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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 5

Wuraola was unable to sleep,she tried mide number but was off,Esther and Lara came to her,but she asked them to sleep,the two ladies left after two hours they had left,mide came in,without saying any single word,he went straight to the room,wura was shock and surprise,she struggle to stand up and went straight to the room,she saw him undressing,she gently close the door standing and resting her back on the door
WURAOLA:Welcome(No response from him)Iremide i said welcome
IREMIDE:Since am not responding you should know i dont want to
WURAOLA:Mide,you refused to pick all my calls,(Tears drop from her eyes as she speak slowly and softly)you switched off your phone for me,you came in late,no welcome kiss,no greetings,i forced myself to come up here to welcome you,but you dont answer me,can you just tell me what is going pleas
IREMIDE:The problem going on right now is that,i am too tired to talk,and i dont want to talk so can you just please leave me alone and let me be
WURAOLA:Even though you wont give me reply to all what i asked you
IREMIDE:seems you dont get it,(He packed some of his few clothes and said)leave the door and let me pass
IREMIDE:You just heard me,i think i will start using the guest room starting from today
WURAOLA:You just cant do this to me Ire
IREMIDE:Please i dont want to hurt you,just look at your condition,if you dont pity yourself ateast think about the condition you are,gently leave the door,Wura coudnt say anything,she left the door for him,he opened the door and went straight to the guest room,he unpacked his clothes to the wardrobe,he layed down on the bed and sleep immediately,while Wuraola in the room crying.The next day,She woke up early just to prepare her husband meal,mide came out,esther and lara greeted him,he answered them,as soon as wuraola came out to hug him and say hello he said:
IREMIDE:Am not hungry,when i want to eat,i will get something to eat in the office,He pecked her and He left immediately,Esther and Lara was so surprise,Wuraola sat on of the chair
Esther:Madam,before things get out of hand dont you think you should talk to oga’s mother WURAOLA:No,i dare not,dont worry,i will find something to do to the issue.Humm,my mother in law must not hear about his behaviour,i continue pushing it through,some times he do eat my food,no more sleeping together,when i greet him,he wont respond to me,there was a day,he left home,for complete two days,his secretary told me he was not in office,i tried to called him but he wont pick it,i sent him messages but no reply,i tried to call his number again,it was the greatest surprise for me that day when…

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