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One Kiss to Free Them All – Season 4 Episode 7

Episode 7

“No!” He said.

“No no!” He cried.

The first apple from her tree had fallen and he still had no idea about how to free them all. Why was this happening to him? His body had been terribly battered, he was in so much pain, the girl he loved was stuck in a tree and his beloved brother who had saved his life was still a beast.

“No please no!” He cried. This was too much for him. The witch was dead, but something was still undone. Something had not been done. He burst into tears and doubled in pain. Tears flowed from his eyes and streamed down his cheeks.

Then a drop hit a root of the tree.



And Valerian couldn’t believe his eyes. The root moved. One, two, three,……, then the stem was twisting and then the whole of the tree actually moved.

The guards stumbled backwards in fear but Valerian crawled forwards with joy. Then suddenly a scream rose from a room in the castle. They wouldn’t have heard what the screaming person was saying if the hallway hadn’t been dead with silence.

“The king has awoken!” The person screamed.

As if they had been programmed to do so, the people looked at each other’s face at once and then ran off screaming with joy, leaving only Valerian in the hallway with the tree that had now almost fully transformed into a….. Into the most beautiful girl Valerian had ever seen.

“Freya!” He exclaimed with insurmountable happiness.

“Valerian!” She exclaimed, now fully human again.

“Valerian!” She said again but this time with exhilaration and she fell on her kness so that she was face to face with the wounded dwarf.

“I’m sorry Val……” She was saying, but he cut her short with his own package of surprise.

Yes, it was his turn to do the maybe not entirely unexpected thing.

He kissed her!

Juicy and mouth watering.

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