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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 13

Mide drove in his father’s compound,guards salute him as he walked pass them,he sit down in the living room waiting for his p man,soon his sister came out,she snobbed him and sit
MIDE:Wow!so now i dont deserve a greetings from you
MIDE MUM:(from inside,coming to the living room)And why will she give respect to the one who had lost it already,She sit,Mide you are useless,i cant believe it that you are back to your old self,He didnt say anything,the moment he saw his father he quickly stand up,he postrated to greet but he was stop
MIDE DAD:Well i dont think i need those greetings of yours,keep it to yourself,You are a disgrace to yourself,how can you turn the company to an hotel?huh,answer me,how can you do that?Aint you ashamed?
MIDE:With all due respect sir,i would like to say something
MIDE DAD:(Cuts in)You keep shut when am talking when i tell you to talk you do,and if i dont want you to then keep it shut,the first day you wanna introduced that girl to me i said:
MIDE DAD:Mide that girl is too young for you,too young,why dont you look for someone at around 25 to 27,huh!
MIDE:Dad i understand you,but she is the one i love,she might be young,but she is well disciplined and a very lovely girl,i do rather go for someone that will give me respect than someone who will make my life an hell,trust me i love her
MIDE DAD:Now that she gave you all the respect is this what you want to use to pay her back,Shewa went to your house yesterday night,she came back this morning,she thought of sleeping over at your place,but she didnt see you,she had to forced your wife to speak where you are it was then she told shewa that you went to that stupid girl of your ex who had never for once bring good things to your life,i just cant believe that you are my son,you are disgusting,married man who left his wife with kids at home and went to sleep over at an ex house
MIDE:Dad,Dad please,i never for once stop loving my wife,i love her and i really do,cant a man just flirt around a little?
DAD MIDE:I feel like moving closer to you and knock you down right now,imagine what you are saying,married man for God sake,dont you see that anytime you and that worthless girl are together,you are always a worthless being too,cant you see that she is not bringing out the good in you,the one who give you all what you deserve you are hurting her,But why?Why
MIDE MUM:I dont care anymore,all i need right now is that worthless girl home adress so give it to me now and thats final

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