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One Night In That Hell Of A Cell – Season 1 – Episode 2


Are you in a situation where you feel as though you were not supposed to be in a particular situation? Or maybe you feel certain things should not be happening to you because you know better or because you are good. You wonder why despite the fact that God has said great things about you, things that don’t correlate with God’s promises concerning you still haunt you. Most times, you have prayed about it, spoken to that situation and it’s still dangling right at your face as though nothing is about to change.

Hold on for a moment! Bad things happen to Good people. The reason you might be passing through that situation might not just be because of you. It might just be that there is someone who needs you to go through that ordeal for their own salvation.

You wonder how this is possible; let me continue my story on that ONE NIGHT HELL OF A CELL.


…so with a paired handcuff, we all trekked a few miles and arrived at the Police station. Because I had done nothing wrong, I had an assurance on the inside of me that I wouldn’t spend a minute further in that station.

But I was surprised when the officer who was in charge of the arrest operation said “Oga’ referring to the police head as he continued “ see the people wey we arrest from that junction wey dem dey raid”

what?! (I said to myself and I guess this was the same response others had in their mind).

“We catch them as dem dey break bottles, shops, and everything”.

Suddenly there was a commotion of protesting arguments from almost everyone. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing now but I didn’t say ‘jack’.

The Head of the Police then asked that we call someone to come identify us for possible bail.

But guess what? I was not with any phone. Remember, no id card, now no phone (I had left both in the hostel thinking I will be back in no time)…what a day!

However, the only number I could remember easily was My Pastor who I had the privilege of living with almost all through my days on Campus. So I borrowed a phone of one of those police officers who had now begun to sympathize with me. He must have seen the sincerity on my face(do I look like someone that can break bottle sef?)

Well, I called and called and called but my pastor line wasn’t going through. I was aware that Pastors had a Zonal meeting or something like that. So I sent a text message detailing my whereabout and the ordeal. Then it dawned on me that I was going to spend the night there, which I did. But lots and lots of questions and thoughts went through my mind that night.

How come the Holy Ghost didn’t show me this as he was supposed to show me things to come? Or did he and I didn’t listen or pay attention? How come after all my confession and speaking in tongues, God couldn’t convince these people to let me go. How come is all this happening to me tonight when I didn’t hold any ID or Phone? How come is my pastor not picking up at this time? How come? How come? After all, I was just trying to be good.

The cell environs, the inmates and the stench in the cell are another day’s story. In my two decades of existence, I had never perceived such a disgusting odor. I couldn’t close my nose either could I throw up. It was debilitating. It was like living right in a messed up public toilet. I dared not close my eye to sleep. In that place, No, never!

Then suddenly I heard Jesus say to me; “Tell these ones about me”

Haaaaaah! Me? No oooo

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Guess what I did?

In my concluding post on this, I will share with you what I did and the reason I had to spend that night in a horrible cell.

But if you were in my shoes, what will you do? Pull off my shoes?

What did you do in a similar situation?

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