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One Time Together – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5


The long coat had a Sherriff’s badge on it and the dancer’s cowboy hat was low over the forehead for mystery. All Amara could make out was a jawline and the collar bone and that beautiful neck of which she remembered every twitching vein she had touched on the beach. Amara froze. Her mind went reeling back to the beach, the massage, and the embrace after the beach. She could feel his hot breath on her ear and temple as he held her among the trees and suddenly she heard songbirds again. Sera was beside her as Sam strutted toward the front of the stage. He was looking happy along the audience in the nightclub, Amara moved to hide herself behind Sera, pretending to turn toward the table to get another vodka drink.


Sam and his crew began to feel the beat of Brantley Gilbert’s song ‘Take It Outside.’ The masculinity of the song fit the tone of the theme and the men were moving aggressively as if fiercely battling. One by one they fell into formation and moved in synchronicity. With each move Sam made, Amara was creaming herself. Her hips were moving with his as he fell to his knees and she fantasized of standing in front of him with his mouth on her vaginal lips again. Her hips crushed against Sera who was also dancing to the music.


Amara was glued to one stripper on the stage as his coat slid off his back and arms. He slid the leather coat downward along his chest, and Amara was visualizing her hands being the object sliding over those smooth pectorals and obliques. Her hands firmly grasped Sera’s back and slid along it as if she were grasping Sam.


Sera took a step back from the stage. As exciting as these boys were, something else was more arousing. The feel of another woman’s hands feeling her up in the nightclub was mixing with the intoxicating scene before her on the stage. This wasn’t Sera’s first time with another woman. She just never suspected Amara to be a participant. She reached behind her to guide Amara’s hand around her waist so that they would be closer and the motions less obvious. Not that any of the women would be looking at them anyway. As Sam crawled on his knees and elbows toward the edge of the stage, a willing female reached for the bandana he had around his neck, so, he willingly released it to her to avoid strangulation.


As he turned in Amara’s direction, and raised himself to sit back on his haunches and face, Sera turned toward Amara to capture her face between her hands and plant a deep, penetrating kiss on Amara’s lips.

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