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One Time Together – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4


Ladies, it’s time we welcome a tough, no nonsense man who’ll fight for the women, and go against the law itself when even the law can’t followed. He makes black look good. Here he is, whip and all, let’s welcome Zuck! The dancer came out on stage in a zigzag pattern strutting from side to side, with a whip sliding from around his shoulder to the stage floor. As he stops and makes a sharp cracking sound of the whip in the air, the women sit up and take notice. Zuck slowly slides the whip off the side of the stage and up along a woman’s chest and around her neck to slide lower then between her legs before he draws it back beside him and swings it back around his shoulder.


Zuck is in tight black pants, flat black boots, and a black cape over one shoulder. Hid dressing was funny, but who cares. If he perform well everyone would hail him. His deep red lips curve sensuously to one side as he turns away from the front of the stage to show the booty he has behind as he slides the cape off the shoulder and stands to the side of the stage with his broad shoulders expanding to the crowd showing a pierced nipple.


When the men got into position the mood was intensifying in the club. Amara was beginning to feel very aroused and her breasts were feeling tender. She began to feel a longing again for those hands on her breasts and the feel of his lips trailing kisses along her neck. Amara glanced over at Martins to see her roaming her own hands over her legs. Sera took her hat off to fan herself with it as she stood up and leaned in toward the stage to try to get a glance at Zuck’s chest as he trying to leave the stage.


Amara reached over to pull at Sera’s belt and instead, her hand landed directly on Sera’s ass. Amara was surprised how aroused she felt. Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the yearning she was feeling inside for contact, but she became bolder and allowed her hand to penetrate down Sera’s legs to cup her middle. Sera backed into her and turned to sit on Lori’s lap. Sera smiled and slid back into her seat. “Are you relaxing now?” she asked Amara.


Amara wasn’t sure how to answer and was grateful for the announcer’s voice overpowering the whole nightclub, so that all she could do was grin back at Sera for a brief second before turning her gaze back to the centre stage.


Suddenly the stage began to flash streaks of light across the club. Spotlights focused toward the entrance as the spokesman began to speak again. Before you, Ladies, are the bravest, strongest, and most willing heroes of the west to sacrifice themselves for your time and pleasure. The final member of the Posse has been winning hearts and awards for the past four years. He has been arresting, locking up, and punishing the bad people for years, and he is here tonight to show you ladies how a true round up’s done. Please, let’s hear it Ladies for Sherriff Sam “Chuks”. Amara stood up to wrestle her way to the stage but was hidden by two blondes as the lead stripper came forward. His body was only partially visible. Most of it was covered by a full length western riding coat. She could see a smooth, well-muscled chest beneath it.


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