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One Time Together – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3


Amara observed the room and watched for the nearest escape route, access to the washrooms, she just want to get out of there. It’s a different to to be among cowboys, but these was what she didn’t plan for at all. Everywhere was bobbing, and all the participants were getting prepared before the light went off; then the party started.


“Good evening ladies! Welcome to the first and best ever event! Have we got a Round Up of cowboys for you tonight! Winners of the 21st National Club Dance Competition, Awarded the Exotic Dancers of the Year three times, Ladies, let’s hear it for The Sheriff and his posse…First on stage, Martins” Out came a stunning tall slim man in black pants, cowboy boots, chaps, and no shirt, a scarf tied around his neck, and a white cowboy hat and a mask. The ladies whistled and applauded and shouted in a frenzy. The man was slowly strutting across the stage as if he was searching for a criminal to handcuff and Amara felt amused. He was also having this kind of look in his eye as though he was finding a girl to hug.


“Ladies, let’s hear it next for Collin Grill!” He was a beautiful dark skin man, dressed in the jeans and cowboy boots and chaps but attired in a western leather coat with fringes down the sleeves, and a cowboy hat flipped up on one side. His muscles showed as he flexed his fists reaching for the stage pistols on each of his hips. He held the pistols near his pelvis and that made me open my mouth agape.


“Now, to you cowgirls who like the strong and silent type, let’s put your hands together for Munir Edadi!” The ladies as usual were whistling and screaming like crazy. He was a tall but gentle looking man with the costume of a gentle farmer with a rifle on his right shoulder and what looked like the equivalent size of something in his pants. He had a long look and you could easily tell what his “biggest asset” was. His dark hair fell loosely over the ears and his Roman nose gave him a slightly Mediterranean look. His hat tilted forward in mystery, hiding the eyes.


All of the men were busy forming a masculine stance on stage as each member came forward in the introduction. Two of contestants were on one side of the stage, and another began on the other side of the stage. There were two more to come. Sera was already making eyes at The Long Ranger. Amara was kind of intrigued by one of them, and the announcer continued the introductions. The music was grinding, smoke was low and red lights were glowing on the men in a primal style.


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