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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 3

IREMIDE:I want to travel to south africa early tomorrow morning
WURAOLA:Well thats good,am sure you will be back in in the next three days right
IREMIDE:Well am sorry babe,i am not coming back in the next three days,Now wura force herself to sit very well on the bed
WURAOLA:What do you mean you aint coming back the next three days,why,what happened?Now she is feeling sad
IREMIDE:(move closer to her)Babe calm down,its a business meeting,and you know am the one heading my P man’s company now,they need me babe,they really do(kiss her lips but she didnt respond to him)
WURAOLA:ok fine when are you coming back
IREMIDE:Well in three weeks time,i should b..
WURAOLA:(cuts in)What?Three weeks mide and my due date is next month,oh no this is unfair to me
IREMIDE:Oh ife stop this,why are you like this,am going to come back before your labour time ok,you know how much you mean to me,and you are all i got,i love you baby.Wura seems not happy with the decision,Iremide move closer to her and kissed her passionately which she later respond to him,the kiss lasted for 10 minutes,mide carried her to the bathroom gently in a bridal style,she put her to the basin for shower,he went in to get her one of her night gown,she slowly stand up and remove her clothes in his prescence even though still sad,but mide smile to her and pecked her,he opened the water for her,after she took some shower,she cleqned her body and change into her night gown,Mide assisted her to the room,after he mae her sleep,he went out to received a call silently
WURAOLA:Well,i have no choice that night but to accept him to go to the journey,hardly did he call me during the day,sometimes i be the one to call him,sometimes he picked some,sometimes he wont pick,well i accept that its all because of his work,Shewa always check on me everytime,also my mother in law,mr kola came in my room one day and said:
MR KOLA:Madam,i came to ask that what time are you going to shop today
WURAOLA:Oh baba am not going today,am having some pains on my head and i just use some medicine so i would like to rest for today sir
MR KOLA:Are you sure madam,maybe i take you to hospital o
WURAOLA:(smile)Baba its not up to that,am ok,just help me to call sister lara
MR KOLA:Yes ma.After some minutes lara came in and said:
LARA:You sent for me ma?
WURAOLA:Yes i do,sis lara,my husband is coming home tomorrow and you know we need to prepare some nice soup for him,Both of them smile,Wura gave her some money she left
WURAOLA:Lara came in without buying what i sent her,infact she came in early,she came to the kitchen where i am watching ester cleaning the kitchen she said :
LARA:Madam,i know you wont believe this,but i will have to tell you this that your husband is already back to nigeria,and i saw him just now in a car with a lady,both of them enter into an hotel just now.Lara couldnt finish the statement when wura lost her balance,Wura was shocked and she gently sat down with sweat running down from her neck…

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