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Our New Maid – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 10]

Our New Maid - Season 2 Episode

Our New Maid

“don’t be surprised because I will be coming early as from today” I said.
am I sure I will be coming early, I asked myself.
“What are you going to prepare for us today?” Wyatt asked calmly.
“I can see shock in Nathan face and I am also shocked as well.

“are you talking to me!” I asked him. “yes now what are you going to prepare for us this morning?” he asked again.
“I thought you just finish eating and your maid is in the house” I said.
“she doesn’t no how to cook very well her food isn’t that delicious like the noodles you cooked the other day” he said.
hope this guy is alright how can he says my food taste good than Kate food.
“I think your taste bud is bad” I said. “no I just prefer yours” he said.
Mr and Mrs Logan come down from their room.
“Good morning ma, good morning sir” I greet them. “morning my dear how was your night, you came early today, is that how you use to come early?” Mr Logan asked. and Nathan smile.
“she doesn’t use to come early she just decide to surprise me today” Nathan replied.
“sir don’t mind him I am time conscious I am a very good maid” I replied him and Nathan give me the look that say you lie Alot.
“ma I greet earlier but you don’t reply me” I told Mrs Logan.

“isn’t it obvious that I don’t want to reply you, don’t greet me again cause your greeting can’t put money on my table” Mrs Logan said.
“Alright I won’t greet you again” I reply her and went inside the kitchen.
“Hi dear” I greet Kate. “you scared me” Kate said smiling. “but how now?” I asked her.
“I thought is master Wyatt he has been making this house a hell hole for me since morning.
can you imagine he wakes me up by 3 am just to prepare his meal I really wish he allow me go home and come back the next day like you do” “She said.
“Oh sorry my dear Wyatt is a witch” I replied her.
“by the way you’re not looking bad this morning” she compliment me.

“are you for real?” I asked. “yes baby I don’t know you’re a this beautiful” she said smiling.
“You’re not serious. no wonder Wyatt called me an angel I knew something isn’t right when I heard him call me an angel I replied.
“oh that brat” she said. “I will go and tell him you called him a brat” I said and turn to leave.
“olive please don’t do this to me” she beg. “bribe me” I replied.
“I don’t have any money with me now but I will surely pay you when I collect my first salary” she said.
“who told you I need your money, am not that heartless give me out of the chicken you’re frying and I will seal my mouth forever” I said.
“Are you sure?” she asked. “yes” I replied and use my index fingers to cover my mouth.
“you scared me I thought you wanna ask for money” she said.
“Am your friend I can never blackmail you but that doesn’t mean I wont collect The chicken from you” I said.

“sure I will give you without you blackmailing me” she said with an eyeroll.
“have you serve Nathan his breakfast today?” I asked her.
“nope he said it’s too early and he is waiting for you” she replied.
“Alright what’s on the timetable?” I asked her. “bacon” she replied.
“Alright you thought me how to made it yesterday let me try my best” I replied her and lit the other gas.
Authoress p.o.v

Charles went into the kitchen to check olive.
“hi ma……” but olive cut him off with a glare. “Hi Olive isn’t that hard to say” olive said.
“Am sorry olive how was your night?” Charles asked.
“as you can see am doing great, when are you going back to America?” olive asked.
“two weeks your f…….” “you don’t use to hear word do you?” olive asked.
“Am sorry” Charles replied. “What’s happening here I don’t understand the both of you again” Kate said.
“oh am sorry let me introduce you to Charles my friend back then in America and he is also Nathan and Wyatt cousin and Charles meet my new found beautiful friend kate” olive said.
“nice to meet you” Kate said and shake hand with Charles. “my pleasure” Charles replied.
“Charles you need to gist me what happen in my absence in America” olive said.
“sure we will hang out when you close today” Charles said. “sure” olive replied.

“Your breakfast is ready” olive said to Nathan. “Thanks I will eat it later” Nathan replied.
“Where are you going to?” olive asked Nathan.
“I wants to wash one of my car am going to work today” Nathan replied.
“you want to wash it yourself?” olive asked. “yes I felt like Washing it myself” Nathan replied.
“that’s nice I will like to join you” olive said. “no I can wash it myself” Nathan replied.
“who said I want to help you wash it I just wanna see how you will wash it” olive replied.
“Alright let’s go” Nathan said. “Erm olive where’s my breakfast you only bring Nathan breakfast” Wyatt said.
“Kate is bringing your breakfast” olive replied calmly.
“why don’t you bring it yourself?” Wyatt asked smiling sheepishly at her.

“I should have help you but you can see am going to wash car with my boss so you need to wait for your maid to bring it” olive replied and went out.
Nathan and olive went to the parking lot. Nathan drive the car to the back of their house.
he open the car and begin to wash it, olive stand near him watching his every move.
Nathan mistakely splash water on olive cloth. “Am very sorry” Nathan said smiling.

“oh you don’t need to be sorry” olive said and take another pipe from the floor she splash the water on Nathan and Nathan also splash back.
Wyatt come out from the house and was surprised to see them like that.
he was jealous and went there to help olive out. he takes another pipe and splash the water on Nathan.
“two against one” Nathan said smiling. Kate also come out he was surprised to see them all playing happily.
“Kate please help me this two wanna kill me” Nathan said.
Kate don’t wanna be left out in the fun she picked another pipe from the floor and splash the water on olive but unfortunately the water touch Wyatt cloth.

“Am very sorry sir” Kate said going on her knees. Wyatt drop the pipe and gave Kate a thurderous slap. “how dare you” he said angrily.

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