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Owning The Beast – Season 1 Episode 2




“Get inside,” I bellowed, captivated by her perfection and livid that this was just a game. I intended to get my money’s worth and show the agency that Griffin Stone wasn’t a man they could fvck with.

Sidling past me on shaky legs, trying to stay as far away from me as possible, she made her way through the door and into the foyer. She stood there with big fearful blue eyes, looking at me as if I was about to spontaneously combust. She’s not that far off the mark.

I slammed the front door closed and prowled towards her. She backed up further into my home, and I stalked her, step for step. Lowering my head to gaze down at her, I could feel the menacing smile forming on my face.

“They didn’t warn you about the freak at Creston Falls, did they?”

Keeping quiet, she continued to back up, slowly and cautiously, as if trying not to make any sudden movements. I raked my gaze over the innocent yellow dress she’s wearing several times. I knew she’s a paid whore, but she pulled off the virginal look really well. Her dark hair, long and soft. If I weren’t so fuming mad, I would have smoothed my fingers through it. I wanted to nuzzle her and breathe her in. But all I could see now was her beauty mocking me, and it made my blood boil.

“What’s your name?” I growled out.

“Annabella,” she squeaked out, barely above a whisper.

“Well, Annabella, it looks like you’ve been sent here as a statement. But I intend to make one of my own tonight.”

My anger flowed like molten lava through me, but I couldn’t help but feel this incredible pull towards her. I felt like I should be protecting her from myself, like she’s mine to watch over and not simply just a paid whore.

She continued to back up and I met her step for step, and soon enough, the back of her legs hit the bottom of the staircase. I had successfully steered her to where I wanted her. Now it’s time to quit this game of cat and mouse and get down to why she was here. She stopped in her tracks when her feet could go no further and peered up at me with wide eyes.

“Turn around and go up those steps, Annabella. You’re about to get what you came here for.”

I could see her chin begin to tremble, but she took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. I could see she had made the decision to be tough and to do as I say. A small bit of pride wormed its way into my chest when I saw that there was still some fight left in her. Turning around, she strode up the steps with her head held high. I couldn’t help but wonder if she’d still be holding her head up high when I’m through with her.

I followed her closely up the stairs and grabbed her upper arm once we reached the top. A jolt passed through me when my hand touched her skin for the very first time. It was the strangest feeling. A scarred up hand touched that perfect skin of hers and all of a sudden, my soul was shaking with need. I ignored the prickle of her gaze on me. I knew she was staring at the grotesque scars on my face. Everyone stared. Why would she be any different?

Not pausing to give my mind time to think about it, I pulled her towards the wing my bedroom was located in by her arm. I always took the whores to a guest room as I didn’t like to mix them with my private life, but something about Annabella made me want to have her as a part of my life. I’ll have plenty of time to think about the repercussions of this decision after she leaves. But at this very moment, I need her in my bed.

The double doors were still wide open from when I burst through them earlier. Stalking across the room, practically dragging her along behind me, I pulled her in front of the four-poster bed and released her arm. Jerking her arm away from me, Annabella raised her chin in defiance. I am always ready for a good fight. I felt the urge to shout my injustice at the world for having someone so beautiful and perfect sent to me as a goddamn joke.

“Don’t you ever put your hands on me in anger again!” she cried out.

I was a little shocked that she had spoken at all. The whores don’t usually speak. They do their job and then they leave. I could see that Annabella was different though. I could feel how different she was. I could also feel how fvcking hard I was, so fvcking hard I could barely walk. I love the fire and the sparkle of challenge I could see in her eyes. This night might not be so bad after all.

“You can drop the innocent act, Bella. I plan on getting what I paid for. Now.”

Her eyes widened in shock and her soft, full lips parted in a silent gasp.

“Take your clothes off and get on the bed, Annabella. I’m tired of this bullshit act and I need to fvck. It’s been months since I’ve had any pvssy and I’m planning on fvcking you through the floor with that attitude of yours.”

She looked stunned by my words, as if she hadn’t been talked to that way before. I could see tears starting to form in her eyes, but she didn’t let them fall.

“Is that how this is going to be then?” she questioned softly. “Is that what you want from me?” she whispered, and I could see her fighting not to let the tears fall.

“I said drop the act, Annabella! This is not some fantasy I requested. The agency clearly sent you as a joke. They’ll know better than to fvck with me once I’m done.”

Finally, one lonely tear made its way down her cheek, but she nodded and began to take her dress off. A part of my heart broke when I saw that she was upset by my words. I knew this was just some elaborate scheme though. It had to be. I needed to remember she’s being paid well for this act.

Slipping her dress off, Annabella stood before me in a white strapless lace bra and white lace panties. Absolute perfection. Her gorgeous body and flawless, sun-kissed skin had not a single mark in sight. She had a small waist but was full and curvaceous everywhere else. Full [email protected] and wide hips. I’ve never seen such a beautiful body in my entire miserable life.

“Take the underwear off as well,” I rasped out. I didn’t realize how chocked up I got just from looking at her.

