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Pains And Endurance – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 20]

Pains And Endurance

Pains And Endurance

In a beautiful white mansion,a young lady came out with a wedding ring on her finger she smile and said:
LADY:Hello everyone,this is my house oops i mean our house,i and my husband’s house,well am married and with a lovely two set of boys,my twins,am 23 years old,well dont be surprise i graduated at the age of 20,i,served at the age of 21,and i got married at the age of 22,oh pardon me,am Wuraola,yes that is my name,i would like to share you guys my story.
With my age,i have experienced six different kind of relationships,which are all not fruitful for me,no guy wants me,and its because of two reasons one,am too slow,weak,shy,i never for once get angry in my entire life,people take me for granted because of this,my father do tell me that am just like my mom,because that was just the way she was before she died,i never get the chance to see her,she died immediately after my birth,well i am weak to be candid,i get scared easily,sometimes i personally hate myself for this,so my,friends snatched away all my exs one after the other,maybe because am young for them to handle or because i am weak and slow,what will i do,i get no choice than to cry out my life then,secondly am a virgin,they all wanted to,get down with me but i never agree to them,cause i have always wants to be disvirgin on my wedding night,so my exs chase after my sexy friends,several times i caught my friends and exs on bed,one by one i loosed my friends and my exs left me too,but what pains me is that those relationships between my exs and friends never last long,my exs do come back,to have me back,but i,neglected them cause i dont wanna get hurt and i know they just wanna have fun with me and leave me,until one day before my graduation in school,when i met one of the richest son in Abuja,i do hear a lot about this guy truly that he is indeed a an handsome man,well he is not a guy,but a man cause he is 30 years old,yeah seven years older than me,well we courted for a year and that was during my service,he proposed to me and we got married the next month,my wedding is one of the best,my exs and friends came over,thier statement on my wedding is that YOU AINT JUST WEAK AND SLOW BUT YOU ARE THE MOST LUCKIEST LADY,I really dont know why my husband do love me,maybe because am beautiful,or maybe becsuse am too soft or maybe because am a virgin and he was the one who disflower me,but he do tell me that
HUSBAND:I know you aint petfect,you might be too weak and slow,but i want you to know that,you are beautiful,both your inside and outside,you are the best thing that has happened to me,and i love you the way you are
WURAOLA:Yes that is how he said to me,well well well,there something about my husband IREMIDE

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