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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 2

My mother in law is a great woman,at the same time iron woman,she dont takes room for nonscence,and she always makes me feel like i still have someone to call mom,When i got pregnant,my mother in law is always there for me,so also my father in law and also my husband younger sister shewa,she is kind and sweet,well she is my age mate,we see each other more than in laws but as friends and family,she is my only friend,i was six months pregnant when my husband brought in two young lady which i and them are surely age mate,Ester and lara,ester is 23 while lara is two years older than me she is 25 years and also he brought in a man which is 40 years of age,Iremide said:
IREMIDE:IFE MI,i brought you this three people,this two ladies will be the one to take care of the house and you can manage to do the cooking please,they can assit you,you know i dont want other food but yours or my mum,and this man is mr kola,he will be the one to take you to shop and other places,he is the new gate man,driver and gardner
WURAOLA:WOW!three at once?
IREMIDE:Yeah he said he will cope and that is the way he wants it,so you all have seen my wife,this is her,she might be young but she is my life and everything,she is heavy and i wont be aroun cause of business,so,please you all must take good care of her when am not around so please be careful with her
MR KOLA:Oga dont stress yourself,she is in safe hands
IREMIDE:Well am hoping for that too mr kola
ESTER:You are beautiful ma
WURAOLA:(shy)Oh thank you so much…
Truly,the two ladies are kind to me,i dare not call them by names i do use sister for them,sometimes mide gets angry that why am i using sister for them i tells him that RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL,Mr kola on the other side do check on me when am indoor,Iremide is now heading his father’s company,he is always busy,sometimes he do travel for two three days,but all thanks to the people he got for me,i really dont miss him too much when he is away
I was in my eight month of pregnancy when Iremide called me one night and said…

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