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One Night In That Hell Of A Cell – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

One Night In That Hell Of A Cell

One Night In That Hell Of A Cell

© Daniel Odiwe

I’ve got a story to tell!

Memories of that night experience are still as fresh in my mind as thoughts of the passion of the cross. Although this experience can in no way be compared to the experience My Lord had to face on his way to Calvary. I once made up my mind not to let my parents know about this because I was in school, the Lagos State University when it happened. Telling them then would have stirred up some unnecessary trouble and panic so I kept it away from them. However, those who knew me too well then in school (especially close fellowship leaders) can relate with this story. Now I think I can share this with you too with a lesson.

Walking through the dark night in one of the most terrible and dreaded PPL streets in the Okokomaiko area of Lagos few miles away from LASU, Ojo, was this young man (me) dressed in a very casual clothing (green tshirt and a pant trouser) headed for my hostel. I had just escorted back a dear friend and sister to her hostel (you know to ensure her safety back home as a Man…lol…in my mind) and now I had to return back alone. You know I had to summon courage to be passing that street at that time of the day (it was very late in the night for that kind of notorious environment…just 9/10pm I guess). But Man must not fear especially when I have the Holy Ghost. Kaya!

However, like action film in my eyes, as I was about entering a street that leads into my bus stop (Cassidy), a very bright light from nowhere shone on my eye, almost blinding my view that all I could say was “who’s that?”. To my surprise it was the police. And this guy even threatened to shoot me on my feet. Immediately I felt this cold rush on my skin the kind you feel in a bus only to you realize that all the money you ever had with you had been stolen. Hmmm, but thank God it was the Police o. Not like I was afraid though but at least “the Police is your friend” like they say it.

They asked me several questions like where are you coming from? Who are you? Where is your id? Etc. brother had to lie o. How will I tell them I was coming from a sister’s house after escorting her this late night. I told them I was coming from Church fellowship oh. I lie not. At least fellowship with a sistren…lol. I told them I am a student and a leader in fellowship (my bragging right). I wasn’t even dressed like one. And then, the big yawa…I had no student id card with me. How do I identify myself. Dear Lord!

All those explanation sounded like fairy tale to the ears of these hungry looking men on Black. In fact, I received a very impactful slap sef. To my amazement, I was not alone. There were a number of others who have been handcuffed and made to sit on the floor awaiting the police van to arrive or so. Like play, like paly, I was handcuffed with a man who has been airing that he is a Pastor and was coming from a meeting. Although he dressed like one too sha. But trust these guys even with his id and everything he tried telling them, they would not oblige because they had a plan (so I think).

During this time, the only thing I knew how to do was to speak in tongues under my breathe and confess that “all things work together for my good”

Indeed all things worked together for my good. Even though we had to trek all the way from that junction to their station at PPL, I knew all things worked together for my good.

Was there a reason why I had to be arrested like one criminal that night? Well I saw no reason. I didn’t look like a thief or a cultist even though I was not properly dressed sha. But God had a plan. Was this plan for me or someone else? What about my “tonguing” confessions and prayer? Did it yield any result?

Well, next time I will be sharing what happened and how that experience changed my life and thinking.

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I’ve got a story to tell.


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