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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 4

WURAOLA:My body was burning,i couldnt believe it,i just sat there,i felt more weak than what people think of me,i couldnt help it,tears were dropping down unexpectedly,lara and ester move closer to me,i was so confused i stood up and said:Well he may be back but he is coming tomorrow,sis lara you can still go back to get those things,sis ester continue your work.Wura move slowly to her room,she picked up her phone,she tried to call her husband but he didnt pick it up,she tried it over an over again,it was all the same. The next day,wuraola woke up even though she never get good sleep,she picked up her phone to call her husband once again,after several times the phone was switched off,she struggle herself to stand up from the bed,but to her surprise she saw her mother in law with sister in law,having breakfast together with ester and lara,she quickly look at the two girls giving them signs if they dont tell them anything about her husband arrival,and they give her sign of no too,she feel relaxed,she move closer to her mother in law to greet her,she bend a bit,even though her tummy is too big,she sat with them while ester serve her
WURAOLA:(in a slow and gentle voice)Am so surprise you are here this morning maami
MOTHER IN LAW:I know you will be,actually i bought some things for my babies,so i decided to drop them before going to my party
WURAOLA:Oh so you got a party and you dont tell me
MOTHER IN LAW:Am sorry, mabinu but you know i cant take you to where people will start fighting for rice and they will start pushing you with this you big stomach,i cant fight your father in law and your husband
SHEWA:Abi now,i trust my dad,he wont take it easy
MOTHER IN LAW:Abi ooo,anyway your husband should be home today right?
WURAOLA:(shock)a…a…oh yes,he called me yesterday,that he..i..s coming today
SHEWA:(Move closer to her)Wura are you ok,what happened you are feeling scared and shock.Mother in law was also looking at her,ester and lara knows whats happening,Wura knew that they are about to get her so she quickly smile and said WURAOLA:Oh common,am ok just that am feeling scared of my labour time,you know first time,i just cant stop thinking about it,am so scared
MOTHER IN LAW:Dont be,and i am sure by God grace it will be a succesful one,All of them smile,while ester and lara look,at each other secretly,Wura saw them looking at her but she force out a smile
WURAOLA:HMMMM!Lara and Ester understand me that very day,but i was glad they dont tell my mother in law and sister in law anything that day,before mide left that day,he said he will come back by 12pm that day,well,my husband came back 2 am at midnight,But that night,hmmmm!IREMIDE surprised me a lot…

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