palace with,

the messenger he sent isn’t yet back for

three days, the journey to Jada isn’t

a day journey with horse. He called his

head guard to send for the chief priest.

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