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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 8

Wuraola came out of the bathroom after iremide’s mother slapped him,iremide couldnt mind the slap but he felt relieved as soon as he saw Wuraola
MOTHER IN LAW:I am highly dissapointed in you,i just cant beleive it that you are back to your old self.She left him standing while she and lara help wura change her clothes,shewa and lara looked after the babies
Iremide sight wura’s fath,he was shock,he dosent know what to say,he only stood there looking,wuraola move closer to him and touched his shoulder,wuraola father move closer to the babies,he looked at the babies and said to Iremide with a gaint smile that
WURA FATER:Just like you,anyway i will come back and check on wura ma
MOTHER IN LAW:Thank you so much sir and i am very sorry about everything sir
WURA FATHER:Ha,its ok we only need to give thanks to God for wura and the babies life
MOTHER IN LAW:I will make sure to fix this up sir
WURA FATHER:Its ok ma,He pecked his daughter and on his way out,he pat iremide on his shoulder,mide said:
IREMIDE:Am sorry sir,Wura father only smile and left
WURAOLA :hummm,my kids naming ceremony was just a bad one for me,Iremide came late to the naming ceremony cause he didnt sleep home,well he is eating my food and we sleep together in the room,well all thanks to both my father and mother in law that force him to,he never talk to me in the house,even if i greeet him,i will wait for him every night,sometimes he will come home,while sometimes he wont,well he really love his kids,sometimes he play with them for two to three hours when he is at home,well the mysterious voice i heard on phone that day never stop calling him and sending him different kind of messages,There was a day he was unable to eat,due to the situation that he is late for work,so i make some lunch for him to eat in office
Iremide was busy in his office when his secretary Tutu came in with a very tight skirt,her boobs her showing on top,she dropped a file on the table,but her face seems to be in an angry mode,mide noticed her and called her back,he smile and said
MIDE:Are you still mad at me cause i didnt come?
TUTU:Yes of course,i prepared everything for you yesterday,both dinner and my body,but you dont show up,i tried to call you also no response,just tell me why wont i be mad at you
IREMIDE:He stand up and said,actually you are right,i went to a very important place yesterday,infact i got home late yesterday,i am so sorry
TUTU:So you went to an important place than mine
MIDE:Common not that way now,he used his hand to move her closer to him,he kised her softly,kiss turned to romance,mide squeezing all her boobs and kissing her,common lets make just a round here am on baby
TUTU:Oh yes i want you too.Mide turned her to face the table,he move her pant to one side,he inserted his rod,she gasp as soon as she feel it in her,both moaning,mide coming in and out of her,mide turned her face to kiss him,he keep on squeezing her boobs,later he turned her to face him,he make her sit on the table,while he was standing,now he is giving her more faster,sudenly the door opened,it was extremely a big shock to mide to see his wife standing with his lunch box,tears drop from wura’s eyes immediately

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