Annabella unhooked her bra silently and let it hit the floor. Her [email protected] were perky and ripe, her dark pink n!poles hard and er£ct. My mouth began to water. I was going to enjoy this more than anything I could imagine. Bending over, she slid her underwear off awkwardly, and I couldn’t help but wonder if her unpracticed skill was yet another act. When she straightened back up, I took in my fill of her pvssy. Smooth and free of hair, I couldn’t wait to get inside her. It’s been a long while since my cock had been inside the warm sheath of a woman’s body, but something about this beauty standing in front of me has me aching like never before.

I pulled my eyes away from between her legs as she turned to climb onto the bed. I let out a groan at the sight of her round ass. It was curvy like her hips and had that unbelievable s£xy cup where her ass met her legs. An ass like that belongs in a goddamn shrine. I’d definitely be fvcking her doggy-style tonight. And if we had time before she took off, I might even try and get inside her ass. I hadn’t done that with anyone from the agency before, but surely it’s on the menu?

Climbing onto the bed, Annabella laid down in the middle. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I made quick work of my clothes. Pulling off my dress shirt and slacks, I threw them haphazardly behind me before walking over to the side of the bed and tugging my boxer briefs down. I could feel Annabella’s gaze on me and I knew she only saw my scars. They started from the right side of my face and continued down to my right arm and torso. I felt her gaze land on my d!ck.

“Looks like the girls forgot to tell you about something else as well.”

My cock is big. I know it is. I’ve scared away enough of them to know that not all women believe that “bigger is better”.

“Please, Mr. Stone. I’m…I’m… I don’t have any experience, and you look so big and angry.”

I smirked. If this was the role she wanted to assume tonight, I was more than willing to play along.

“So you’re the innocent virgin and I’m the big, bad wolf who is here to take you, eh? Is that scene we’re acting out tonight? That’ll work well since I can’t wait to eat you up, my dear. And you can cut the ‘Mr. Stone’ shit. It makes me sound like my grandfather.”

Climbing onto the bed, I made way between her legs, grabbing her ankles and jerking them apart roughly. I needed to see all of her.

I never, ever went down on any of the women from the agency before. I felt that it was fair since I had never asked them to go down on me either. Usually, I just got in a quick fvck before they ran out of here as fast as they could.

I do not like the touch of others. It’s been years since I’ve had a woman who was not of a paid professional, and I couldn’t remember when was the last time I had placed my mouth on a cunt. But this delicate beauty—this angel who was laid out before me—had the most perfect pvssy I’d ever seen. I ran the tip of my index finger down her soft, puffy lips, which were covered in a thin sheen of shiny dew that made my mouth water. Her scent was intoxicating. She smelt like sweet peaches and cream and I couldn’t stop myself from breathing her in. I stretched out on the bed and shouldered my way between her long, shapely legs, my hard cock pressed into the mattress and I began rocking my hips as I lowered my nose to her delicious pvssy.

Taking a deep breath, I filled my lungs with her heady scent, feeling my eyes roll back in bliss. “fvck. You smell good.” I felt her legs tensed as she tried to close them, but my wide shoulders forced her thighs to stay open for me. “Relax, Bella. I need this. I promise I’ll make it really good for you. But if I don’t bury my face in your sweet pvssy right this second, I might just die.”

The moment her slick petals touched my lips, I ate it like I stole it. I felt as though I couldn’t get in close enough or quick enough. Wrapping my arms under her firm ass, I pulled her hips down, closer to my mouth. I needed her entire pvssy in my mouth and her sweet nectar covering my face. I licked, sucked, nuzzled, and devoured every inch of her. I had this overwhelming fear that she’s going to take my treat from me and so I did everything I could to attach her pvssy to me.

I heard her m0ans of pleasure as her hips tried to undulate to my chaotic rhythm. Feeling her run her fingers through my hair, I smiled, feeling her previous hesitancy being thrown out the window. Here was a woman driven by her pleasure and she was letting her body follow my lead.

Her cries were growing louder and I held her tighter to my mouth. Focusing on her cl!t, I sucked it into my mouth, caressing and flicking my tongue across the little button several times before finally biting down onto it lightly.

“Oh God!”

That did the trick. Her orgasm seized through her body, and she tightened her thighs, pushing her pvssy further onto my mouth as she let out a loud m0an while tugging on my hair as she grinded out her pleasure against me.

Leaving her sticky-sweet honey covering my face, I slid up her sinful body, prepared and ready to fvck the life out of her. The urge to kiss her was there but I knew it was a line I couldn’t cross. The girls from the agency have a strict “no lips to the face” rule, which I had to abide by. Instead, I lowered my body on top of Annabella’s, using my forearms to support most of my weight before leaning down to nip at her ear. I was consumed with the need to sink into her silky warmth as soon as possible, but I also craved the intimacy, the closeness. I wanted more. I could feel the energy pulsing between us like a beat of a drum. Reaching down, I nudged my cock against her entrance.

“Be sure and shout Griffin next time, baby. As a matter of fact…feel free to scream it.”

With that said, I slammed into her with every bit of strength I could muster up in me. In a split second, I was buried balls-deep in her tight warmth and I realized two things at once.

One: She was a virgin.

Two: I am so fvcked.




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  • That nurse…… She didn’t tell her what she’s going there to do, I feel for the young gal

  • Griffin she is never a whore like you think she is a virgin too bad you took it in such a way

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