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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 6

When a lady picked up his phone and said:
A lady:Hello,dont you have your manners,when you call someone more than twice and they refuse to pick it,dont you know that he is busy or dont want to pick your call?She hissed and drop the phone without hanging up,tears drop out of Wura’s face,as she was about to hanged up,suddenly she heard Iremide’s voice on phone saying:
IREMIDE:Becky you know i should be at home right now
BECKY:But i dont want you to go yet,is it because of your wife,if not for the distance,how can you just got married to that young girl
IREMIDE:Stop it Becky,i dont take that from anyone,you created the distance,you left me,and i found her,she might be young but she still remain my wife,my legal wife,i even lied to her that am having a business for three weeks,which is not true,for good three weeks i was with you in south africa,we both came back to nigeria before the day i promised to come back,we lodge in an hotel,i suppose to leave the hotel by 12 that day,but i left 2 am,i am trying to make it up with you,so i wont appreciate it if you want to use my wife as a topic here
BECKY:Are you mad at me?
IREMIDE:OH yes i am,infact am going home am sure she will be expecting me right now
BECKY:Ok fine you will go,and am sorry,can you just please give it to me once again,please baby.All wura could hear is the sound of kissing,and how they were both moaning,tears dropping from her face,she could remember the first day she met iremide when she had suddenly bumped into him
WURA:Oh am sorry(Mide raise up his head and smile,while wura was shock )
IREMIDE:Why are you looking me that way?seems i left you speechless,hello!
WURA:oh am sorry,i…i…y…
IREMIDE:(Smile)you are beautiful,but can you please let me pass?
WURAOLA:Oh ye…yeah s..sure.Wuraola couldnt stop remembering when they both meet again at the eatery,both smile and exchange numbers,she remember the day he has proposed to her in a beatiful garden with a lot of surprise,her wedding day keeps on flashing to her head,she could remember the old iremide until he went to his last trip,tears was unable to stop,she couldnt know that she has been sitting outside since,as she tried to stand up,she felt a sharp pain on her tommy,she cried out loud,Iremide on the other side still banging his ex Becky so hard,both sweating,Wuraola was the only one outside,no one with her ,they are all sleeping,she forced herself to stood up,after three steps,Wura look down her leg to see that her water has broken,she cried out with pain…

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