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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 19

Wuraola could feel mide’s rod in her,it seems too big for her,mide on the other side feel that it is tight,ever since he disflower her,he had only touched her twice and that was when she was four months pregnant,He couldnt move too fast on her,so he take it slow with her,Its been awhile Wura have this kind of moment,she only wish that she hope that he is not speaking and doing all this because he is drunk,she hope that when he wake up tomorrow morning,he should repeat those statements to her again,Now mide was sleeping peacefully,Wura wasnt sleeping,she was only staring at him after some minutes she also lay down and doze off
The next day,Mide woke up,he could remember every single thing that happened yesterday,as he was about to get down from the bed,he noticed that there is someone sitting near the dressing mirror,he look up slowly to see Wura waiting for him to wake up,he sat down quietly,he knew that she is waiting for him to speak,he had no choice,so he told her every single thing,from the day he met Becky,how he aborted her pregnancy and that she is leaving tomorrow,from his statements he said:
MIDE:I wanted to have Becky,And i cant afford to loose you too,i dont want to hurt you,but at the same time i do,cause of my greediness and foolishness,trust me,i also dont know what came over me,i never for once stop loving you,and i know am a fool for all my actions,am so sorry(tears dropping)i mean all what i said yesterday,without you am incomplete,i thought of flirting around but i never knew that it would hurt the woman i love,lets just say am stupid,i know you were hu…
WURA:(Cuts in)Its ok,i will prepare your breakfast, dont want you to be late,As she was about to leave mide grabbed her hand he look so pity,he said
MIDE:AM SORRY.She smiled and left immediately,Wura got in the kichen with her legs shaking,she cried so hard,she bent down beside the wall, Ester and lara came in,they move to her she smile and said with tears
WURA:I have my man back,i finally got him back,I have him,They both smile and took pity on her,for she has endured a lot of pains.In mide’s office Banke came in looking so sexy,she move closer to mide who gave her a letter,she was surprise
MIDE:Well i employed you and now am sacking you
BANKE:(Angrilly)I HATE YOU,She said and left immediately while mide said:
MIDE:Thanks to God that i havent get down your skirt,he picked his phone to dial a num,but his phone was showing wura’s picture which he use as screensaver,he smiled and remember his moment with her last night.Becky at the Airport dragging her luggages,She look so sad and weak,but she managed herself suddenly she heard her name she turned back to see the caller,it was WURAOLA

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