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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 18

Mide in his office,he was on a phone call when shewa came in,she sat down waiting for him to finish his call,soon he hanged up looking at her sister who keeps on staring at her,he said:
SHEWA:look at you,you look so pity,so so pity
MIDE:And did i ask you to help me if i look so pity,shewa just let me be please,i never ask you to come here,so leave pleas
SHEWA:Tell me the fact dont you love wura anymore,just tell me the truth cause thats wh..
MIDE:(Cuts in)Oh please,why dont you find something to do to you and smith issue first
SHEWA:(annoyed)WHATEVER.She left immediately
WURAOLA:Who is smith?Smith is shewa boyfriend five years ago,as you all know that my education is fast,so also shewa education,smith left her to USA to work in one of his uncle company there,and that was three years ago,no call from him yet up to this moment,shewa has never move on since then,she is still expectin him that one he will call her,thats her hope
Mide has been expecting Becky to call,but she didnt,his minds are not settle so he thought of going to her side,when he got there,becky was standing at the door,she didnt allow him to enter,mide was surprise with her attitude,his minds are saying two things,maybe she knew his plan or not,suddenly tears dropped down on becky’s face
BECKY:Mide why,on what crime exactly,what have i done,is loving you a crime,whats my,offence that you have to abort my baby without me knowing anything to it,i swear,from this moment on i hate you,i hate
MIDE:(wants to move closer to her but she move back)Becky am sorry,i just cant have another child apart from Wura’s kid,i cant,i just cant do this to my wife,And i love you becky but i and you cant be together cause i really do love my wife,i just cant afford to hurt her?
BECKY:But you can hurt me?
MIDE:Am sorry
BECKY:(Gently and softly)Mide you are free to go,i am no longer holding on to you,i will go back to SA,just go back to your family.She closed the door immediately,she shed tears bitterly,Mide feel bad a lot,he went to a bar and started drinking.
Wura was brushing her long hair,she just make the kids sleep,after she had expect mide to come home but he dont,she thought maybe he is at Becky’s place,suddenly mide came in,he was extremely drunk,he move closer to where wura was sitting he kneel down,putting his two hands on wura’s lap who look so surprise he said with tears
MIDE:I have been selfish and full of greediness to you,i know i dont worth you anymore,i know you have ENDURE too much of PAINS from me,i treated you badly,i know its difficult for you to forgive me but Babe!I AM TRULY AND DEEPLY SORRY.He kissed her softly and gently,Wura just cant get whats going on,Mide remove her night gown gently,he put her on bed,he remove his clothes too and

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