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Owning The Beast – Season 1 Episode 8




As Annabella and I walked into the house, she leaned in, giving me a quick peck on the lips. I wanted more and my hungry hands squeezed her hips, pulling her against my now fully hard cock. With a hand on her neck, I deepened the kiss, slipping my tongue into her mouth, coaxing hers out to play as I began to slowly grind against her. Wrapping her arms around my neck with a sigh, Annabella melted into me.

I had just had her on the ground in the middle of the day like an animal not too long ago, and now, I needed her again. I couldn’t seem to satiate this primal need for her.

“Just once more, my Angel. Just one more quick fvck and I’ll concentrate on something other than getting inside of you.”

Sliding my hands under her thighs, I lifted her and her legs automatically locked themselves around my waist. I love how trusting she was and her body was always so willing to accept me. Turning, I entered the first room we came across. Kicking the door shut behind me with my foot, I turned our bodies so that her back was up against the door. I pinned her against the door, using my hips to hold her there. My fingers ran up her neck and tangled in her hair, something I just couldn’t get enough of. I grabbed fistfuls of the dark waterfall and crushed my mouth against hers, wanting to taste her once more. Tonguing her mouth, I moved on to lick her earlobe, sucking it into my mouth, nibbling on it lightly. I continued to lick down her neck as she rubbed her whole body against mine like a cat in heat.

Reaching between us, I freed my throbbing cock. I smiled when I remembered she wasn’t wearing any panties at the moment and drove home in one slick, hard thrust. My sweet beauty let out a whimper.

“That’s it, Bella. Take my cock. fvcking take what I give you.”

Unleashing my inner beast, I fvcked her sweet pvssy hard and fast purely just for my pleasure. I pounded her luscious ass against the door, and relished in the loud thuds and w€t slaps that echoed throughout the otherwise silent room.

“Perfect, Angel. So fvcking tight. And so sweet. I can’t get deep enough.”

I drove into her harder and harder, trying to fit all of me inside her, to imprint myself onto her. My hands were roaming all over her sinful body. I cupped her [email protected], loving how they filled and spilled over my palms, pinching her n!poles through her dress, tugging firmly on her hair, before reaching down to squeeze her luscious ass.

My sweet beauty was laid out, spread for me. She was giving me everything, her heart, her body, her soul. I could feel the power she was laying in my hands. But I needed more.

Grabbing ahold of her ass, I turned around while she was still impaled on my cock and knelt down, laying her on the plush carpet. Not pausing or slowing down my pounding, I reached down to rip open her dress and pull off her bra, baring her to me. I was a beast possessed, and I wanted her at my complete mercy.

“Griffin!” Annabella screamed, arching her back off the floor as her fingers immediately went to her n!poles, pinching and tugging on the er£ct buds. She was as wild as I was at this moment.

I tore my shirt off and pushed her hands out of the way. Laying my chest against her [email protected] flesh, I thrust even harder and deeper into her warm, slick pvssy. I had this overwhelming desire and urge to plant my seed deep inside her, to get her pregnant and round with my child.

“I want to get you pregnant right this second. I want to fill your pvssy all the way to the brim with my cvm and have my seed take root. I want to breed you and keep you by my side. Forever.”

“Yes, Griffin. Please. Give me your cvm. I need it. Please. My pvssy feels so empty.”

I felt the tremors wrecking through her body as her breathing sped up and I knew her orgasm was close.

I raised my hips slightly to get a deeper and better angle so that I could stroke her cl!t with my d!ck every time I drove into her. Her m0ans of pleasure slowly turned into screams and I saw tears sliding down from the corners of her eyes. Leaning in, I licked up one side of her face, tasting her salty tears. My name became a chant as she screamed her pleasure for the world to hear. It was music to my ears.

“That’s it, my beauty. I can feel your sweet little pvssy rippling around my cock. Squeeze me. Milk me. Take my seed. That’s it, Angel.”

I gave one hard thrust, holding it, pressing my cock in as far as it could go. There wasn’t a millimeter of space between my cock and her pvssy and I released my load deep inside her. Throwing my head back, I roared her name.

I wanted everyone to hear me. The staff, the neighbors, the whole goddamn world. I felt my cvm pulse into her, load after load, coating her walls. I rocked into her slowly, milking and giving her every last drop before collapsing on top of my love, taking care to keep some of my weight off her.

“Marry me today, Annabella. I need you to be mine, right now, right this moment. I can’t take any chances of you leaving me.”

She reached up and wrapped her arms tightly around my body, enveloping me in her scent. Her legs were still clinging to my hips and I was still buried deep inside her snug channel. I knew I was probably crushing her with my weight but she didn’t seem to mind.

She sighed contentedly. “Griffin, I’m not going anywhere. I’m so happy we get the chance to share the kind of love that I’ve always been dreaming of.”

