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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – Episode 10

WURA:What do you mean please,what was that for
BECKY:O M G,look,at you dont be scared now,well i came to see you and so that you also can see me,i hope you can also see the reason why your husband is stilk dieng for his left over food,well am his ex,but now his girlfriend again,you see you are too young for all of this,huh?do you fell for him cause of his look or his money?Tears dropped down from Wura’s face,oh common you dont need this,you are too young for all this,imagine you at this age,why dont you take your kids and leave him alone,you should know that you guys aint meant to be
ESTHER:And you are meant to be right?Disgusting
LARA:Oh miss i think its time you go,please go out NOW!
Suddenly Mide came in,even though he was too weak but the moment he saw Becky and tears on Wura’s face he immediately go crazy,he dragged Becky out angrilly and said:
MIDE:Look at me very well,am done with you,and you will never see me in that your crazy house you crazy bitch,Are you crazy or something,how dare you to come to my house and maltreat her that way,look at me,that young girl in that house is my legal wife,MY WIFE YOU BITCH,I warned you and i told you that i dont joke with her,just get out of my house,its over
BECKY:Mide am sorry,you know you are all i got please,sorry
MIDE:Why dont you just give thanks to God that it wasnt my mum who meet you here today,i am deeply sure that if she is the one who saw you today,its either you should be giving your last prayer or you should be having the second bag of drip right now,so thank your soul,As he was about to leave Becky quickly hold him back with some fake tears in her eyes saying:
BECKY:I promise never to have issue with your wife,i will mind my place,but dont just leave me,please mide please,am deeply sorry,it wont happen again,i swear i wont come here anymore just dont leave me pleas
MIDE:Thats ok,you just go home first,i just need to settle things here first,i will have to say sorry to her,i trust her she dare not get angry,cause she dont do that,i wiill check you later,Becky left immediately in her car,Mide comes in and was surprise to see Wura still standing with tears in her eyes,esther and lara from the kitchen watching
MIDE:Wuraola am de…
WURA:(shouted angrilly)How dare you!HOW DARE YOU!How dare you to call me by my name,YOU ARE SO CRUEL,YOU ARE EVIL!She grabbed a flower vase and throw it at him,but mide quickly dogde it while it hit the T V,and it break the screen,MIDE I HATE YOU,HOW DARE YOU,She grabbed her phone and throw it at mide,mide didnt dodge it this time around,it hit him on his head,the phonr fall down and break,little blood come out of his head,JUST DIE,DIE YOU EVIL,She was now throwing all the pillows on chair at him,ester and lara with Mide was just surprise because they never for once think she could get mad as this,Mide quickly ran to her and hold her tightly,esther and lara pity her,both watching them
MIDE:Am sorry,am sorry please,calm down,Babe am sorry
WURA:Mide i hate you,i hate you,YOU ARE WICKED,She was crying bitterly,she felt weak and all body calm down

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