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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 11

Wurola has locked herself up for complete three hours inside the room crying on bed,she also couldnt believe it that she just got angry,she blamed herself for doing so,she thought maybe she had overreacted,she wished she had never got angry earlier,if this is all about an angry mode then she dosent love it,she blamed herself,esther came back to knocked door with one of the babies in her hand,the baby had been crying lately,Wuraola opened the door for esther,as she was getting the baby from esther mide approached,he move closer to them to say something but before he could say anything,wuraola cuts in and said:
WURA:Am deeply sorry for what happened earlier,i never mean to,i guess i overreacted,i should have just let it slide,i promise,and i promise never to get angry in such manner anymore,once again am sorry,sister esther bring me taiwo please,She said all this and she closed the door,Mide was just really surprise to everything,she had left him speechless,He left immediatelly into his car and zoom off,he received a message from Wura’s father so he went to see him,when he got there,wura’s father said to him in a kindly way that:
WURA FATHER:The first day you came here,i told you she dosent have anyone just me and God,i told you she dosent have a mother,just me,I said she is too young for now i told you to still court her But you told me this that day
MIDE:I know she is young,and that is what i want in her,i really do love your daughter sir,i wants her to be mine before all those young boys get her,i have so much feeling that she is just meant for me sir,i know she has no one but you,and i promise you sir that she would never lack any single thing from me sir,i really do love your daughter and i want her to be my wife
WURA FATHER:That is exactly what you told me,but now i cant understand what is going on,if you dont want her anymore just let me know and i will come and take her things myself
MIDE:Ha noo noo sir,its not up to that sir,i am truly sorry for everything,i promise to make a changes on this sir,am so sorry
Mide left his in law’s house and went straight to tutu’s house,though she didnt want to give in but mide kissed her with force
WURAOLA:HMMMM!Life still goes on,he never change,my birthday came in too fast,i could remembered that he proposed to me on my last birthday,but now things are different,he surprised me on my birthday,with a lovely red car,i smiled and said
WURA:I really appreciate this,Thank you so much,Mide move closer to her and give her a soft and and passionate kiss,wura really missed that a lot,some tears form her eyes during the kiss,mide kissed her cheeck with the tears and said:
MIDE:I love you and i always
WURAOLA:Hummm,my mother in law and sister in law came for a visit,my mother in law gave the idea of surprising mide in office for a visit with a lunch,i denied the decision,i never want to cause i could still remember what happened that day,I,my mother in law,shewa and the twins with mr kola all set out,it was like a bomb exploded in my me when we saw tutu giving my husband a blow job in his office,then i know that today will surely be the end of tutu
MOTHER IN LAW:EH!AYEMI MIDE OO She first hand me over the baby

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