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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 7

Wuraola in the labour room,she is unable to give birth,she will need to undergo an operation,she cant givebirth,Mother in law,shewa,Wuraola father,ester and lara,and mr kola all at the hospital,shewa is trying to contact Iremide but not reachable
SHEWA:Maami the number is not going,iremide’s mother angrilly move closer to esther and lara and said:
MOTHER IN LAW:Before i sound you both a wonderful slap,open your mouth and tell me now,since when have he been doing this to her,both shaking,Answer me now!
ESTHER:S.s..EH !JESUS Since he went to his last trip ma.The doctor came out to them
DOCTOR:Well am sorry,she is too weak,she dosent even have any strength,no more water,and i asked you to call her husband to sign for the operation,I dont even think her husband make love to her when neccesary,everything is just too tight,please,who is going to sign?
WURA’S FATHER:I will,i will sign,when he came to me,to ask her hand in marraige,he promise to always be there for her,and where is he?Doctor lets go.They left while iremide’s mother pick her husband call and said: MOTHER IN LAWS:Hello,dear,heavens knows that i wont take it easy with him when he comes back and i swear it.
The operation was succesful,Wura shed tears when she saw everybody but she couldnt see her husband
IREMIDE woke up to see many calls on his phone,he quickly take shower and rushed out,he found Becky making breakfast
BECKY:Breakfast is ready dear,come and sit baby
IREMIDE:(Kiss her)Well am sorry,i cant its late,maybe i will check on you at night.He quickly left,on his way his phone ring it is shewa
IREMIDE:Hello shewa
SHEWA:You are an evil,well if am you,i do advice you not to come home,we are all at your house,your wife gave birth this morning with operation,he was shocked,a set of twins,who look just like you,and i pray the two boys dont choose this character of yours,Wuraola’s father is here,i just cant believe you can do this to her.She hanged up immediately,Mide rushed home,to saw everyone in his room,First thing she look for was Wura,but he couldnt find her in the room he only saw everyone and the two babies,his mum came out of the bathroom,angrilly she move closer to him,and gave him a hot slap,everyone was shock and surpise

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