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One Night In That Hell Of A Cell – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]


How we so need to pray for those who have been unjustly incarcerated. How we so need to pray for the possible end and reduction of evil in our societies.

Remember in part one of this series, I explained how I was detained in police cell unjustly just because I passed through that cultist notorious street. And in part two, how the police falsely accused I and the others that were arrested to be perpetrators of violence. We so need to Pray friend.

You can go through my previous posts to relish the story and it’s lessons.

Here is the concluding part of that story. God had a plan for the cell inmates that night or at least for Abdul and I never knew that was the reason I had to spend the night there.

In that cell… Jesus says to me “Tell these ones about me.”


The voice came again. “That’s why you are here!”

Immediately, I remembered Jonah. I remembered what Jesus how Jesus himself went to hell for man’s salvation. I remembered all he had done for everyone of them in the cell. I thought again and said to myself in agreement with what God has said that “if I am here, then there was surely a purpose for this.”

But hey, I had thousands of excuse to give not to preach right there. I sure did. The smell, the “IGBO” (weed) smoking looking inmates that were there before we came, the noise of those wailing and crying for release, the fighting’s and beatings that was presently taking place at that time were all tangible excuses not to say a thing about Jesus…Good excuses to give to God.

Then that scripture that says “when sin abounded, grace did much more abound” became real to me.

There was this boldness of the Spirit as I stood up to address everyone. I was probably the youngest in that cell that night but as I spoke there was this calm that went throughout the cell until one inmate spoke up “oga abeg sit down there and shut up, here no be church!”.

I didn’t stop but beckoned that they all listen to what the Lord has asked me to tell them. The guy who was like second in command to the Cappo (the Leader of the Cell) refused to give me anytime not until the Cell Cappo cautioned him to be calm and they should listen to me. That’s what authority can do…lol…a greater authority was influencing the Cappo this time.

And so I continued to tell them about Jesus and what he has done for them. I was getting close to when I would ask them to receive Christ when the Cappo spoke out again:
“Oya sit down. E don do Pastor!”

I was like “What! Did he just say that?!” but “he is supposed to get born again now alongside the rest here”. I have not even made the salvation call yet. So I tried asking for more time but he didn’t succvmb.

“Abeg sit down!” A few others chorused too

I knew I had to hear word now. But I didn’t feel fulfilled. I knew someone should be born again tonight..I sat down and spoke in other tongues.

Then the Spirit of God said to me “you just sowed a seed but get him born again”. As I heard that in my spirit, I immediately turned to the guy by my right seated on that stinking cell floor like everyone of us. He was a young man with Hausa accent. He could understand my Pidgin English but could only speak Hausa. I remembered asking him of his name in Nigerian Pidgin English of which he told me…”Abdul- something …it’s been a while you know.

But “Abdul” listened patiently to all I said in a low key and I saw him nod his head from time to time in agreement with most of the things I said. When I asked him to confess Jesus into his heart, he made no hesitation. He repeated the confession after me.

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Boy! I was so glad now. After this experience, I could sleep. I had a very short sleep in that cell but almost forgot where I was. Like a baby I slept.


I knew I was coming out by dawn. And I did. Two great men came to my rescue the next morning.

Sometimes, in order for the salvation of another, in order for the deliverance of another, we go through some overwhelming circvmstances. Always remember that All things are certainly working together for your good but most times it could be for another person’s good. Pray for people who are in the same situation as you are, knowing that yours has been taken care of already. Pray for those who have been unjustly incarcerated as though it were you. Pray and reach out for their Salvation.


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