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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 17

MIDE:Did she know about this pregnancy yet?
DOCTOR:Oh not yet,bu..
MIDE:(Cuts in)And you must not let her know,you just have to look for some kind of lie to tell her,she must not know about this pregnancy,and thats all
Becky was brought home by Mide,she layed down on her bed without saying anything,mide was expecting her to say something but she dont,mide said:
MIDE:What do you want me to get you,cause i still need to go back to the office?
BECKY:Oh yes you can go and continue what you are doing mr player,She said and turned to the other side of the bed
MIDE:Wow!I didnt see that coming,how can you call me a such name,huh?
BECKY:Then what are you,i just cant believe that you have a side chick in your company
MIDE:And what are you?
BECKY:Iremide am your girlfriend for Godsake,not just any girl,am different from them
MIDE:And what makes you different,just tell me what?
BECKY:(Annoyed)Just get out,GET OUT!(Shouted)
MIDE:Ok fine am sorry,how can you just get mad as this,you aint even my wife,my wife came to my office one day,she saw me with my ex secretary,and no living soul know what happened that day,thats my wife,but what do you want me to say about you that you are just my girlfriend like you said,what if you are my wife,huh?
BECKY:(She sit)Well its because am not a fool like your wife,cause she is too dull
MIDE:(Annoyed)Well it shows that she is wise,matured,understanding and well disciplined than you,and that is why she is really different from you
BECKY:She feel hurt and broken,she shoute GET OUT!Mide left immediately,when he got home,he went straight to his room,he took his,shower and rested his head on the sofa in his room,he blamed himself for getting angry earlier,he took his car key immediately,he went back to becky,he had a spare key to her house he opened it and saw her packing,he hold on to her,he pleaded her,she refused,mide forced her to kiss him,she refuse,mide had no choice but to force her more,the kiss was too deep and it ended to sex,even though that was not his plan,mide make her dinner and slept over at her place,Mide always visit becky everyday with wines,he was so caring to her,sometimes he sleep over sometimes he wont,until one day Becky woke up and saw blood on her bed,she went to the hospital and Doctor said to her:
DOCTOR 2:You was pregnant,and you know you are,but you base yourself on an abortion pills not even once but three times and now you lost the baby.Tears roll down from her face suddenly,she knew that no one could do this to her but the Almighty IREMIDE who has been acting cool and caring to her,not knowing that he his after her pregnancy,she feel like fainting

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