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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 14

MIDE:Mum please dont do this
MIDE MUM:I dont want to hear anything so just give it to me now,He dosent have a choice so he gave her,At the office,Mide seems too busy when a lady wearing a short skinny tight skirt,this lady is really endowed both front and back,she came in smilling,Mide was so much in confused and was surprise,he feel like grabbing her that moment but he control himself,he said Yes how may i help you?
LADY:Am Banke,i am the new secretary in this company sir
MIDE:Oh i see,sit down,She gave mide her file,mide was checking her file even though his mind and face,are on Banke’s body,Banke on the other side giving mide some sexy look
MIDE:(Smile)Do you know that you are sexy?
BANKE :Well you aint bad also,you look handsome and you are making my body to react somehow right now
MIDE:WOW!Really?Ok can i have your contact on my phone here
BANKE :Definetely.She added her num,she stood up,and went straight to mide’s seat,she gave him a soft and sexy kiss on his lower lips,mide was carried away totally,she left the office while mide just smile
Wuraola checking some of her old clothes,she put on a red gown,she put on some make up,actually she was bored,she is not yet going to shop,so she thought of giving herself a little touch of make up,not too much cause she is pretty herself,she was standing and staring through the mirror when lara comes in,lara was shocked,she said:
LARA:WOW!You look so pretty ma,i just cant recognize you
WURA:OH stop,making jest of me,am just myself am still me
LARA:Why dont you dress like this always maybe it will bring your husband back home
WURA:She smile and said,sis lara,this is how i dress,and this id how he saw me before he asked me out,i just cant force myself to be who i am not,i will like to be the way i am,infact i will clean all this…she couldnt finish the statement when mide comes in,He was shocked to the extend that he want to mistook his wife,she is beautiful though but in the red gown and make up,she look more beautiful and sexy,his mouth is only opened
She heard a knock on the door
BECKY:Yes am coming,hold on,is that you baby.She opened the door and was shocked to see Mide’s mum and sister standing at her door,she remembered what mide has said to her about his mum the day she has went to harrased wura at home
SHEWA:Hello Becky she smile,while Becky was only shock looking at Mide mum angry face,she knew that her time is over

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