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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 4 Episode 8 [Completed]

Episode 8

He didn’t feel it at first.

But then their faces started to grow apart.

They broke their kiss and Freya opened her mouth to ask why he was pulling away, but her jaw only dropped instead and a gasp escaped.

Then he started to feel it. He looked down at his body and his face broke into a smile. The witch hadn’t been lying, but perhaps she hadn’t told him what kind of kiss could really break the curse. It wasn’t a kiss from a lady who loved him, it was the kiss with the lady who loved him as much as he loved her.

“Valerian, you’re a prince!” She exclaimed with wide eyes.

“And you Freya are the most beautiful girl in the whole of the ten kingdoms!”

She frowned a bit then touched looked at her hands, then her body, and then her leg which was devoid of any shoes. She screamed with joy and jumped up. “Yes! Yes!” She yelled into the night.

Then she bumped into someone. She stopped jumping and was about to apologize to the stranger when she looked up and saw who it was. She gasped yet again.

“You anim…..”

“I’m sorry, please. That wasn’t me. It was the spell.” Slade said with sincere remorse.

“I know he is, Freya, he killed the witch before she killed us.” Valerian said from behind her.

“Brother, we have to get you attended to!” Slade exclaimed when he saw the condition Valerian was in.

“But….I killed you.” Valerian said.

Slade laughed out loud.

“Only a creature of magic can kill a creature of magic!” He said.

Tears glistened in Valerian’s eyes. The curse had really been broken. His kingdom must have awoken too, but the only place he wanted to be was with the brother who loved him and the girl who truly truly truly loved him.

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