Pulling back, I gazed into her eyes. My thumb stroked her cheek, and I could feel it. I’d fallen deeply in love with this angel. I couldn’t say the words. Not yet. I needed to make sure that she would never be able to leave me. I needed to bind myself to her before baring my heart and feelings to her.

“I know these things take time, but I feel like this could be so much more, Griffin.”

“Yes, my beauty. With time, anything is possible. But for the moment, why don’t I see to that urgent phone call, and I’ll let you take a peek around our home.”

I pulled out of her heat and tucked my spent cock back into my pants. Helping Bella off the floor, I tried to piece her torn dress back together only to realize a few minutes later that it’s been rendered useless.

“Why don’t you go to my closet and see if you can find something to wear. I don’t think this dress can be worn anymore.”

“Not after you ripped it open.” Bella giggled.

“It was an in-the-heat-of-the-moment thing. I didn’t think about the fact that you wouldn’t have any clothes to wear afterwards.” I smiled down at her, kissing her cheek.

I gave her my shirt and she slipped her arms into it, covering up her torn dress. I liked how she looked in my clothes.

“There, that should cover you enough to make it back to our room. We need to remedy this clothes situation immediately. I think a shopping trip is in order.”

She smiled at me shyly and I could tell the idea of a shopping trip excited her. I doubt she had ever been spoiled before and I intended to make up for lost time.

Unable to stop myself, I leaned down and took her lips captive once more, kissing her hard, and she leaned into me with a happy sigh.

“We better leave this room before we decide to go for a second round,” she suggested with a waggle of her eyebrows as her hand came up to cup my now semi-hard cock.

I growled into her mouth and pulled her closer. “Don’t tease me, Beauty. I’ll have you bent over gripping your ankles, with my cock filling up that tight pvssy of yours before you can catch your breath.”

She let out a soft whimper and I knew right then that she liked the idea.

“Later, Angel.”

I turned her around and smacked her on the ass. She looked over her shoulder and grinned at me. I smiled back. I never knew happiness could be like this. So playful, so erotic, so heady.

I led her out of the room and up the stairs, making sure she found her way to our room before grabbing a new shirt for myself.

“I’ll be down in my office. If you get lost exploring, I’ll come find you in a little bit.”

I gave her a quick kiss as she nodded her head in response.

“I think I’ll have a bath before going to find you.” She gave me a wicked grin and winked as she stripped off her scraps of clothing and walked seductively to the bathroom, sashaying her hips.

She heard my growl of frustration and let out a tinkle of laughter. A ghost of a smile came to my lips as I left the room, closing the door shut behind me before descending the stairs and making my way to my office.

The smile was wiped off my face when I saw the red blinking light on my office phone, indicating that someone was still waiting for me to pick up. A surge of irritation came over me at the thought of someone waiting for me to finish fvcking my Angel.

“What?” I roared as menacing as I could make my voice sound.

“Mr. Stone, thank god I finally got to you. I was worried you were never coming to the phone but your assistant, Logan, said you would, but I was so afraid you’d forget…”

“What is it, Sheila? We made our arrangement. We agreed until tomorrow night.” I was angry but in truth, this worked out well. I needed to go ahead and make the deal permanent to keep Annabella.

“Yes, Mr. Stone, we did, but somehow Miss Annabella’s original buyer found out that she was sent to you by mistake and now he wants her back. He knows you and said that he is on his way to claim his bride. I’m so sorry, Mr. Stone, I will send a full refund immediately.”

“Excuse me? Someone is on their way here to take my Annabella?” I shouted into the phone. I was beyond giving a shit about pretenses. Bella is mine! “You call the other buyer. Now. And you tell him that there has been a mistake. She’s going to be my wife. I took her innocence. She belongs to me!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Stone, but the contract spec—”

I hung up. I was getting nowhere with that bitch. I had a situation on hand to handle here.

“Logan!” I shouted through the house, storming from room to room, shouting for him. I could use the cell in my pocket but I felt like shouting right now.

He came around the corner and I barely stopped myself from slamming into him.

“Yo, Boss. What’s up?”

“Someone is on their way here now to take my Bella. Get all the security in place. Seal the gates. I want this place on lock-down. Right now!”

I saw his eyes widened but only for a fraction of a second. He acted instantly and started rattling off orders into the headset.

I didn’t bother trying to make out what he was saying. I had no idea how much time we had before someone arrived. I needed to find my Angel.

Running back through the east wing, taking the stairs two at a time, I burst through the double doors to our suite and strode directly to the bathroom. I gave the door a hard shove and it slammed against the wall behind me with a loud thud. I expected to find a surprised and [email protected] Bella in the tub but what I found was an empty bathroom.




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  • Ha!!! Where did she go to kwanu? Oga calm down she’s yours, no one will snatch her from you not now she has found happiness with you.

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