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Our New Maid – Season 1 Episode 9

Ma…….. “Charles was about to call olive before olive signal him to shut up and she drag him out.
“What are you doing here and which uniform is this?” Charles asked as soon as she drag him out.
“am a maid in this place and what are you doing here are you stalking me” olive asked.
“no I am not but what are you doing here your parents are looking for you we have search the whole America for you” Charles said.

“I will tell you what I came to do later. how’s my parents doing?” olive asked.
“they’re doing fine but your father is not that fine you know he can’t live without you” Charles said.
“He should learn to live without me because I will get married one day” olive said.
“I will have to call your parents that I have found you” Charles said.
“you dare not” olive said and collect his phone from him.
“but why?” Charles asked. “I don’t want them to know where I am I will go back to America myself when the times come” olive said.
“what are you doing here?” olive asked. “This is my uncle house” Charles replied. “So Wyatt and Nathan are your cousins?” olive asked.
“Yes they’re” Charles replied. “Don’t tell my parents that I am here and please and please don’t tell your uncle his wife and his children, who I am” olive said.
“But why?” Charles asked. “Am sure you haven’t forgotten who I am to you?” olive asked.
“yes I haven’t” Charles replied. “So be a good guy and do as I say” olive said. “Ok ma” Charles replied.

“Olive what took you so long did you guys knew each other?” Nathan asked.
“Yes he was my friend back in America” olive said and Charles shake his head.
“Oh really I never knew you associate with poor people like her, you really disappoint me” Mrs Logan said.
“aunt she’s nice and fun to be with am sure you will like her” Charles replied her.
“Charles you don’t get me you shouldn’t be seen with a low class like her not to talk of being friend with her” Mrs Logan said.
“Yeah man you really dissapointed me” Wyatt said. “Madam are the poor people not human like you?” olive asked.
“They’re humans but not complete Human, poor people are useless to the society” Mrs Logan said.
“Your thinking is so poor, poor people are better than you when it comes to thinking” olive said and pick her bag.

“Don’t come late tommorow” Nathan said. “Sure I won’t come late I will set my alarm” olive replied.
“Alright see you tommorow” Nathan said. Mrs Logan roll her eyes and went inside Wyatt room.
“My darling” Mrs Logan called. “Yes mum” Wyatt replied.
“Don’t worry I will look for a way to sent that useless maid away from this house” Mrs Logan said.
“Yeah mum be fast about it, I want to do research on her I want to know who she’s cause she can’t slap me and go scout free not in this life no one dare do that to me” Wyatt replied.
“Don’t be angry with your brother he is just like his father” Mrs Logan said.
“I am not Angry at Nathan I can never get angry at him” Wyatt replied. “Alright my darling I will in my room” Mrs Logan said.

“Hey how are you doing” olive asked her friend but prissy ignore her.
“Are you not the one am talking to?” olive asked.
“Is obvious I don’t want to talk to you” prissy replied. “But why?” olive asked.
“You’re asking me why, why don’t you pick your father calls, did you want to kill the old man?” prissy asked.
“Wait my father call, but when?” olive asked. “Check your phone” prissy said.
“my phone I didn’t go out with my phone” olive replied.
“Thank your star I almost told him you’re here” prissy said. “you dare not tell him” olive said. Are you threatening me” prissy asked.
“look here I am hungry what did you have in the house?” olive asked. “I have my head” prissy replied.
“don’t tell me you didn’t cook anything?” olive asked.

“Did I look like your cook?” prissy asked. “I hate you, you’re just so mean?” olive said.
“I love you too baby” prissy replied. “I didn’t say I love you I said I hate you” olive said.
“I knew you mean the opposite” prissy said. “guess who I saw today” olive said.
“you know am not good at guessing just tell me who you saw” prissy said.
“I saw Charles” olive said. “Oh your P.A at where?” prissy asked. “Logan mansion” olive replied.
“What’s he doing there I guess your father sent him” prissy said.
“no he never knew am there he is my boss cousin” olive replied.
“Did he see you?” prissy asked. “Sure he did” olive replied.
“hope he didn’t say anything about you?” prissy asked. “he dare not” olive replied.
“hey your father is waiting for your call, go in and call him back” prissy said.
“am tired let me rest a little” olive said and prissy drag her off the chair.
“you’re too wicked” olive said. “Thank you darling, wicked is my middle name” prissy replied.
“promise me you will prepare dinner for me” olive said. “you will pay me before I do that” prissy replied. “fine I will pay you” olive said and ran inside her room.

“Hello dad” olive said. “olive did you want to kill me why are you not picking your calls” olive father shouted.
“dad did you want to block my eardrum?” olive asked. “olive you better come back to America before I come to get you there I know where you are” olive father said.
“Dad I will come when am ready I am not a kid anymore” olive replied. “Olive your fiance Stephan is back just come back” olive father said. “dad I will call you later” olive said and end the call.

“sir I have gotten the information, all you need to know about her is inside the file” Wyatt personal investigator said. “Thanks hope you did a great job?” Wyatt asked. “sure I will see you later”

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