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One Time Together – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

One Time Together

One Time Together

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Story Title: One Time Together 

Episodes: 6

Category: Romance 

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Written by: Akinola Quinn


Prologue: Amara can’t control her sexual urge ever since she met Sam. She kept thinking about him anytime she was alone until her best friend, Sera invited her to a night dance where they met again. Before anything could happen, Amara was already imagining Sam romancing her again by experimenting on Sera unconsciously.


Episode 1


Amara sat on a bench, just outside of her house. She like enjoying the cool breeze as they come. Amara started recalling all that happened to het the previous day at the beach, part of which was her meeting Sam. She had gone to the beach to meditate and embrace the energy she felt generated by the waves when she communed with them.


What she experienced during the beautiful encounter with Sam afterwards, she kept thinking about his touches, his hands(phone rings) She sat looking at her phone, feeling reluctant to pick up the call. “Hello, what’s up?” it was Sera speaking- her best friend.


Most of the time when sera call, it’s always to tease her or speak to her about how well her love life is going, which always make Amara get jealous.


“Hey beautiful, it’s time for us yo party and you will come. This is not a matter of choice”, Sera outlined. “You must be kidding, all the time you always leave me with no choice.” (Amara and Sera laughed) “alright, where is the location?”


Thinking that this might be just what she needed to get her mind off of Sam, Amara knew she had to follow her friend.


The show is to start ny 9’00pm. They call themselves “The Dancers” and they are popularly known by almost all.


They all started their preparation for the show. Amara was fully prepared as ever, the only chance that could let her take Sam off her mind mudt kpt be blown. “Pick me up by 8’30pm, I will ne fully ready,” Amara said.


Sam was sittting on a chair, getting prepared for the stage. He took a great interest in a kind of shoe like this, he’s also an expert and they recognize him for hid skills.


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