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One Time Together – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2


Sam normally took pleasure in the attention from the ladies when he danced, but tonight, he felt at odds. Something was bothering him and he couldn’t put his finger on it. It wasn’t only a finger he wanted. It was her hands. He wanted to hear that sigh again. Looking down at his pants, Sam smiled. ‘At least these thoughts of her will help with the performance tonight.’


He sat right and thought back to what got him to the job in the first instance. “Just an easy way to earn a few quick bucks,” his co-worker had told him. It turned out to be more profitable than just a few bucks.


His intention was to do the job for one night, it later turned into a week, then a constant job. The contract will be re-negotiated soon and the crew were discussing a few more demands from the agency.


Suddenly, though, nightlife didn’t seem so inviting. He still had other goals to meet. The financial side of it had already been met long ago. Now it was simply a matter of riding out the contract. This being Saturday night, it would be packed. Lots of lovely ladies seeking lots of distraction. “Time to get it on,” he thought. With that, he turned back in to the stage area to find his dance team. He expected they all should be in the dressing room by then.




Amara was on her best outfit, she won’t resist to add her pink leather hilled shoe. With her black hair left down to fall around her shoulders, and the halter style top of the dress cutting low, she was ready for anything that night.


Thoughts are starting to clear away from her mind. This is the time one can say she is jo longer thinking of sam. Her friend, Sera, was in black leather pants, high heel boots and a black leather vest with nothing underneath it. She put on an arm band of native design on her right arm and had a tattoo of infinity on her chest, just above her left breast. Her long, brown hair hung down across her back, topped off with a well bent, well-worn black cowboy hat. The two of them would definitely attract any man in the bar if they wanted to. As they sat themselves near the front of the stage, a few other friends joined in. They are all prepared for what they were about to do, each people with their glass of vodka, and with the look of things, the girls are ready for just anything.

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