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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 15 & 16

WURAOLA:It was just like a,seasonal movie for Becky when my mother in law came with shewa,they both make her life an hell that day,she was throughly dragged on her hair with different kind of slap by my mother in law without leaving her hair
MIDE MUM:STAY AWAY FROM MY SON AND LET HIM LIVE A GOOD LIFE WITH HIS FAMILY,move on you worthless being,ever since he met you,you never bring out the good things in him,when you left him,he met a good and discipline lady,but now that you are back,you make him to get back to his old way,for the last time if you love your life,stay away from my son,She left immediately with shewa who spit on becky’s floor
WURAOLA:Becky was so dissapointed but those warning never mean anything to her,she decided to call mide to let him know what his mother has done to her,My husband on the other side has been attracted to his new secretary
MIDE:I will come to your side tonight,i hope you prepare down for me cause i cant wait to get under your skirt,he wink to her,banke bit her lower lips and move closer to him,she kissed him and said:
BANKE :And i cant wait to suck you hard and ride on you,both kissing softly,suddenly mide phone ring,it was Becky
BECKY:(Crying)Baby,you wont believe what happened,your mum and sister just left my place,they make an insult to me,infact am wounded,i just cant believe all if this,its unfair to me
MIDE:(cuts in)I will be at your place in the next 30 minutes ok,He hanged up
BECKY:And who was that?
MIDE:Its none of your business ok,escuze me,he took his car key and left her standing after he had kiss her,Mide saw Becky on her sofa,she seemed to be too weak,mide helped her to the bathroom,she take some shower,Banke keeps on calling mide at night but his phone is off,Wura on her bed sleeping beside her twins,she sang the baby lullaby to sleep,she get down from the bed looking at the view from outside through the window,soon she came back to her bed and sleep,Mide and becky on bed,becky rest her head on his lap,mide kissing her,she responded,thier kiss turn to romance,from romance to sex,it was an hot one,they both go for second round,later they both shower,mide couldnt stop his body in the shower room,he fucked her the third time,The next day at office,Banke came in to drop a file, immediately she turn to leave,even though she is angry,as she was about to take her leave,mide quickly stand up from his seat,he dragged her towards him and kissed her forcefully,she rejected the kiss,but mide wont stop,he pressed his lips more hard on her lips,he squeeze her boobs,she gasp and moan a little,mide dip his hand in her skirt,she feel great,they were both in the middle of this when someone opened the door,it was no other person than becky,she was shock
BECKY:Mide,whats going on here,who is this bitch mide?
BANKE:Oh please am a bitch like you who is desperate to taste him all time,Mide dont know what to say,he was only looking,Becky move closer to them,she gave Banke a hot slap without wasting much of time Banke slapped her back,mide quickly separate them and said:
MIDE:Becky we can talk this at home so please go home
she was still feeling shocked and then suddenly fainted.At the hospital,mide in the doctor’s office,the doctor came in to meet mide who was sitting waiting for the doctor to come in,he said
DOCTOR:Actually she is ok,and am sure she is will be better,she just need a lot of rest, what happened to her is just that she is pregnant,she is three weeks pregnant all mide could hear from that point are ech.

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