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OPINION!! Changing The Name “NIGERIA” To “United African Republic”(UAR) Won’t Make Any Difference (See Why)

I read on the news last night that the House of Reps had just received a proposal to change Nigeria’s name to United African Republic (UAR).


This sounds funny you know. Indeed Nigeria is a comedy channel on DStv.🤣

Nigeria problem is not the name but
leadership. If you like change it to
“Brothers & Sisters Republic” if there is no justice and equal treatment for all ethnic groups and tribes, nothing will work.

UNITED really? You guys must be joking right? There’s nothing United in Nigeria, I don’t know why some set of selfish individuals keep forcing biased and fraudulent unity on everyone.

There’s no unity now in the country
and you want to change the name
to united, instead of restructuring it
according to geopolitical zones to
allow peace to reign. Mtchwww

Go back to 1963 constitution while you bury 1999 constitution that brought all
these confusions. That’s the only way forward. Anything else, is BS! Only 1963 constitution can fix the present situation of this country.

These House of Reps guys are bunch of idiots. Imagine what we voted into sensitive offices. To propose and talk about irrelevant shits.

Why not change it to United Fulani Republic? More better! Smh

In my opinion,

Changing The Name “NIGERIA” To United African Republic(UAR) Won’t Make Any Difference!

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