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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 9

Both got shock,mide quickly adjust his trouser so also tutu,she quickly run out of the office,Wura wiped her tears,she move closer to his table,she dropped the luch and said:
WURA:I brought you your lunch cause you dont eat anything before you left home this morning,so i thought of bringing you your lunch,i would like to wait till you finish cause i want to go back with the lunch box,she sat down pressing her phone,mide was only surprise and shock
MIDE:Why dont you tell me that you are coming here?
WURA:Am sorry i will let you know next time.Mide sit down,he checked the lunch box,he remember the first day she has brought him lunch when he was still courting her,mide finished the food,Wura packed the lunch box and left imediately,on her way out Tutu ran to her and said TUTU:I am sorry ma,sorry
WURA:(smile)Its gone,it has happened and there is nothing else to do again,Wura quickly rush down to her car where mr kola has been waiting for her,the moment she entered the car,she couldnt hold the tears but to cry it out,mr kola was so sorry for her,soon mr Kola zoom off,meanwhile mide was watching them from upstairs.Mide was taking his shower the next morning when his phone ring,wura came in to pick the call but it hanged up before she could,a message came in immediately,it was a picture message,Becky sent him the pictures they took in South Africa and in nigeria,both in bedroom and bathroom,under the message she wrote that:BECKY:Babe am missing you here,those pictures are too sexy,you know i and i look great together,i havent see you for some couple of days,i need you baby,please come over, tears formed in her eyes immediately the phone ring,she dosent want to pick it but she do
BECKY:Hey babe,where are you?am missing you so much
WURA:(voice shaking)This is his wife,Becky hiss and said
BECKY:Whatever just deliver my message,and she hanged up immediately,Wura ran out to her kids room,she cried out bitterly,after some minutes,she washed her face and came back to the room,Mide was almost done dressing,Wura was standing at the door,she said:
WURA:You have a message and a call,the caller said she wants to see you,check the caller and the messages,mide check them,he really dont seems to be surprise but he was a bit,he took his bag to go out but wura was standing at the door and wont let him go
WURA:Mide what have i done to you,can you just tell me my offence please,i promise to change,please this is just too much for me,tears drop from her
MIDE:Am late for work please let me pass,she didnt answer him,instead,he used his hand to move her to a side and went out immediately,she sat on the floor crying bitterly The door was knocked,lara move closer to the door to open it,she was surprise to see becky cause she was the one she saw with Mide that day,ester and Wura came out,Wura was surprised,lara on the other side is annoyed and ready to fight,Becky came inside,she looked round the house LARA:What do you want?
BECKY:Well this is not your house,so mind the way you talk to me next time
LARA:Well the last time i checked it,i live in this house and you dont live in this house so what do you want?
BECKY:Who told you that this house wont be mine very soon

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