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Our New Maid – Season 1 Episode 10 [Completed]

Authoress p.o.v

“sir I have gotten the information, all you need to know about her is inside the file” Wyatt personal investigator said.
“Thanks hope you did a great job?” Wyatt asked. “sure I will see you later”
Wyatt open the file his investigator gave him and was surprised.
“Am I dreaming I think there’s a mix up somewhere, this can never be the olive I knew” she’s f*cking rich she can buy me and my entire generation.
he flip on the page. “what !! she’s in search of true Love. “wow you have gotten one baby” am here for you I need to start acting nice towards her and I will like to keep this a secret for now.
this girl is really crazy than I thought. how could she leave American all in the name of finding Truelove you have gotten the love of your life baby I need to learn how to act nice” he said to hiself.

he tear the papers and flush it in the toilet. “no one will know about her like this, but I will tell mum later not now” Wyatt said and smile to hiself.
Olive p.o.v
“olive is this you?” prissy asked surprised. “yeah I am the one why are you asking I ask her.
“like seriously, this is 5:00 am who wake you up” she asked and I roll my eyes at her.
“Enemy of progress you think I won’t wake up early today God is bigger than you” I replied and continue eating my chin chin.
“Am very sure hunger wake you up” she said. “your wish my darling, you know I use to wake up early back in America I said.
“yeah that’s America not here, what time are you going to work?” she asked. 6:30am any problem with that I asked her.

“there’s no problem I am just surprise to see you awake by this time” she said.
“you shouldn’t be surprised because I am now a new olive” I replied her.
“I see olive can I ask you a question?” she asked. “you just did” I replied her.
“common can I ask you a question?” she asked again. “you just did my darling?” I replied her.
“you’re crazy” she said Angrily. “I Know and you are my friend which means we are both crazy” I replied her.
“How did you intend to get true love is it by working with the Logan’s did you perhap likes any of the Logan’s son?” she asked.
“Nope I didn’t come here for the Logan’s sons and don’t even know I will work as there maid.
I just came to work so I can find someone that will love me for who I am I don’t care whether the person is rich or not all I need is happiness in my relationship.

“you knew I have gone through Alot all in the name of relationship” I replied her.
“I feel your pain you are a strong girl. but you don’t know anywhere here apart from the Logan’s mansion and my house” prissy said.
“you’re getting it wrong I do go to market I board public bus, and the Logan’s also have a security man” I said.
“Are you that desperate for love?” she asked. “does it looks like am desperate.
no I am not I just need a man I can call my own” I replied her.
“What about your fiance cause your parents didn’t know what he did to you” she said.
“don’t worry about him I know how to deal with him and I will talk to my parents about him when the times come” I replied.
“this is six am I need to go so I can get there on time I want to surprise my boss” I said.
“hope you haven’t fallen in love with your so called boss?” she asked.

“love no I don’t love him I just love his simplicity” I replied and carry my bag from the table.
“Aren’t you going to take your bath?” she asked.
“do I look like I haven’t taken my bath, can’t you see I am dressed up already?” I asked her.
“oh I didn’t see you well before, anyway safe journey I need to prepare for work” she replied.
“don’t forget our deal?” she asked. “which deal is that?” I asked.
“that your salary for this month belong to me” she replied.
“is just as if am working for you” I replied her.
“yeah am your mother of course” she said and I ran into the bathroom.
“bye” I said and went out. I board a cab twenty minutes later am in the Logan’s mansion.
“Good morning” the security man greet me with a smile. and I replied back with a smile.
“how was your night?” I asked. “my night is fine, you came earlier today hope no problem” he asked and I smile to him.

“I just wanna make it a surprise for everyone I replied. “I went inside the house and I was surprised to see Wyatt sitting in the dinning eating.
“isn’t it too early?” I asked myself. I wanted to greet him but he beat me to it.
“Good morning Angel how was your night?” he asked with a big small on his face am not sure he’s talking to me.
“let me check my back if there’s an angel there” I said and turn back but there’s nobody there.
“you’re the one am talking to he said still smiling. “there’s a mix up somewhere am sure you aren’t talking to me” I said.
“Common am talking to you olive” he said. “am sure it’s not my own olive” I replied him.
“Am very sorry for what I did to you” he said. “you don’t have to be sorry, you’re my boss after all” I replied him.

“you’re still angry with me, remember you told Nathan we are friends the first time you came here” he said.
“and so I asked. “Am sorry let be friends” he said. “Okay” I replied and turn to go to the kitchen.
“you haven’t replied me” he said. “I said okay what else did you want me to say” I replied him.
“olive didn’t you sleep yesternight?” Nathan asked coming down from his room.

“I did good morning” I greet him. “you really surprised me by coming early today” he said.
“don’t be surprised because I will be coming early as from today” I said. am I sure I will be coming early, I asked myself.

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