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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 12

MOTHER IN LAW:What is this,oh my God,Tutu was getting more scared as iremide mother is moving near them
MIDE:Maami,lets talk this at home,this is an office
MOTHER IN LAW:(With an heavy slap)To hell with you and your office,when am talking you keep shut,so you dont know that this is an office before you and this useless girl start doing rubbish,please o my sister what are you licking,i said what are you licking,Mide mother give her close to four hot slap,she fell down,while she grab her from her hair to stand up,Nonscence upon nonscence,ehhh,JESU OOO,right now i want you to get the sack letter and sack her now,WHERE IS THE SACK LETTER,Mide get the sack letter,he signed it and gave it to Tutu whose face are now blue black are clothes are torned,mide was so sorry for her he said
MIDE:Am sorry.Tutu only collected the letter and ran out
MIDE MUM:(Shouting)To hell with that sorry,oya iya ibeji lets go home,this boy is useless to be surprise,i never know he has a surprise for us also,Mide mother get the baby from Wura and she left,wura quickly follow her,shewa looked at his brother in a bad way and said:
SHEWA:I am dissapointed is an understatement,You disgust me,She left immediately
WURA:She left already,you are needed at home tomorrow,your dad wants to see you,she left immediately,Esther brought out the two kids in a baby walker,the babies are now two month olds,lara brought out the dinner from kitchen so also Wura,mide looked at the babies,he bent down to play with them while esther escuze him to help wura and lara in the kitchen
MIDE:Hello my kings,how are you,ooohhh look at my baby kenny,kenny bobo,Wura watched him as he played with them,she noticed something and said
WURA:That is not Kenny that is taiwo,She said and left,Mide felt embarrassed for taking is kids for one another,he stood up and went straight to the room,he took some shower,he came down for dinner,Wura served him,while she left to the room
LARA:Yes sir
MIDE:call Wura,i mean call her for me,tell her i need her here
LARA:Yes sir,She left immediately,soon Wura came back with lara,mide use his eyes to direct her to sit and eat,without complaining she do so,she served herself,Wura never look at his face,but he keeps on looking at her,suddenly a message came in to his phone,he checked the sender,it was from becky
BECKY:Hey babe when are you coming?
MIDE:Coming soon
BECKY:Ok,i love you.He didnt bother to reply that,he was surprise to raise up his head to see that Wura has been looking at her,He stood up after some minutes,he came back but already changed,he said:
MIDE:Am not sleeping home tonight,i am going somewhere and i am taking that place to my p man’s place,so be expecting me at night,He said and left immediately,Esther and lara came out of the kitchen and said
ESTHER:Sorry,i can feel your pain and what you are going through ma,so sorry
LARA:And you dont say anything,you just allow him to go?
WURA:What will i do when he still choose to eat is left over?
LARA:WOW!you deserve a respect,i just cant take this,you aint just weak madam,but you are wise and understanding,if its me,i cant take it this far…

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