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One Time Together – Season 1 – Episode 6 [Completed]

Episode 6


What they just did resulted in Amara being blocked from Sam’s view, as he leaned into the crowd to seek a kiss from an audience member. Amara, being lost in her fantasy, suddenly realized that the lips crushing against hers were not Sam’s. These lips were softer, sensuous, and had a faint taste of melon on them. Feeling Sera’s hands roam down her bare back to pull her closer, Amara could not resist. She embraced her best friend with open arms. She was pent up and so aroused, she felt like she would burst if she did not get some release and Sera was a safe escape for her.


When Sera told her that she would help her escape those haunting thoughts and help her relax and enjoy herself for the night, she never thought that it would result in such a passion for each other. Amara’s hands roamed over Sera’s breasts engulfed beneath the soft black calfskin vest she was wearing. The vest had formed to fit her every curve and line so perfectly, Amara could feel the outline of the breast beneath it. As the music kept pumping, the bass vibrations were being felt along the sensitive nerve endings of Amara’s body and her nipples were harder than they have ever been.


They rubbed against Sera’s vest beneath the soft fabric of her halter dress and they could be seen clearly poking through the fabric. Sera’s hands roamed underneath Lori’s dress and up along her soft legs to grasp her ass cheeks and pull her forcefully against her. They moved slowly away from the stage to hide near the back away from the crowd.


As Sera slammed Amara against the wall, she released her from the kiss to move down her chest and nudge the halter aside to claim a nipple between her soft lips. Just as she was lost in the ecstasy, she did not notice another set of eyes boring into her from across the room.


Sam was standing over a young woman in the audience pretending to offer himself to her, with her head held between his legs, allowing his eyes to roam the crowd, only to stop at the sight before him of two women trying to hide in the back. He immediately recognized that expression of pure arousal when the leather-clad woman lowered herself to feast on Lori’s breast.


Amara’s hands were firmly holding Angie’s ass as she rubbed her clitoris against Sera’s hand. Sera’s thumb quickly found the button where all of Amara’s energies narrowed in to build to a heightening sensation of arousal. She quickly rubbed against her friend as she began to climax. Sera stood up and quickly claimed Amara’s mouth to silence the cry in such a public place.


As Amara began to return to reality, the announcer came back on. “How are we doing Ladies?” The crowd let out screams and whistles of a deafening proportion. We are going to take a short break and we will be right back for individual performances of each dancer. Be prepared to auction off a personal performance with the dancer of your choice.”


Sera looked at Amara with concern. “Are you alright?”


Amara stood up straight and rearranged her dress and fixed her hair as she steadied herself on Sera’s arm. “Yes, yes, I am fine. I never knew a strip show could have such an effect on me.” Amara blushed as she looked into Angie’s eyes. A smile came across her friend’s face and it helped Amara relax. This habit of hers might not be the best.

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