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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 20 [Completed]

EPISODE TWENTY(FINALE)Shewa was also with Wura,Becky was surprised cause she wasnt expecting them,they move closer to her,Wura smile
SHEWA:We aint here to fight ok,so just calm down and listen to what she wanna tell you
WURA:How are you Becky?
BECKY:Do i look like am ok to you,do i look like i…
WURA:(cuts in)I can feel your pains,and i know how it hurts,i have experience it also,even shewa also experienced it and she still does,we all know how much it hurts to be left by someone we truly love,sometimes some relation aint meant to be no matter how much we try it while some are to be,afterall you guys dated before he met mr,but you guys got separated,still you guys met again still it aint working,to be candid,i shouldnt be the one to be here begging you,do you think i wasnt jealous,i was truly jealous those times,it hurts me a lot,so i shouldnt be here with what i also passed through(tears forming in her eyes)but i have to,cause i feel your pains too(tears dropping on Becky’s face,this time shewa pity her),i know how much it hurts to loose a child,He came home last night,i hope you could see how much he is trully sorry,he was only crying like a day old baby,why am here is just to plead you,on behalf of Love,and on behalf of my kids,please just find a space in your heart and forgive him,he is sorry
BECKY:(with tears)You aint just young,but you are a wise lady,and i can see why he loves you so much,you are too wise and full of understanding,even though i wasnt expecting you guys,have heard you,Wura am sorry also,They were still discussing why both of them notice shewa was looking at the new arrival in airport with tears in her eyes,they looked straight to what she was looking,it was a wow!when they saw smith standing looking at them,shewa wants to run away but Smith caught up with her,without leaving her all he was saying was that,I AM SORRY FOR COMING LATE,He hugged her tightly and gave her a kiss with tears coming down her face,they all hugged Becky and bid her goodbye with tears.Mide got home to see everyone at his house,including his father,wura father and also smith,Mide postrated flat begging Wura’s father to forgive him,so also he postrated for Wura begging her he said
MIDE:Ife mi this is not even worth the pains i made you go through,just please forgive me,She smiled and assisted him to stand up,they both kissed,They asked him to point out to Taiwo and Kenny from his kids and he was able to,he said ever since the day wura corrected him,he had never forget it,so he study them very well so he knew them differently,Smith was querry a lot by the families,but he told them that he did everything just for him and shewa’s future,that is why everything seems that way,he pleaded shewa with a diamond ring,with tears of joy she said yes to him,Mide called becky once in wura’s presence and he asked for forgiveness,becky said to him that
BECKY:If you ever hurt that girl,i promise you that i wont forgive you and i will fight for her
IREMIDE:Well,that was all happened between me and my lovely wife,when we find love,lets embrace it,never let it go,and that greediness you are looking can never give you great things,dont push away your joy or hapiness before you realize how much he or she is to you,and so be faithful and have Patienct,Dont rush in to any marraige and never rush out of any marraige,because this life is NO PAIN NO GAIN,and also life is full of GOOD AND BAD,Cause in marraige there is always the sweet side and the other one,thank you for the endurance baby,i love you so much
WURAOLA:And i love you too
Thanks for reading and sharing ABIKE LOVE YOU ALL❤
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